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DISC GOLF Individual Sports.

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1 DISC GOLF Individual Sports

2 HISTORY Modern day disc golf started in the late 60's, when “Steady” Ed Headrick designed the modern day Frisbee. The early Frisbee golf courses were "object courses", where players aimed at anything from trees, trash cans, light poles, chicken wire baskets, pipes and fire hydrants as targets.

3 HISTORY The game was formalized when Headrick invented the first Disc Pole Hole™ catching device, consisting of 10 chains hanging in a parabolic shape over an upward opening basket. The Disc Pole Hole™ became the equivalent to ball golf's “hole” and was installed in the first standardized target course in California.

4 DISC GOLF EQUIPMENT Drivers Putters Approach Discs Basket(s)

5 HOW TO PLAY Disc Golf is an individual sport, one can play on their own or against other competitors. Player starts by teeing off. If there are multiple players competing, the player whose disc lands farthest from the Disc Pole Hole™ plays first. A regulation disc golf game is 18 holes.

6 HOW TO PLAY To complete a hole, the disc must come to rest either within the chains or in the basket. All fairway throws must be made with at least one foot on the disc spot. Points are scored by the number of throws it takes a player to put the disc in the hole. Winner is determined by the player who has the fewest throws at the end of the entire course. DISC GOLF GAME

7 THREE FINGER GRIP Hold three fingers under the rim of the disc with the thumb on top, and the index finger along side of the disc,

8 Grip the disc with four fingers curled under the rim and thumb on top
FOUR FINGER GRIP Grip the disc with four fingers curled under the rim and thumb on top

9 BACKHAND THROW Use the three or four finger grip, swing the disc backward, crossing the chest to the left side with back of hand facing target (if right handed or vice versa if left handed). Cock the wrist on the backswing, unwind the arm and snap the wrist on release BACKHAND THROW

Grip disc with three or two fingers with thumb on top. Draw the throwing arm backward, across the same side of the body, cocking the wrist (like a waiter holding a tray). Then, at the end of the backswing, whip the disc forward into a flat forward thrust, snap wrist on release. This throw is similar to a forehand stroke in tennis. SIDEARM THROW VIDEO

11 An overhead throw at a vertical angle.
TOMAHAWK THROW An overhead throw at a vertical angle. TOMAHAWK THROW VIDEO

12 OVERHEAD THROW Grip the disc for a sidearm throw, but then bring the disc from the thigh area rear- upwards and up from behind the body to over the shoulder; the disc is released like a baseball throw.

13 The designed tee-off area
TEE PAD The designed tee-off area TEE OFF The first throw of a hole made from the tee pad area. The disc golfer may take a running start but must release the disc from the tee pad area

14 LIE ROLLER A rolling disc advance, when the disc rolls along the ground The spot where a disc lands and from where the next throw is taken STABLE Flying straight, usually when released flat

A disc designed for fast, long distance flight; the most difficult disc to control A small disc used to mark a player’s lie MID RANGE DRIVER PUTTER A disc designed for short-distance and stable flight A driver disc designed for slower and more stable flight

16 ACE PAR BIRDIE BASKET A hole-in-one
The average number of throws for an experienced player to complete a hole BIRDIE BASKET The target or hole located on the disc golf course Completing a hole in one stroke under par

17 How to drive the disc far


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