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EasyCluster™ 2.0 Product and Technology Summary

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1 EasyCluster™ 2.0 Product and Technology Summary
Easy, Fast and Reliable Equipment Control Solution

2 What is EasyCluster ? HOST EasyCluster is a framework used to build control systems for various types of equipment - cluster,track and standalone tools - easily, quickly and economically. EasyCluster is composed of EasyCTC, EasyTMC, EasyPMC and EasyGEM which can be flexibly combined according to target equipment. EasyCluster can be used for development of new equipment and retrofit of used equipment. FAB Network CTC PMC PMC I/F PMC PMC TMC Intra-tool Network Machine

3 Advantages Easy and cheap to assemble control system hardware
: User selectable general H/W and S/W, No 3rd party S/W license Easy to get skilled engineers : Use of popular S/W tool (C/C++) Easy to develop applications in a short time : Easily configured engines, abundant application examples, multiple vendor device drivers Easy to maintain and re-use : Object-oriented component-based S/W Easy to distribute/combine hardware : Modular S/W structure Easy to operate : Well-organized GUI and navigation following Sematech Guidelines

4 S/W Product History Techware Brooks SEMI/MESC RPI PRI Kornic TI ACT
ClusterLink ClusterLink3 CV Java RPI PRI EquipeSoft merged RPCluster ClusterPro Kornic DOS NT RPCore ControlPro EasyCluster EasyCluster2.0 TI ACT ControlWorks ControlWorks

5 System Requirements - H/W
CTC (User selectable) Pentium III or Higher, min. 128 MB RAM Monitor : SVGA (1,024 768) CD ROM Driver Input Device : Touchscreen, Mouse, Light pen LAN Card TMC/PMCs (User selectable) Pentium III or higher, min. 64 MB RAM Monitor : SVGA (can be shared with other module controllers) CDROM Driver Real time embedded controller (Plug in board for real time control) DSP CPU(TMS320C32), 12 ch. A/I, 12 ch. A/O Communication with PMC via DPRAM

6 System Requirements - S/W
Operating System Windows NT4.0 Workstation, Windows 2000, Windows XP Supported Language : English, Japanese, Korean S/W Development Tools Visual C/C (Microsoft) Paintbrush or Adobe Photoshop EasyCTC, EasyTMC, EasyPMC, EasyGEM (Kornic) Windows NT EasyTMC CTC Application EasyCTC EasyGEM TMC Application EasyPMC PMC Application Ethernet

7 Software architecture (CTC - Module Controller Interface)
Main GUI User Module Controller Local GUI I/O Manager Sequence Code for Event Full Duplex I/O Controller Real Equipment Command Response Post Recovery TCP/IP Screen Handling I/O Handling Recipe Editor Scheduler Datalog Management I/O Manager (Server) Event Manager Alarm Manager Recipe Analyzer Alarm Handler

8 Software Architecture (within Module Controller)
Local Graphic User Interface Sequence Manager Alarm Handler Remote Interface Module Application Code CTC Driver Real Equipment Robot Cassette Digital I/O Analog I/O User Written #1 User Written #2 I/O Manager Interlocks

9 Software Architecture

10 System Example 1 FEATURES Standard Implementation
CTC FEATURES Standard Implementation S/W and H/W are both distributed. Good for multi-PM cluster tools with complicated TM Each module can have local graphic user interface. PMC PMC PMC PMC TMC Intra-tool Network Machine

11 System Example 2 FEATURES Economical implementation
CTC/TMC share H/W, PM’s are distributed. Good for cluster or batch tools with simple transport requirements. Each module can have local graphic user interface. Intra-tool Network PMC PMC CTC/TMC Machine

12 System Example 3 FEATURES Very cheap implementation
All Control S/W on single PC Good for simple standalone type systems, proof of concept/pilot tools with minimal cycling CTC/TMC/PMC Machine

13 CTC Framework for CTC Software
System Definition through text configuration files Dynamic Scheduler Recipe Management Graphic User Interface Alarm Handling Datalogging (Event, Alarm, Data) & Plotting Access Control Factory Communication

14 System Definition Object Oriented Style System Definition Support For:
Wafer Transfer Systems AFE: EFEMs,FOUPs, Atmospheric Robots, Aligners Vacuum Platforms : LoadLocks, Coolers, Vacuum Robots (Multiple configurations) I/O: Serial, Devicenet, TCP/IP Process Modules Up to 32 Process Modules Cooler

15 Dynamic Scheduler Supports Dual Arm & Dual Finger Robot
Finds Optimal Path for Robot Motion Sets Priority for Wafer Exchange (Pick & Place) Supports Active & Passive Wafer Handoff Supports Serial & Parallel Chamber Processing Hierarchical Recipe Structure (Lot/Cluster/Process) Dual Lot Processing Residence Control Supports up to 32 Process Modules and 3 Transport Modules

16 Recipe Management Recipe Editor Text Based Recipe Editor Setup
Look and Feel can be customised Parameter / Single Recipe / Multi Step Recipe Engine Display of several steps at Same Screen Step Operation & File Handling Support ( New / Load / Save(as) / Cancel / Delete )

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 25 PathPM1 PM1 Process Recipe 1 PM1 Process Recipe 2 PM1 Process Recipe 3 PM1 Process Recipe 4 PathPM1 PM2 PM2 Process Recipe 1 PM2 Process Recipe 2 PM2 Process Recipe 3 PM2 Process Recipe 4 PathPM1 PM2 PM3 PM3 Process Recipe 1 PM3 Process Recipe 2 PM3 Process Recipe 3 PM3 Process Recipe 4 LOT RECIPE CLUSTER RECIPE PROCESS RECIPE

18 Graphical User Interface
GUI Interface by GUI Definition Files Completely customizable Object Oriented Symbols Includes Standard Background (DLL) Includes Standard Image Library (DLL) User can edit/add libraries using VC++ Font Property Definition (Text) Palette Property Definition(Text) Text Property Definition (Text) Page Setup (Text)

19 Alarm Handling Subsystems post alarm when exception occurs (Local/Remote) Alarm manager displays alarm details and recovery actions Operator selects recovery action, Auto-recovery action executed. Alarm is cleared if successful recovery Alarm and recovery status is logged Alarm Manager TMC, PMCs Alarm Post Display Alarm Message, Recovery Actions Action 3 Action 2 Action 1 Call Alarm Clear CTC Select Log

20 Data Logging and Plotting
Includes Data logging Engine ( Lot / Process / History / Alarm ) User can add or delete items to be logged Plotting Engine for current and historical trend Minimum logging interval : 0.5 sec Number of items to be logged : Max. 128 Number of items to be plotted at same screen : Max. 8 Datalogging by CTC and PMC Able to view logs by wafer, PM, Lot or Job

21 Access Control User Account Management
User ID Password User Level Access Limitation according to User level Activate/Deactivate Buttons

22 FAB Automation SEMI Communication Supported FA pre-test Tool
SECS I(RS232C) / HSMS-SS (Ethernet) SECS II GEM : All streams and functions (Standard & Custom) 300mm FA Supported : OSS(Object Service Standards), RMS(Recipe Management Service), PJM(Process Job Management), CJM(Control Job Management), STS(Substrate Service), CMS(Carrier Management ) FA pre-test Tool SECSim Pro™ (GW Associates) SECSim Pro EasyCluster HOST CTC LAN

23 TMC/PMC Framework for TMC/PMC S/W Development Integration with CTC
IO Configuration Function Management Interlocks (Setpoint, Value)

24 Integration with CTC Direct & Automatic Alarm Integration
IO Integration Function Integration CTC Send Event + Data Translate Event & Data Local Module Function CTC Module Controller Message Binding CTC Sends Message Local User Written Code CTC Module Controller

25 I/O Configuration Text-based I/O channel definition I/O channels
Digital (Real/Virtual) Analog (Real/Virtual), (Linear/Lookup Table) String I/O Devices Direct I/O Boards (A/I, A/O, D/I, D/O) Serial I/O Board DeviceNet Special Devices with Win32 Drivers

26 Function Management Unit level functions coded in C
- Example : Robot_Fcn(Motion, Stn, Slot) Distributed Architecture with higher level functions calling lower level functions - Example : Move_Wfr(Srce, Slot, Dstn, Slot) { Slot_Vlv(CM, Open) Robot_Fcn(Pick, CM, 1) Slot_Vlv(PM1, Open) Robot_Fcn(Place, PM1, 1) …. } Parameters are given to the called function as a message All functions registered in the Function Definition File Individual function management (kill, compile, reload), able to upgrade portions of the application without shutting down.

27 Interlocks Setpoint Interlocks
Before output action, several input values must be checked. Example action( VAT_Valve == Close ) { condition( Robot_Arm == Retracted ) $alarm = 115; } Value Interlock If certain input meet a certain condition, several output channel must be set to pre-defined value immediately. Example if ( Pump_Status == Error ) { Forln_Vlv = Close; $alarm = 105; }

28 Real-time Controller Available Kornic I/O board for Real Time Control
Temperature Control for RTP, Furnace, etc (SISO, MIMO) Precise valve timing Control for ALD End Point Detection for Etching Embedded Controller Spec. CPU : DSP (TMS320C32, 50MHz) I/F with PMC : DPRAM or RS232C I/O : A/I : 14-bit resolution, 12 ch. A/O : 12-bit resolution. 12 ch. DIO : 24 ch.

29 Remote Monitoring System Monitoring HOST Office using HSMS/SECS
(Fab Network) or EasyCluster, Faster (Optional Network) Diagnosis Paging Service HSMS/SECS/GEM CTC PMC PMC I/F PMC PMC TMC Intra-tool Network Machine TCP/IP

30 Application Example (300mm Asher)
System Spec. 300mm Asher Two batch Processing chambers Dual-arm, Dual-pan Robot Two FOUP Openers Dual-arm ATM Robot Cooling and Pre-heating Buffer Stations

31 Application Example (200mm Track)
System Spec. 200mm Track 5 Process Modules Two Robots Four Cassette Stages One Buffer Station

32 Application Example (200mm Track)
System Spec. 200mm Track 16 Process Modules Four Robots Four Cassette Stages Three Buffer Station

33 Application Example (200mm ALD)
System Spec. 200mm ALD Cluster Tool 2 Batch Process Modules Brooks MX-700 Platform

34 Application Example (300mm CVD)
System Spec. 300mm UHVCVD Cluster Tool 3 Process Modules Brooks GX-6000 Platform

35 Application Example (200mm CVD)
System Spec. 200mm HDPCVD Cluster Tool 2 Process Modules Brooks IX Series Platform

36 Application Example (300mm CVD)
System Spec. 300mm PECVD Cluster Tool 4 Process Modules 3 FOUP Loadports 6-sided Vacuum Platform

37 Application Example (200mm Sputter)
System Spec. 200mm Sputtering Cluster Tool 6 Process Modules - 5 Sputter Modules - 1 Etching Module Brooks MX-800 Platform

38 Customers Customer Equipment Q’ty Installed Place Remark 200mm 300mm
XXXXXXXX Asher 12 Samsung, TSMC Track 30 Dongbu XXXXXXX PECVD 6 Samsung ALD 3 Hynix, ETRI 1 Hynix UHVCVD 2 PSC Japan ALD, Mask Etcher DNP Sputter Taiwan HDPCVD ROHM Laser Cleaning Etcher, CVD KEC

39 EasyCluster Products EasyCTC EasyTMC EasyPMC EasyGEM
Development License All development environments, manual, templates Runtime License Lock keys configured to the equipment Controller H/W CTC/TMC/PMCs configured to Equipment Training 4 weeks 2 weeks Engineering Service Depends on the requirements and the complexity of the machine

40 EasyCluster Users’ Requirements
Other S/W Experience MS Visual C API Level C Programming Experience & Skill Full Understanding of Equipment Details Most Important

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