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Multi-DNC Data Collection/Monitoring

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1 Multi-DNC Data Collection/Monitoring
Intro slide By Spectrum CNC Technologies The Slide Show runs manually. Click the Left mouse button or Space Bar to go to the next slide. Hit the Esc key when you are done.

2 Multi-DNC Monitoring – What does it do?
Monitoring is an add-in option to Multi-DNC, licensed by the number of Monitored Machines in the Multi-DNC system. CNC Machines are automatically monitored as they are making parts in full production. Monitoring tracks what Part is running, Part Cycle Time, Spindle Time, Idle time, CNC Alarms, Power On/Off, User Log-ins, and DNC program transfers. All monitored Machine Events are written to a SQL database. Each individual event is date and time stamped. A Web based Monitoring interface provides a rich variety of Reports to analyze the Machine Event data. What hardware is used for Monitoring?

3 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Hardware used
Monitoring uses the Spectrum WiBox device that is an Ethernet to RS-232 Device Server with (8) digital inputs. There is no need to use external PLC’s or other adapters. The WiBox is mounted inside the CNC Control and powered by it’s internal DC voltage. CNC Control I/O is connected to the WiBox for the required Machine Event signals. The WiBox can be connected by wireless or wired Ethernet to the Multi-DNC system.

4 Multi-DNC Monitoring – How does it work?
As your parts run in production, each Machine Event is automatically written to a SQL database. The machine data is then instantly available to analyze using the web based Multi-DNC Monitoring and Reports software. You can setup the shift times that your company uses as well as break times and other planned downtime. You can configure the desired shift performance of your CNC Machines and then track the logged in CNC Operators performance over time. There is a Part database to organize your parts with an Approved Cycle time and a history of when the parts were run. The Real Time Dashboard window shows the current status of multiple monitored CNC Machines. Show me the details of the Real Time Dashboard

5 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Real Time Dashboard
The Real Time Status Dashboard shows all of the Monitored CNC Machines grouped by State. Click on any Machine to see its Detailed Status plus Shift Performance

6 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Real Time System Status
The Real Time System Status Display also shows the Monitored CNC Machines Move the mouse over the Stack Light of a Machine to see a Detailed Status Report

7 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Create a Report
To run a Production Summary Report Pick one or more Machines Select one or more Shifts Select a Time Period Generate the Report 1 2 4 3 View the Production Summary Report

8 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Production Summary
Production Summary Report Displays each Part Number run with Production Start and End times Shows Average time values for Cycle, Spindle, Idle and Alarms for the total part run, along with Part Quantity To see the Production Details, click on the Part Number link

9 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Production Details
Production Details Report Graphically displays Machine and Spindle Utilization with time breakdown for Cycle, Spindle, Idle, Breaks, Setup, Alarms, Robot Load and Unload and Other Parts Parts Count and Average times for the Part Production run Individual times for every part cycle More Reports…

10 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Machine Utilization
This Report shows Machine Utilization for individual Machines as well as an average for the Machine Cell. Year to Date Utilization for an individual Machine or a Group of Machines can also be displayed. Monitoring also includes Messaging functions

11 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Messaging
Multi-DNC Monitoring has an extensive Messaging system for critical events such as Machine Alarms to notify the correct person as soon as possible. Messages can be sent by or by text message to show up directly on a cell phone. Messages can escalate to three different levels over time and sent to different people. In this example the 1st message is sent 2 minutes after the Alarm, the 2nd message after 20 minutes and the 3rd after 40 minutes. If the Alarm is cleared before 20 minutes have elapsed, then the other messages are not sent. The Monitoring Configuration Manager

12 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Configuration Manager
Multi-DNC Monitoring has a Configuration Manager where you can set up many parameters for your Monitoring System. You can set up Shift Hours, Break and Lunch times, a CNC Operators Database, Performance Targets, and a Part Database The Part Database helps you to organize your companies parts and also keeps a history log of the time each part was run. Details of the Part Database

13 Multi-DNC Monitoring – Part Database
The Part Database allows you to show a digital picture or a solid model screen capture of each part, along with a backplotted CNC program graphic. Additional fields include the Approved Cycle Time, Version, Revision#, Operation# and Release Status. Also shown is the preferred CNC Machine to use as well as the CNC programs name and its network location.

14 Multi-DNC Data Collection/Monitoring
Thank you for considering Multi-DNC Data Collection/ Monitoring Increase your shops productivity and profits and know what your CNC Machines are doing in real time with Multi-DNC Monitoring. For further information, or to set up an on-line demo, please contact Nancy Allor at: Richmond Machine & Engineering (586) Hit the Esc key when you are done

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