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Microsoft Windows NT Embedded 4.0

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1 Microsoft Windows NT Embedded 4.0
A Technical Overview Microsoft Corporation

2 Agenda Authoring Tools Embedded-Enabling Features
Run-time configuration enforcement Windows NT Embedded allows you to efficiently create reliable and economical mid-range and high-end embedded solutions

3 Authoring Tool-Set Host/Target approach Advantage - Configure-To-Build
System/Application capabilities are defined on the Windows NT host through the authoring tool “Build” process generates the target system run-time image Image is a configured system - ready to run Advantage - Configure-To-Build Core OS binaries are unmodified (Windows NT4+SP5) Application compatibility is maintained System upgrades/updates are simpler

4 Windows NT Embedded Target Generation

5 Target Designer Enables developers to easily define and generate custom target runtime images for embedded devices Selectable target operating-system features Automatically tracks component inter-dependencies Workstation, as well as Server-class features Extensible environment for the inclusion of additional components e.g. in-house (app), 3rd party (apps, drivers) Generates a bootable system Unique SIDs, correct PID

6 Component Designer Define component interdependencies
Enables developers to package operating system features or applications into components which can be used in Target Designer Define component interdependencies Author registry information Define placement in the Target Designer component tree (namespace) Component definition is imported into TD

7 Embedded-Enabling Features
“Headless” Support Allows a Windows NT Embedded system to run without any mouse/keyboard/video hardware. Null VGA video driver removes hardware dependency All Win32 apps run unmodified All GDI calls behave as expected Screen bitmap retained (e.g. GetPixel()) N.B - BIOS must be capable (e.g. no kbd)

8 Embedded-Enabling Features
Flash Media Support Allows an Windows NT Embedded system to boot and operate without a physical disk drive. Flash will be exposed as a block mode device for file systems. M-Systems DiskOnChip2000 is the supported hardware NTFS and FAT support Compression, Security Maximum capacity - 144MB (uncompressed) Automatic, transparent wear-leveling

9 Embedded-Enabling Features
Write Filter Driver Redirects disk writes to an in-memory cache Underlying media appears R/W to applications and system FAT only at this time. NTFS is being investigated for inclusion.

10 Embedded-Enabling Features
CD Boot Driver Supports the El-Torito bootable CD-ROM format. Boot and run Windows NT from CD Used in conjunction with the Write Filter driver Allows the CD to be viewed as a standard block device e.g. no CDFS

11 Embedded-Enabling Features
Flexible Page File Support WinLogon and registry modifications Configuration may include pre-defined paging files fixed size Run without a paging file Profile dynamic memory usage Application Developers must Size RAM appropriately

12 Embedded-Enabling Features
Network-related features Participating in a domain Workstation, server Cloning Unique SIDs for multiple images Broad spectrum of Windows NT technology DHCP, RPC, DCOM, WBEM

13 Embedded-Enabling Features
Remote Management infrastructure Option 1 - text-mode remote command prompt TCP/IP (Telnet) with authentication option Modem/Serial Logon required - impersonates user credentials Option 2 - graphical remote application GUI TCP/IP only

14 Embedded-Enabling Features
Enhanced support for error-reporting Automatic handling of error dialogs Global logging of all error dialogs and message boxes. Modification to USER32.DLL Only available on Windows NT Embedded systems

15 Run-time Configuration Enforcement
Only load executables configured for the target Assures machine configuration Enables more flexible licensing Configuration is identifiable as Windows NT Embedded Not a retail system Triggers enforcement mechanism

16 Summary - Benefits Full Win32 compatibility
Familiar development environment Rich operating system services and peripheral support Huge 3rd party presence Commodity PC hardware Reduced time to market Excellent platform for complex application systems!


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