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SCADA Solutions.

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1 SCADA Solutions

2 MX32 Version 7.0 Product Release Autumn 99
Support for latest Microsoft operating systems: NT Service Pack 4, Windows 98, and SQL Server7.0 Enhancements to the MX32 Version 7.0 Historical package MX32 Version 7.0 has increased collection capacity to over 20,000 tags OPC EDA OPC Easy Database Access is a new option with MX32 Version 7.0. Final release of the MX32 series SCADA, brings MX32 up to date with some of the modern technologies

3 MX32 Version 7.0 Enhancements to Security Enhanced redundancy
MX32 Version 7.0 security now has the option to use NT security authentication. Enhanced redundancy MX32 Version 7.0 now supports alarm synchronisation between partner nodes used in Mitsubishi's auto fail over redundancy scheme Ability to Suppress COMM alarms MX32 Version 7.0 gives you the option to suppress driver communication (COMM) alarms Changes to the Security Redundancy and Alarms have bee implemented

4 MX32 Version 7.0 Year2000 I/O Drivers MxChange Compatible
MX32 Version 7.0 is fully Y2K compliant. With the support of NT 4.0 Service Pak 4 I/O Drivers I/O Drivers are no longer supplied on the product CD. MxChange Compatible Supports MxChange MxChange fully supported in this version

5 Automation Software for the New Millennium
MX2000 the latest release in the Melsoft Suit , brings Mitsubishi SCADA into the new Millennium. Automation Software for the New Millennium

6 Automation systems software
Development Based on the Intellution iFix Version 2.1 , MX2000 has been customised to bring significant benefits to the Mitsubishi user. INTELLUTION Mitsubishi EDC i FIX I/O drivers custom features

7 Component Object Solutions
Using open interfaces Combine Products from different suppliers Based on standards like:- ActiveX OLE OPC COM Internet Java MX2000 Historian Batch SCADA Web Server Intranet PC Control

8 OPC Will Benefit All Industries that Utilize Process-Control Technology
OPC provides interoperability between HMI/SCADA applications OPC provides interoperability between HMI/SCADA applications and process-control/automation devices A standard mechanism for communicating to numerous data sources, either devices on the factory floor, or a database in a control room is the motivation for OPC.

9 Connectivity with OPC .…... MX2000 3rd Party Software OPC Interface
MX2000 has OPC connectivity PLC DCS Controller

10 What is ActiveX? A Microsoft marketing name for a set of technologies and services, all based on the Component Object Model (COM) Allows Software components created by one application to be used by another Documents and controls created with any ActiveX compliant application will work within MX2000 in a secure environment ActiveX crashes will not crash MX2000 Read slide

11 ActiveX An ActiveX container An ActiveX control An ActiveX document.
An example of ActiveX with Word & Excel ActiveX Containers ActiveX containers are applications that are COM aware and can support ActiveX documents (more like the original OLE) and ActiveX controls. In the example above Microsoft Excel is acting as the container for an ActiveX button and a Microsoft Word object. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 is a classic example of an ActiveX container, as is MX2000’s Workspace. ActiveX Documents ActiveX documents are standalone applications and need no support from the outside. Microsoft Word is both a document and a container. You may use Word all your life and never (knowingly) use any ActiveX components. An ActiveX document.

12 MX2000 features Distributed Architecture VBA Implementation
ActiveX Containment with Secure environment Easy Integration of 3rd party components Increased network throughput Read Slide

13 MX2000 features Easy graphics editing tools
With Workspace Environment Animation & Script Authoring Wizards Customizable Development Environment Windows NT4.0 only Read Slide

14 MX2000 features Built in Scheduler Faster historical access
Expression based data manipulation Backup & Restore project utility Read Slide

15 MX2000 features Time Synchronisation of PLC to SCADA Report Manager
Recipe Manager All MX32 Database Blocks Plus more MXChange Compatible Synchronisation of the PLC & SCADA Time Clock means that one time clock can be used for the whole system. New report manager. MX2000 includes an integrated report manager and does not require the use of MS Excel. This will be based on a cut down version of the SyTech report manager, which can be upgraded, to the full SyTech product by purchasing a licence from Mitsubishi. New recipe system. MX2000 will include the same recipe system as MX32 but it will also include a simplified recipe handler whose current working title is “Set Point”. MxChange compatible

16 MX2000 Workspace Dockable Toolbars Project Navigator Container
Screen Shot of MX2000 Workspace Container MX2000 Workspace

17 MX2000 Workspace MX2000 with graphics

18 Toolbars Toolbox Experts Shapes Picture Tools Edit
Toolbars for everything !

19 Animation Animation dialog box

20 Animation Properties of dialog box :
Visibility , Misc., Position, Colour, Style, Rotate,Fill

21 Expression Builder Expression builder lets you do calculations very easily

22 Scheduler A feature often requested in MX32, allows the user run a script at a particular time of day or on an event occurring Applications: Running reports at end of Day/Shift Triggering Operator Responses Tacking action if changes in the system occur Triggering Data Exchanges with other software such as MES , ERP and Database systems Scheduling. Executes actions and VBA scripts based on times and/or events Replaces old scheduling using MS Excel

23 Scheduler Scheduling. Executes actions and VBA scripts based on times and/or events Replaces old scheduling using MS Excel

24 Executes actions and VBA scripts based on times and/or events
Full size vies of Scheduler

25 SetPoint Manager Simple Recipe management tool
Has two modes Runtime and Configuration Applications: Download new production requirements to the PLC Change Machine Set-up quickly Reduce Set-Up errors Improve Repeatability Screen Shot of recipe handler

26 SetPoint Manager Screen Shot of recipe handler

27 SetPoint Manager Runtime mode Runtime Mode

28 Report Manager Custom reports may be designed to suit the application, bringing timely accurate data from the plant to your desk top. A scheduler triggers the report based on time or event. MX2000 includes an integrated report manager Real-time data can be embedded into reports Historical data can be recalled into the report Batch reports with time stamped events can be generated , Reports can be generated on several batches at the same time Configuration mode

29 Report Manager Configuration mode

30 Report Manager Runtime
Runtime mode

31 MX2000 features with VBA Visual Basic for Applications
VBA replaces MX32 Command Language scripting Common standard language used in “Word” , “Excel” etc Wizards mean you don’t have to be a VB programmer Executes Scripts based on I/O data, User input, and/or Scheduled Read slide

32 MX2000 features with VBA Designed for Microsoft BackOffice
SQL Server Connectivity Helps you take full advantage of the open architecture of MX2000 Read slide

33 VBA Scripting Visual Basic for Applications Scripting
VBA 5.0 now provides a complete, integrated development environment (IDE) that includes many of the elements familiar to developers using Visual Basic, including a Project Window, a Properties Window and debugging tools. Second, Visual Basic for Applications 5.0 puts the “visual” back into Visual Basic; specifically, support for Microsoft Forms and ActiveX Controls (formerly OLE Controls). VBA 5.0 delivers rich, visual features with Microsoft Forms and support for more than 2,000 commercially available ActiveX Controls. In addition to the new IDE and support for Microsoft Forms and ActiveX, hundreds of new features advance the productivity and ease of use of Visual Basic for Applications to new levels, making version 5.0 the bar to measure other application development environments against. Visual Basic for Applications Scripting

34 VBA Properties Properties Box exposed

35 I/O drivers OPC Drivers for all Mitsubishi Products
All drivers have on-line electronic documentation Use CSKP as standard protocol format All current MX32 I/O drivers will work with MX2000 as will all version 6 and version 7 Intellution I/O drivers (our current drivers are version 6 type). The new Mitsubishi MCS driver is a version 7 driver and will work with MX2000 as well as any other OPC compliant application.

36 I/O driver software MX2000 includes the following I/O drivers.
MIT (A-series C24) MFX (FX-series CPU port) MQE (Q & A-series Ethernet) MIN (Inverter drives) MEU (FX-series RS485) MAQ (Q & A-series CPU Port) All supplied at no extra cost! Current Driver List

37 CSKP Driver MCS NB: NT Only OCX CSKP Ethernet A/Q/FX CPU CC-Link QC24
Native Mx Driver OPC Driver NB: NT Only MCS OCX The MCS driver is a new product that can work as an I/O driver for MX2000 but can also operate as a stand alone OPC compliant application. It supports all current forms of PLC connectivity. The MCS driver will be sold as a separate application. CSKP Ethernet A/Q/FX CPU CC-Link QC24 FX Net 10

38 Open architecture MX2000 software with Intellution’s drivers for other manufacturer’s PLCs Read Slide IN Mitsubishi Siemens Allen Bradley

39 Performance Single connection to one Ethernet module in the PLC.
Polled Kwords per second. Unpolled Kwords per second. High Performance

40 3rd Party Components Intelluton Flexibility
Support for all Active X Controls Leading companies support component based solutions Intelluton R

41 Key Attributes of MX2000 Easy application development
Seamless integration with 3rd party applications Fast, cost effective solution creation Modifiable to meet unique needs Lower downtime risk, higher output Better decision making

42 Summary - MX2000 Better… Faster… Easier… Distributed Architecture
VBA Implementation ActiveX Containment Faster… Integration of 3rd party components Increased network throughput Faster historical access Easier… Easy graphics editing tools Animation & Script Authoring Wizards Customizable Development Environment

43 MX32 Questions?

44 SCADA Solutions

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