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CHAPTER 8 World War I. Causes of World War.

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1 CHAPTER 8 World War I

2 Causes of World War




6 Predict: How will the alliance system lead to war?

7 Death of an Archduke AArchduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the Austrian throne) went to Serbia to inspect his troops HHe brought his wife Sophie GGavrilo Princip, a Serbian NATIONALIST who didn’t like Austria Hungary shot both

8 How does an Archduke lead to a WORLD WAR? Russian army mobilized troops, preparing for war Germany views Russian mobilization as a threat against their ally Austria Hungary Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Austria-Hungary blames Serbia Russia promises to protect Serbia European Alliances Made Triple Alliance Germany, Austria Hungary, Italy Triple Entente England, France, Russia

9 How does an Archduke lead to a WORLD WAR? Germany decides to make first move and invade neutral country: BELGIUM Great Britain had promised to defend Belgium Great Britain declared war on Germany Germany declares WAR against Russia

10 Alliances become War POWERS GGermany AAustria-Hungary IItaly EEngland FFrance RRussia Central PowersAllied Powers

11 How did the death of an Archduke lead to a WORLD war? Collins Type II

12 As the war began…

13 Trench Warfare! Machine Gun lead to

14 Trenches

15 New and improved weapons Trench Warfare led to Barbed wire Poison gas Grenades Flame Thrower Tanks Submarines Blimps Airplanes

16 Draw your own trench with weapons

17 Trench foot ! Trench warfare also led to

18 Trench Reenactment Game  Triple Entente Triple Alliance 

19 Where is the United States?

20 UNRESTRICTED SUBMARINE WARFARE  Germany would fire on any ship aiding the Allied Powers

21 The Lusitania

22 Zimmermann Telegram  From Germany to Mexico  Asked Mexico to threaten the US to stay out of the war OR ELSE!  Why would Mexico be better to threaten the US?  IF the US declared war on Germany,  Mexico would declare war on the US  After a German victory in WWI, Mexico would get:  Texas, Arizona and New Mexico (land taken by US)

23 Selective Service Act May 18, 1917 MMen between the ages of 21-30 required to register to be drafted AAfrican American soldiers were segregated BBelieved they would be a threat after war LLatinos went through English training before fighting HHarlem Hell Fighters 191 days

24 Convoy System Destroyers or cruisers would surround troop- transport ships for protection

25 Allied Setbacks 1917- Bolsheviks, or Communists, took over Russia. Vladimir Lenin made peace with Germany Now it was a ONE front war

26 We provided new energy, fresh troops, new money and weapons How did America help win WWI?

27 Home Front Regulating Food & Fuel: Conserve at home, supply the troops

28 Schenk V. United States Limits to freedom of speech during war -clear and present danger

29 All Quiet on the Western Front  Why did the soldier dehumanize himself and others?  Trench life was horrible  Killing others was horrible  Watching your friends die, being afraid to die yourself, must be horrible as well  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

30 We provided fresh troops, not wary from fighting For the first time, the Allies went on the offense Why did Americans help win WWI?

31 Armistice - peace November 11, 1918: Armistice went into effect Guns fell silent 8.5 MILLION people killed “war to end all wars?” LLate 1918 WWar crippling German economy CCivilians lacked food FFood riots and strikes erupted in Germany RRevolution swept across Austria-Hungary CCentral Powers couldn’t get soldiers to fight AAustria-Hungary signed a peace agreement with allies GGermany surrendered its aircraft, artillery, tanks, U-Boats

32 Fourteen Points  What we demand…is that the world be made fit and safe to live in; and particularly that it be made safe for every peace loving nation which, like our own, wishes to live its own life, determine its own institutions, be assured of justice and fair dealing by the other peoples of the world as against force and selfish aggression

33 Paris Peace Conference

34 The Treaty of Versailles June 1919

35 The Big Four Woodrow Wilson USADavid Lloyd-George Great Britain Georges Clemenceau France Vittorio Orlando Italy

36 The Big Four at Versailles in 1919


38 IMPACT OF WWI 14 million dead 7 million permanent ly disabled $280 BILLION MMonarchies overthrown: RRussia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire UUS emerges as world’s leading economic power EEurope lost an entire generation of young men FFrance was destroyed, England in debt GGermany crippled by reparations

39 Before……………………After

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