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Construction Project Michael J. Bruno Bruno Construction Management.

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1 Construction Project Michael J. Bruno Bruno Construction Management

2 The property purchased at 2 Rice Rd. in Morehead, KY is 8.75 acres. The purchase price is $110,900.00

3 The design for the property includes 4500 ft 2 home, 30 car parking lot, 16 spaces have smart electric outlets to charge vehicles, and a nature walk through the 8.75 acre lot routed with mulch.

4 The slab foundation is 90’ x 50’. It is a simple rectangle. It contains radiant flooring, Grid-tie Solar System, Split 2 Stage Geothermal Heat and Air System and Water-legacy systems.

5 The anticipated amount for materials is $300,928.00. The estimated cost of project is $ 923,903.00 This is $ 622,975.00 in labor, property, and permit costs. Labor costs are approximately $496,375.00 This project will take 7 total months to complete. There are 1567 man hours or 65.3 days involved in construction There are 5.5 total months in construction This project is currently under budget

6 Solar Edge Astronergy Grid-Tie Solar System- 20,400 watts Radiant Hydronic Flooring 3 Water-legacy Systems 4 Tankless Water Heaters Split 2 Stage Geothermal Heat and Air System Smart Power Outlets LED Lights Smart Energy Efficient Appliances 16 120V Ports in Parking lot for electric car charging Use of bamboo woods and ceramic tile

7 Use of silt fence for erosion control and water protection Recycling Dumpsters for construction debris Masonry tarp for soil pollution control

8 The media room is the hub of the house. All furniture is made of bamboo and eco-friendly padding materials. There are 2 large sectionals, 4 chairs, 8 end tables. An awesome entertainment area which includes: 72 inch smart energy efficient flat TV, X-Box 1, Play Station4, and even a Karaoke Machine. The floor is bamboo and networking with wireless is ready to go. It has painted masonry walls. There is 258 ft 2 in this space.

9 The kitchen dining seats all 16 dwellers. Due to the amount of people living here multiple refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves are needed. There are 2 of each of these all energy efficient, smart, and extra-large capacity. The stove has 6 electric burners and a double oven, a 48 inch energy efficient hood is installed above it. It has painted masonry walls. There is 202ft 2 in this space.

10 The women's wing is separated by a smart key system and steel doorway from the rest of the house. It has an entrance to the outside and the main house. The floors in the bedroom and hallway are bamboo. The bathroom contains 2 toilets, 2 sinks, and a handicap shower and standard shower. Each bedroom space has room for 2 nightstands, 2 desks, and 2 chest of drawers. All the bedroom furniture is made from bamboo and eco-friendly padding material. This area is ready to go for all networking and wireless needs. It has painted masonry walls. The total square footage for this area is 461.25ft 2.

11 There are 7 men's bedrooms, 2 to a room, just like the ladies. The floors are bamboo as is all furniture, padding and materials are all eco- friendly as well. Each space has room for 2 nightstands and 2 chest of drawers, and 2 desks also made of bamboo. All 7 bedrooms are network and wireless ready. It has painted masonry walls. Each room is between 221 ft 2 and 275ft 2.

12 The men's restroom has 3 toilets, 1 urinal, 3 standard size showers and 1 handicap shower. The floor is ceramic tile and all items used are environmentally conscious. It has painted masonry walls. The total square footage for this area is 287 ft 2.

13 The laundry room is essential for clean living. This one contains 3 energy efficient smart washers and 3 energy efficient smart dryers. It has a ceramic tile floor and a utility sink. It is accessible to both male and female as it is centered in the dwelling near restrooms, maintenance closet, kitchen, and media room. It has painted masonry walls. It contains 89 ft 2.

14 The maintenance closet is a vital storage area of the dwelling. It contains 4 tankless water heaters, 3 legacy water systems, and utility sink. It has a ceramic tile floor. This room can also hold cleaning supplies and toiletries. It has painted masonry walls and is 64ft 2.

15 Each hallway is 4 ft. wide for handicap accessibility. They contain bamboo floors, and like the rest of the house have painted masonry walls.

16 The sheer size of the property allows for excellent green technology resources. The property contains a nature walk routed with eco-friendly mulch to view what nature has to offer and provide a peace of mind with tranquility. The 30 space parking lot has 16 120 V smart outlets for electric car charging, residents only. All landscaping utilizes KY 's natural plant life for eco-friendly landscaping.

17 All new homes should use Green Construction methods for standards Green technology can have high upfront costs but save tremendously over time. I really wish I could live in this house but not necessarily with all of you ;)!

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