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Reducing your Carbon Footprint

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1 Reducing your Carbon Footprint
By: Kylah Rodd

2 What are Carbon Emissions?
Carbons emissions are extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which raises the overall temperature of the planet and this increases global warming. To reduce the risk of rising temperatures and extreme weather we need to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that we use. This is no easy task.

3 Reducing Carbon emissions at Home
There are many things that you can do to help reduce carbon emissions. What I could do to help eliminate my carbon footprint is do very simple things around my house like: Recycle Change the light bulbs in the house to more efficient energy saving light bulbs Take shorter showers Use cold water in the washer machine Use less paper Make less garbage

4 Here’s more ways to eliminate your carbon footprint at home:
Microwave Oven -96 times per year0.945 kWh per use( based on 1.39 kWh for full power and 0.5 kWh for defrosting)£9.0739 Washing Machine washes per year EU energy label A-rated gives an average consumption at 40°C using a 2kg load to be 0.63 kWh£ Electric Tumble Dryer uses per year2.50 kWh per cycle Based on an average load capacity of 4.76 kg of dry laundry £ Gas Tumble Dryer uses per year Based on a 4kg load£11.00* See below Kettle uses per year0.11 kWh per use based on heating 1 Liter of water£ Gas Oven uses per year1.52 kWh per use£7.6038 Dishwasher - at 55°C110 uses per year1.07 kWh per use £

5 Continued: Fridge-Freezer A spec24 hours a day206 kWh per year£ Standard Light Bulb - 4 hours a day100 W£ Low Energy Light Bulb - 4 hours a day18 W£2.6311 Primary TV – LCD inch On Power 6.5 hours a day211.1 W£ Digital TV Adapter, Terrestrial – Recorder On Power 6.5 hours a day17.6 W£4.1818 Digital TV Adapter, Terrestrial On Power 6.5 hours a day7.1W£1.687 Primary TV – Rear projection Standby 17.5 hours a day2.0 W£1.285

6 Reducing Carbon Emissions at school
Ways to reduce carbon emissions at school are very similar to the methods you would use at home. Like… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning Buy Energy-Efficient Products- like light bulbs And other ways that you could help do is…. Car pool on the way to school with friends or get a more fuel efficient car And it would help to plant more trees around the school campus

7 Reducing Carbon Emissions on the Road
For private cars…. Purchase a fuel efferent car Purchase a long term electric car Regulate traffic Reduce local pollution Car pool with people that are going to the same place For vans and trucks…. Use small electric vans Train drivers in driving energy efficiency

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