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2 inuits The intuits lived in the arctic for a long time.Greeland canada,and Alaska are where the Inuit's lived. Inuit men and women wore special clothing to keep them warm. Shirts were made of bird skin. Pants and coats were made of animal skin. The clothing was water proof just in case they get wet. The intuits wore mittens called kamiks.The Inuit's wore not be able to grow crops. The Inuit fished and hunted for there food. They hunted caribou and whale and also seal. The Inuit lived in igloos.

3 NEZ PERCE The Nez Perce lived in the plateau region of North America for a long time. The plateau is Oregon,Washington,and Idaho. The area has mountains,forests,grasslands,and rivers. The tribe called themselves Nimi’ipuu.The Nez Perce wore buckskin for their clothing. Buckskin is another word for deerskin. The Nez Perce hunted and fished for their food. The men hunted big game such as deer,elk,moose,bear,mountain sheep, and goat. There favored roots were the camas bulb. They lived in tipis made of woven Tule mats or buffalo.

4 THE KWAKIUTL One of the many Native American groups that lived long along the Northwest Coast was the Tlingit. The Northwest Coast was rich in natural resources. The Tlingit wore animal skin pants with feet in them, leather aprons. The most important food source is salmon. There housing is A large plank house. They fished for fish.

5 HOPI There region was the Southwest. There climate was warm and dry. There food was corn, beans and squash. There clothing was deer skin. There shelter was Pablo clay. They are permanent.

6 PAWNEE There region is eastwest.There climate is warm. There food deer,bears,and rabbits. There clothing was buffalo skin. There shelter was teepees. They are nomads.

7 SEMINOLE There region is the southeast. There climate is warm and dry. There food source is corn,beans,and squash. There clothing was woven grass and matured. There shelter was long houses. There were nomads.


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