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NATIVE AMERICANS BY: Lauren Powers. Seminole Indians Geographical Location : Southeast.

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2 Seminole Indians Geographical Location : Southeast

3 Seminole Indians Environment: Subtropical

4 Seminole Indians FOOD: Mullet, Alligator, Rabbit, Turtles, Wild Turkey, and Deer Squash, Corn, and Beans

5 Seminole Indians Shelter: Chickee Clothing: Men’s Women’s Breechcloth is made from deerskin, cloth, or animal fur Wraparound skirts are made from Palmetto plants. Both wore moccasins that are made from animal skins.

6 Pawnee Indians Geographical Location : Plains

7 Pawnee Indians Environment : flat grasslands, valleys, streams, hills, & few trees

8 Pawnee Indians FOOD: Buffalo Corn Squash Beans

9 Pawnee Indians Shelter: Clothing: Teepee Earth Lodge MenWomen Breechcloth and leggings from animal skin like deerskin. Deerskin skirts and poncho blouses. They all wore Moccasins.

10 Hopi Indians Geographical Location: Southwest

11 Hopi Indians Environment: rocky and dry

12 Hopi Indians FOOD: Corn, squash, beans, nuts, turkey, small game, & fruits

13 Hopi Indians Shelter: Clothing: Pueblo MenWomen Breechcloth or short kilts (man skirts) Short dresses called Mantas. They wore moccasins made of deerskin.

14 Nez Perce Indians Geographical Location: Plateau

15 Nez Perce Indians Environment: Mountainous & streams

16 Nez Perce Indians FOOD: SalmonFish Elk Antelope Berries, Deer, Moose, & Bear

17 Nez Perce Indians Shelter:Clothing: Longhouse MenWomen Long deerskin dresses They all wore moccasins. Breechcloth and Leggings

18 Kwakiutl Indians Geographical Location: Northwest

19 Kwakiutl Indians Environment: Coast and forest

20 Kwakiutl Indians FOOD: Salmon DeerWhales Elk Sea Otter Small Game

21 Kwakiutl Indians Shelter: Clothing: Plank House Men Both Women They all wore moccasins. Breechcloth Cedar bark skirts In winter they wore cedar bark cloaks and tunics.

22 Inuit Indians Geographical Location: Arctic

23 Inuit Indians Environment: Ice and very cold

24 Inuit Indians FOOD: Whales CaribouSeals Walrus

25 Inuit Indians Shelter: Clothing: Igloo Both The Inuit Indians had to dress warmly. They made their clothing from sealskin.

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