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WWII Its effects on the Home Front Science, Technology & Economics.

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1 WWII Its effects on the Home Front Science, Technology & Economics

2 Before WWII President FDR planned ahead. Even though we were not at war, he increased production of war supplies for the US military and our Allies.

3 What Supplies did we Need? Our nation and our allies needed Ships Airplanes Ammunition

4 How did this Effect Industry? Most industrial plants were affected. They were changed over to ones that produced military supplies for war. (Tank Factory)

5 What Other Industries were Affected The farming industry had great demands placed upon them. They had to provide for the US citizens They also had to provide for the Allies.

6 How Much were we Really Producing? By 1932 The US was producing As many wartime products As Germany, Italy and Japan combined!!!!

7 By 1944…… The US was producing TWICE as much as the Axis Powers!

8 What were we making? THOUSANDS OF…. Planes Armored Cars Tanks Artillery and Millions of rounds of Ammunition

9 Was this good for America’s economy? All of the production cause jobs! Americans were back to work! The depression was ending!

10 Sooo…. Our economy was on the rise! But what about Science and Technology?

11 WWII Technology WWII required that we become more technologically advanced

12 What did we improve? Radar Sonar Devices and Rocket Weapons

13 Were other countries also working on technology? Albert Einstein, a Jewish Refugee Informed FDR that Nazi Scientists were building atomic weapons!!!! Actual letter….. Leo Szilard (Physicist) academics/english/courses /HT2000/student9/project 2/real letter.htm academics/english/courses /HT2000/student9/project 2/real letter.htm

14 The Manhattan Project Was a secret mission. The US developed the Atomic bomb

15 The Manhattan Project “ In just 27 months, America accomplished what other nations thought impossible. How did the United States achieve this remarkable feat when Germany, Italy and Japan failed? To Bulgarian-born journalist Stephane Groueff, the Manhattan Project was an outstanding example of the "American way": a combination of creativity, courage to try unorthodox approaches, and a relentless determination to succeed. “

16 What were some other advances in Technology & Science? Space Technology grew. Wanted to stop the V-2 rocket used by Germany (Long range missiles that are launched into space)

17 Other productions to aid efforts Televisions And computers were being developed to aid the military effort. ENIGMA CIPHER MACHINES (Sent coded messages)

18 Laboratories were busy…. Making synthetics such as nylon or plastic for military supplies

19 In the medical field… Penicillin and Sulfa New treatments for disease…

20 There were many advancements during WWII in the field of… Science Technology Economics.

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