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Vocabulary Unit 16. Exodus: Noun- A departure, usually of large numbers of people.

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1 Vocabulary Unit 16

2 Exodus: Noun- A departure, usually of large numbers of people.

3 When war came to the mainland, the native people quickly organized a large exodus.

4 Exotic: Adjective- Foreign; charmingly unfamiliar or strikingly unusual.

5 Australia is a fascinating continent full of strange and exotic wildlife.

6 Expedient: Adjective- advantageous to one’s interest or purpose. Noun- An emergency course of action; a means to an end.

7 Adj: We must find the most expedient way to finance our project. Noun: Cutting back on staff to save money is not the only expedient open to us.


9 Verb: People often exploit children for their own needs. Noun: Because he took such pride in his war exploits, we buried him in his uniform.

10 Expound: Verb- To explain in detail.

11 The professor expounded on the virtues of modern medicine.


13 John fabricated a story to cover the fact that he had not done his research paper.

14 Facetious: Adjective- Not meant seriously; playful or humorous.

15 When everyone remarked on how good my cooking was, I knew they were being facetious.

16 Facsimile: Noun- An exact copy. Adjective- Reproduced exactly.

17 N: Art books often carry accurate facsimiles of paintings. Adj: Usually, a photocopy is a facsimile of the original.


19 It is a fallacy to assume that all dogs are aggressive.

20 Fathom: Noun- A unit of length used to measure marine depths (6 feet) Verb: To get to the bottom of; to understand.

21 N: The Titanic lies beneath hundreds of fathoms of water. V: I cannot fathom why some people like caviar.


23 The coach made a fatuous error in judgment on that play.

24 Feasible: Adjective- Possible; both doable and workable.

25 It is definitely feasible to finish the basement by Christmas.

26 Feign: Verb- To pretend or give a false appearance of.

27 The boy feigned illness to get out of school.

28 Felicitous: Adjective- Agreeably suited to the purpose or occasion; aptly or gracefully expressed.

29 The clothes she wore were not exactly felicitous to the somber nature of the meeting.

30 Fetish: Noun- An object believed among primitive peoples to have magical powers. An object of unreasonably excessive attention or reverence.

31 Jason has a fetish for spicy foods.

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