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Life is Full of Surprises

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1 Life is Full of Surprises
WINTER Life is Full of Surprises Template Gülnihan

2 Do you believe that life is full of surprises? Why or why not?
WARM UP Do you believe that life is full of surprises? Why or why not?

3 When something happens that you don’t want, how do you feel?
WARM UP When something happens that you don’t want, how do you feel?

4 WARM UP Imagine that you are 30 years old. You have a good job, but you don’t like it. If you were not happy with your job, would you change it? Why or why not?

5 Students will be in small groups They will choose a quotation
Quotation activity Students will be in small groups They will choose a quotation First they will discuss in their small groups for 1 minute, and then they will share their opinions with whole class.

6 Before Fast Reading

7 Before Fast Reading The national university entrance exam : a test all Iranian students had to take to enter college Fate: the things that will happen that a person cannot control, destiny Degree: what a student gets for completing a program at a college or university Officials: people with responsibility and power in an organization or government Financial: relating to money Revolution: a time of great and sudden change in a country, often by force

8 Fast Reading READ FAST!

9 What is the topic and main idea of this passage?
How many words in bold do you remember from the passage?

10 Let’s Learn Vocabulary

11 Professor (noun) a teacher at a university or college
All of professors have to attend to the conference yesterday.

12 Medicine (noun) study of illnesses, treatment and injuries
She studied medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

13 Get into (verb) to be accepted to study at a school
She got into one of the top universities in the country.

14 Medical (adj) Relating to medicine and the treatment of injuries and diseases He always wanted to be a doctor, so he went to one of the best medical schools in Turkey.

15 WINTER Score (noun) Template
the number of points a student has earned for correct answers in a test The school's test scores have not improved. Template

16 Advanced degree a qualification taken after a first degree, for example an ma or a phd Arthur applied for an advanced degree in English Language Teaching.

17 Subject (noun) Something that you learn or teach in a school
She prepared a research paper for linguistics in last term, and she wanted to continue to study in this subject.

18 International (adj) relating to or involving more than one nation
After I graduated from the university, I started to work in an international company.

19 Manage to (verb) to succeed in doing something difficult, especially after trying very hard How do you manage to stay so slim?

20 Secure (adj) a situation that you can depend on because it is not likely to change We want a secure future for our children.

21 WINTER Cause (verb) Template
to make something happen, especially something bad Tsunami caused a lot of damages in Japan last year. Template

22 All of a sudden (phrase)
suddenly, unexpectedly All of a sudden the lights went out.

23 Give up (phrasal verb) to stop doing something, especially something that you do regularly Beckham has decided to give up football at the end of this season.

24 Work out (phrasal verb)
To be successful, or to end in a particular way Financially, things have worked out well for us.

25 Stage (noun) a particular time or state that something or somebody reaches as it grows or develops  (phase, step) Jane and Jim got retired, and they decided to travel around the world at this stage in their life.


27 Quick Comprehension Check
Mahmoud was born and grew up in Iran. TRUE 2. He wanted to study medicine and become a doctor. 3. He traveled to the US to study medicine. FALSE

28 WINTER Template 4. He expected to teach at a university in Iran. TRUE
5. The Iranian Revolution happened while he was at home in Tehran. FALSE 6. The revolution changed his life. Template

29 Studying Collocations

30 I’m interested____ medicine.

31 2. Do you get bored ________ your job? with

32 3. His neighbors were very kind __________ him after his wife died.

33 4. You must be gentle___ small children. with

34 5. We were very disappointed _____the results.
with /in

35 6. The president wasn’t aware_______ true situation.

36 7. He was angry, but he still managed to be polite _____ them.


Mahmoud was born in Iran. TRUE 2. He studied English in college. 3. He went to the United States to look for a job. FALSE

39 4. Mahmoud’s visit to Iran lasted for six months.
IDS 5. The revolution in Iran happened while he was there. FALSE 6.He received a degree from the state university in Buffalo, New York. TRUE

40 7. He is a husband and a father.
TRUE 8. He and his wife are both professors. FALSE 9. He is now planning to enter a medical school. 10. All of Mahmoud’s family is in the United States. IDS


42 2. Mahmoud decided to study English because
he was interested in languages. 3. He went to the US because he wanted to get an advanced degree in English. 4. As an international student, Mahmoud was unusual because he went from studying in an ESL program to teaching there, and he did this in two years.

43 5. He lost the chance to teach in Tehran because
after the Iranian Revolution, the new government decided they did not want more English teachers. 6. He doesn’t plan to start medical school now because he does not have the patience.


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