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Survivor Can your team outwit, outplay and outlast your opponents to be the ultimate Survivor?

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2 Survivor Can your team outwit, outplay and outlast your opponents to be the ultimate Survivor?

3 Challenges Each time you get a question right, you get a challenge and a chance at bonus points.

4 Challenge Bonus Points You depend on the other tribes to vote for your challenge solution. They will lose points for teaming up unfairly.

5 The Final Challenge The secret final challenge will be revealed at the end of the game for additional points. Good Luck Survivors!

6 Question One Which Enlightenment writer said the relationship between government and it’s people is a social contract?

7 Answer One John Locke

8 Challenge One What is an agreement in which each side gives up some demands?

9 Question Two What did a territory need to become a state, according to the Northwest Ordinance?

10 Answer Two A population of 60,000 free settlers and ask Congress to admit it as a state

11 Challenge Two What means to “give up any claim to territories?”

12 Question Three Which group argued that a strong national government could be effective? A.Loyalists B.Antifederalists C.Federalists

13 Answer Three Federalists

14 Challenge Three Execute means to carry out or to do what is required. True or False?

15 Question Four How many states had to ratify the Constitution before it could become a law?

16 Answer Four 9 out of 13

17 Challenge Four Americans reacted to Shay’s Rebellion by wanting Articles of Confederation revised. True or False?

18 Question Five In the Great Compromise, seats in the House of Representatives would be awarded according to what?

19 Answer Five population

20 Challenge Five States write constitutions to limit individual liberties. True or False?

21 Question Six What is the division of government responsibilities into branches called?

22 Answer Six Separation of powers

23 Challenge Six What is the basic idea of the Magna Carta? A.Kings are exempt from the law B.People have certain rights C.Property belongs to the state

24 Question Seven What did the Founding Fathers learn from the example of Roman Republic?

25 Answer Seven The value of public service

26 Challenge Seven Who were two delegates to the Constitutional Convention? A.Franklin and Madison B.Washington and Hamilton C.Jefferson and Madison

27 Question Eight How did the Bill of Rights become part of the Constitution?

28 Answer Eight It was added through the amendment process.

29 Challenge Eight According to the Northwest Ordinance, could a territory ask Congress to admit it as a new state?

30 Question Nine What fraction of the slaves in a state were included when determining representation in Congress?

31 Answer Nine 3/5ths

32 Challenge Nine Which group argued that the Constitution must include ways to protect people’s rights? A.Antifederalists B.Burgesses C.Federalists

33 Question Ten A weakness of the Articles of Confederation was because there was no _____ to carry out laws.

34 Answer Ten executive

35 Challenge Ten What did BOTH the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan have in common? A.2 branches of government B.3 branches of government C.No judicial branch of government

36 Question Eleven What resolved the conflict between the Virginia and New Jersey plans?

37 Answer Eleven The Great Compromise

38 Challenge Eleven The New Jersey Plan allowed ____ vote(s) per state.

39 Question Twelve Why did small states like the New Jersey Plan?

40 Answer Twelve All states had equal representation in the Legislature.

41 Challenge Twelve Individual states wrote constitutions to __________. A. Set limits on government powers B. Create a strong central government

42 Question Thirteen In key states, the tide slowly turned in favor of or against Constitution ratification.

43 Answer Thirteen in favor of

44 Challenge Thirteen Who stressed that government powers should be clearly defined and divided? A.Cicero B.John Locke C.Baron de Montesquieu

45 Question Fourteen What document created a loose alliance of independent states?

46 Answer Fourteen Articles of Confederation

47 Challenge Fourteen What set up a system for governing new territories? A.Great Compromise B.Northwest Ordinance C.Constitution

48 Question Fifteen What document defined the rights of British monarchs and citizens?

49 Answer Fifteen Magna Carta

50 Challenge Fifteen This document protects basic liberties of citizens A.Constitution B.Bill of Rights C.Great Compromise

51 Final Challenge The Articles of Confederation had no ____ ____ to settle disputes between states.

52 Congratulations! You have survived!

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