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Mobile Media. Leader in Mobile Information Management TRL manages data on behalf of Mobile Content Providers & Carriers Aggregating, profiling, filtering,

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1 Mobile Media

2 Leader in Mobile Information Management TRL manages data on behalf of Mobile Content Providers & Carriers Aggregating, profiling, filtering, millions of wireless users Leader in Mobile Data Management/Data Marketing Managing 6 Million wireless double opt-in users in North America Managing 6 Million wireless double opt-in users in Europe Delivering a Key Component of the Mobile Industry Helping clients to target mobile users with the right message at the right time Increasing ARPU by leveraging existing audience with the appropriate tools Who We Are

3 Become the reference in mobile user information management Increase results by introducing relevant services & offers to the right users Maintain mobile user databases to reduce your marketing losses Ultimately become your partner of choice for mobile data marketing Manage the largest database of opt-ins TRL compliant Aggregate many lifestyle databases with various criteria's of selection Provide the best quality of data in the market place Always adding new databases locally and internationally Ultimately help each party to benefit from our services Generate new revenue stream to carriers and data owners Leverage the innovative marketing medium for the brands and marketers Provide user with relevant content, offers and services Our Mission

4 PUSH Campaigns: Mobile Marketing

5 Introducing Mobile Plus The largest double opt-in, profiled SMS/MMS database: a total reach of over 12 million profiles in North America and 6 million in Europe. The database is composed by registered users opt-in to receive m-coupons, promotions and alerts that are relevant to them. A unique profiling tool to track user tastes and to create a targeted, point of interest advertising channel Target users by demographics, psychographics, geographic location, handset, carrier and more filters… Users are protected from SPAM and get limited amount of promotions per month: 4 SMS max. Easy Opt-in/Opt-out mechanism in place.

6 Gender split is representative of the general population demographics Significant penetration in the youth and young professionals market – the segments that are most receptive to wireless interaction High penetration in the highly populated areas and cities Male Female Under 18 18 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 44 45 to 54 Over 55 Gender Age group Top 5 1 Next 10 2 Next 10 3 Last 25 Geography 52 48 Americas Largest Double Opt-in Mobile Messaging Database 12,000,000 names 12 million opt-in users

7 Data Quality Control Process During our Quality Control Process, each data partner needs to meet the following criteria: –Partner has a opt-in/opt-out process in place OR will implement an opt-in/opt-out process prior to going live with TRL –Partner will agree to not push more than 4 SMS per user per month MAXIMUM –Partner will agree to opt-out users from the marketing program if it is requested by the user –Partner will select TRL as its exclusive agent in order to insure the consistency of the workflow and the protection of each user.


9 Mobile Coupon Offers New Messages  Circuit City Offers  John  Alison  1 647 262 7282  John Number More Special offer Spend $100 at Circuit City and get 10% off. Code: ABDUEN54. Reply More Point of Sale Redemption at Circuit City with coupon code or mobile number of cardholder

10 Courtesy of *Brand1* Courtesy of *Brand3* Creating value on mobile coupons TRL Consumer Profile Advertiser Objectives Customized Promotional offers Courtesy of *Brand2* Want 10% off at Brand X and a free Britney Wallpaper? Click here! WAP Push

11 Qualified Numbers database Aggregator & Carrier Connections Service Provisioning Advertiser Target AudienceService DefinitionServices & clubs Mobile Campaign/Content./User Management User Acquisition and/or Turn Key Data Marketing

12 Content-based Promotional Offers Mobile phone customization has been a hit. Why? Mobile content helps consumers define their identity through a ringtone, a wallpaper etc TRL provides qualified consumer information before sending any offer So before, you try to reach consumers through mobile. Better get it right! TRL only delivers the content consumers desire

13  Drive fans to listen to new single Create viral buzz among core audience. Offer Britney txt club members added value Objectives:  350,000 SMS sent to females 15 to 25 in North America  Handles all inbound responses via IVR. Handles reply from users for more info Engine: Original message sent to 350,000 female users between 15 and 25 years old in North America From: Britney Press talk now, or dial 1234567890 to hear a message from Britney, she’s got something for you Talk More From: Britney You have opted-in to receive messages from Britney. To opt-out go to Reply More  Campaign created a strong viral buzz for Britney’s single  Heaviest volume of calls to action by IVR in the main US cities  Creation a Britney txt Club Results: All respondents sent notification confirming registration to Britney txt club Promotion: Britney’s Perfume

14 Coca- Cola Zero Promotion…….  To create buzz for the new Coca-Cola Zero  Announce availability at 7-Eleven stores to targeted cities Objectives: Targeted text message sent to 96,000 M/F in Dallas, Chicago, Orlando From: Coca-Cola New Coca-Cola Zero Now available at your Neighborhood 7-Eleven. Real Coca Cola Taste + Nothing. 4 more info @ Reply Stop 2 End  Campaign created a strong viral buzz of new Coca Cola Zero  Drove consumers to 7-Eleven to purchase new Coke Zero  Coca-Cola was able to add mobile to existing marketing promotions for new soft drink Results: All callers were alerted of the new Coca-Cola Zero sold at 7-Eleven stores Now!!!

15 FOX BOUNCE movie promotion…….  To create buzz for upcoming FOX movie – FOX Bounce  Offer and enrol to receive free ringtones, wallpapers Objectives: Targeted text message sent to 23,000 female users aged 13-16 From: FOX FOX ROLL BOUNCE hits theaters on Sept 23. Reply ROLL 4 Updates, free ringtones, and Wallpapers and your Chance 2 meet BOW WOW  Campaign created a strong viral buzz about the upcoming movie  Awareness and recall Results:

16 Bookbyte College Promotions….. Don’t ever pay 2 much 4 textbooks. Check out to Save $$ now. Call 1-800-545-7385. 2 get Promo#. We buyback textbooks 2. Reply STOP to End Alerts. Targeted text message sent to 40,000 M/F users aged 17-22 in US Objectives:  Alert college students of new website Results:  Users replied per Call to Action. Online retailer was able to add mobile mix in advertising medium

17 Results: Objectives: Save 40% & get Free Shipping at Sept 15-19 using code FRIENDS at checkout. Pass it on & checkout The custom boots! Reply STOP to End Alerts..  Offer incentive to targeted users to purchase Timberland products  Increase traffic on website and drive consumers to take advantage of time sensitive promotion Targeted text message sent to 20,000 M/F users aged 16-25 in US

18 Show Promotion: The OC…….  To create buzz for the OC episode Thursday night Offer and enrol “ OC txt club ” Objectives: Targeted text message sent to 66,000 female users aged 12 -24 From: The OC Hear Mischa Barton and Josh Schwartz talk about creating Marissa for The OC press talk or dial 619-308-5016 Talk More  Campaign created a strong viral buzz about the upcoming show  Awareness and recall  78% Results: All callers were hearing a special message from their OC’s favorite star

19 We grow with you GOAL!! SMS (Text) MMS (Pictures, Sound) 3G (Streaming Video Clips)

20 Summary The use of mobile data services is increasing dramatically TRL is best positioned to help you fully capitalize on it Be user specific and understand your audience behavior Mobile marketing is hot among younger demographics TRL is the clear industry leader in mobile user information mgnt TRL represents a breakthrough in interactive customer response Start now and gain market share while there is still time…

21 Global Media Solutions Call today for more information John Foster SVP Marketing The Right List Tel (800)697-5977 x112 Fax (877)-571-4876

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