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©2013 Mocapay Retailer Boot Camp. ©2013 Mocapay 3 Merchant seeks to drive sales and traffic in a cost effective and sustainable manner. THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

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1 ©2013 Mocapay Retailer Boot Camp

2 ©2013 Mocapay 3 Merchant seeks to drive sales and traffic in a cost effective and sustainable manner. THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 80% The amount of Americans that will not leave their home without their mobile phone in hand. 2 The average person responds to a text message in 90 seconds (compared to 90 minutes for email). 3 90 Sec. 10 X Mobile coupons are redeemed 10 times more often than paper ones. 4 Mobile is a clear solution to meet this objective. 3

3 ©2013 Mocapay MERCHANTS MEET MOBILE DEMAND Demand for mobile solutions is increasing Integration is a challenge Multiple providers involved in almost every scenario To enable functionality that already exists in a retail store or restaurant environment to integrate with a mobile app/wallet. 4

4 ©2013 Mocapay PROGRAM GUIDELINES Simply reward and track your consumers recency, frequency, and monetary spend Keep it Simple SMS, web enabled, iOS, Android, etc… All Handsets Mobilize and reward all transactions – cash, credit, debit, gift card - not just certain transaction types Multi-Tender Immediacy of reward to a specific behavior improves behavior modification Real Time Keeps programs fresh and consumer interest high Easily Modifiable Offers 5

5 ©2013 Mocapay Whoever ENROLLS … CONTROLS POS Mobile App/ Web Phone (IVR/VRU) Web SIGN UP QR Codes Text to Join Want to join Mountain Markets Mobile Club? Text MTNMARKETS to 466622 to join and get a $5 card! Facebook 6

6 ©2013 Mocapay MOBILE MARKETING help … o Build your customer base o Drive incremental sales o Track, segment and influence spending behavior o Build brand loyalty o Create continued customer engagement Think of it as an add-on to your existing programs that allows you to: o Open a new marketing channel o Reach a new audience o Extend the reach of existing programs o Increase brand awareness 7

7 ©2013 Mocapay 1 HARVEST Deliver offers and discounts 2 REGISTER 3 CONNECT Invite customers to join your mobile program Easy registration process Text ENROLL to 466 622 for a FREE $5 Mobile card. Text COUPON to 466 622 to get a $5 mobile card 8

8 ©2013 Mocapay On-going campaigns New store openings New product launches Holidays & events Rainy day specials Continued customer engagement Drive frequency with offers Reward your best customers Exclusive member-only offers 1 HARVEST 2 REGISTER 3 CONNECT 4 : Drive Sales with repeat business 5: Build a Base of loyal customers 9

9 ©2013 Mocapay MOBILE LOYALTY PROGRAMS enable retailers to: o Reward loyal customers instantly o Track customer engagement o Segment your customers and send targeted offers o Save money on fulfillment, printing and inventory costs o Build brand loyalty o Measure ROI at the consumer and campaign level 10

10 ©2013 Mocapay MOBILE LOYALTY 1. MAKE A PURCHASE2. REWARD CUSTOMER3. REPEAT BUSINESS Customer starts to accrue points for each dollar spent and is rewarded with targeted offers on her phone. Customer comes back and brings her friends, making your program viral and increasing brand loyalty, awareness and sales. A customer stops in and gives you her mobile number, then registers online or on her handset for your loyalty program. 11

11 ©2013 Mocapay Secure element requirement – Account credentials stored in cloud not on handset – Dont compromise security Hardware requirement – Future proof solutions – Works today and tomorrow Account provisioning limitations – Multiple provisioning and account management options VIA handset VIA web VIA POS Handset limitations – Downloadable apps or web based apps – Available for any device with internet access & browser – SMS transactions offered Technology presents challenges, consider the following 12 CONSIDERATIONS

12 ©2013 Mocapay Communicate with appropriate frequency & create relevant offers Build your list with a compelling harvest campaign Send a maximum of two text messages per month with offers your customers cant resist. Promote mobile programs aggressively at each and every location Leverage available marketing channels to promote mobile campaigns Fully trained, engaged and incented employees are your best ambassadors Listen and respond to customer feedback Start your program with a free, compelling incentive such as a gift, coupon or comp card. This will help you build your list effectively. Promote your mobile programs with in-location marketing such as register receipts, posters, table tents, check presenters or window clings. Promote mobile programs on your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other marketing channels. Offer employee-specific mobile incentives and maintain good internal communication around mobile programs. Provide a convenient way for customers to offer feedback and react to poor customer experiences in a timely manner. What are best practices for successful mobile programs? 13

13 ©2013 MocapayYour Mobile Solution Thank You! Data resources & references: 1. Morgan Stanley, 2007 2. Our Mobile Planet: United States – Google/ Ipsos OTX, -May 2012 3., 2011 4. Mobile Marketer, 2012 5. Juniper Research, August 2012 6 U.S. Arbitron Mobile Trends Panels TM Services, Opt-In of Mobile Consumers, Q1 2012, Persons 18+ 14

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