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F-35 19 Feb 2015 Gregg Costabile, SES Director of Engineering, F-35 Lightning II Program.

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1 F-35 19 Feb 2015 Gregg Costabile, SES Director of Engineering, F-35 Lightning II Program

2 Overall Program Status
F-35 Program baseline holding steady; Continued progress on all fronts Total weapon system view Affordability SDD – Cost reduction initiatives Production – Ramp Rate, Blueprint for Affordability, Block Buys O&S – $19B Reduction in O&S estimate, R&M program, Cost War Room, Aircraft Availability Focus Schedule Service IOCs on track/Global Sustainment posture accelerating Software development/fielding not on critical path (margins) Technical performance Past risks improving (helmet, hook, fuel dump, lightning protection, software maturity) Current risks/issues being addressed (engine, structural cracks, ALIS, R&M, Mission Data Files) Partnership strong and FMS customers growing Not the same program as in the past

3 What Makes F-35 Different
F-35 utilized an integrated systems approach to ensure long lasting lethality and survivability advantages against current and future Air to Air and Surface to Air threats Key elements of the F-35 systems of systems approach was the integration of and synergies between: Advanced Stealth Fused Multi-Spectral Active and Passive Situational Awareness Advanced Inter-operability Multi-Ship Situational Awareness and Tactics / Mutual Support Advanced Offensive and Defensive Electronic Attack Advanced Countermeasures Maneuverability with Combat Loads Persistence F-35 represents a system of system design solution to ensure operational advantages over current and future threats for the US and it’s allies!

4 F-35 Lightning II Team JSF CTOL P&W F135 RR - Liftfan Interoperability
CV STOVL 3 Services 8 International Partners Global Sustainment 3 Foreign Military Sales Team JSF Domestic / International Suppliers Autonomic Logistics 3 Flight Test Facilities Integrated Training

5 F-35 Characteristics Key Attributes: CTOL General Features: Sensors
Stealth Integrated Avionics Air-to-Ground (A/G) Munitions Intraflight DL Advanced Aircraft Survivability General Features: Single seat Speed: 700 kts or 1.6M (630/1.6M STOVL) Ceiling: 50,000 ft+ Engine: PW F135 Sensors Fully integrated open architecture system A/G – Air-to-Air (A/A) radar/Synthetic Aperture Radar Electro Optical (EO) A/G Targeting system A/A Infrared Search and Track (IRST) function Electronic Support Measures (ESM) Short range EO spherical coverage CTOL (AF) Length: ft Wing Area: 460 ft2 Weight (Empty): 29,400 lb Internal Fuel: 18,200 lb Range: nm Length: ft Weight (Empty): 32,600 lb Internal Fuel: 13,500 lb Range: nm Wing Area: 668 ft2 Weight (Empty): 34,900 lb Internal Fuel: 19,700 lb STOVL (BF) CV (CF)

6 System Development and Demonstration (SDD) Update
CY2012 CY2013 CY2014 CY2015 CY2016 CY2017 CY2018 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 J F M A S O N D  Block 2B  Block 3i  Block 3F LRIP 3 LRIP 4 LRIP 5 LRIP 6 LRIP 7 LRIP 8 LRIP 9 LRIP 10 LRIP 3(17) LRIP 4(32) LRIP 5(32) LRIP 6(36) LRIP 7(35) LRIP 8(43) LRIP 9(57) LRIP 10(92) USMC IOC USAF IOC USN IOC 2B 2A DT&E 2B DT&E Cert Cert 2A 2A DT&E Cert 2B 2B DT&E Cert Spin Up OT II F Blk 2B Integrated Test 3i DT&E 3i Cert 3i Initial Final 3i DT&E Cert Block 1A TR1 3F 3F DT&E Block 1B TR1 Cert Block 2A TR1 3F Block 2B TR1 3F DT&E Blk 3i TR2 Cert Block 3F TR2 OT IIG OTRR Fleet Release Spin Up OT II G OTRR OT IIG OTRR Lightly shading are baseline Prominent bars are status Blk 3 Integrated Test Spin Up OT II G

7 F-35 Current Fleet Laydown
F-35A F-35B F-35C Nellis AFB 5 A/C Total Patuxent River NAS 9 A/C Total Edwards AFB 20 A/C Total Luke AFB 19 A/C Total MCAS Beaufort 9 A/C Total Eglin AFB 44 A/C Total Break-down of aircraft shown on chart: Operational Aircraft = 18 MCAS Yuma – 18 Training Aircraft = 72 Eglin AFB – 44 Luke – 19 Beaufort – 9 Test Aircraft = 31 Developmental Test = 18 Edwards AFB – 9 Patuxent River NAS – 9 Operational Test = 16 Edwards AFB – 11 Nellis AFB – 5 A/C Awaiting Ferry = 0 – NOT INCLUDED in totals for Operational / Training / Test Aircraft ************************************************************** F-35 has 125 total aircraft (not including 6 static assets) 14 flyable SDD assets (includes AA-1 – Not shown on chart) 111 LRIP assets (DD-250’ed) MCAS Yuma 18 A/C Total 90 Operational / Training Aircraft 34 Test Aircraft Note: Does not include AA-1 at China Lake As of 28 Jan 15

8 F-35 Bed Down Through 2018 Total: 386 F-35 Global Deployment F-35A
As of 17 Sep 2014 *Source Data: Sustainment Beddown Break Down_091114 F-35 Global Deployment Australia (2) Williamtown Italy (7) Amendola Grottaglie United Kingdom (9) RAF Marham Norway (9) Orland FMS (39) Total: 386 F-35A F-35B F-35C

9 Global Production System
Norway Casebank Canada Australia Kitron Natech Mindready Ben Machine Novatronics Micreo LTD Levett Applica DY4 Interfast TAE Aerostaff Cablex Strite Dishon Composites Atlantic Techni Metronor Amphenol Ferra Hexagon Avcorp BAE Australia Centra Nav-Aids AIM Norway Kongsberg ASCO Megellan-Bristol Magellan-Chicopee Heroux Devtek Quickstep Marand Jotne EPM Technology GKN Raytheon Rolls Royce Woodward MPC GE GE Aviation LM Owego NGC Amherst BAE Systems Controls General Dynamics ITT Excelis UTAS BAE IEWS Times Microwave Pratt & Whitney L3 Comm GE Aviation Systems LM ISS NG ES NG Advanced Technologies UTAS (HS) Essex LM MST Rockwell Collins Rockwell Collins VSI McCormick Selph LM Space Systems LM Aero-Palmdale GKN NGAS Marvin Moog Parker Aerospace NGIS ViaSat Honeywell Honeywell/Cat Alliance Ball LM Aero-Ft Worth Raytheon Systems Boeing Eaton BAE SanminaSCI LM Pinellas LMMST LM EIS Harris LM M&FC General Dynamics Marion Curtiss-Wright, Kidde Moog, LSI UTAS (Burnsville) Honeywell Goodrich Services A.W. Bell Denmark Rosebank Chemring Systematic Software Engineering Trelleborg Sealing Solutions GPV Terma United Kingdom Damco GE Aviation BAE SYSTEMS Corena Danish Aerotech Honeywell Goodrich Rolls Royce Selex GKN Italy Selex Comms S3 Log RDF Beaufort Martin Baker Alenia York Electtronica Aster Cobham Selex Galileo The Netherlands Aerea Piaggio Dutch Space PHM Consortium Moog - SBC Rotodyne Aeronamic Fokker - Elmo Oto Melara Logic Fokker (TU) DAP Kale Aero Selex SI Vitrociset TNO NLR Brookx Aselsan Segundo Mona Havelsan Turkey Dutch Aero Eurocast Axxiflex TAI ALP Aviation Thales Cryogenics Fokker - Aerostructures Vestel Thales Nederlands As of Feb 13 9

10 F-35 - >2100 Aircraft Coalition
United Kingdom United States Italy Netherlands Turkey Canada Australia Norway Denmark Japan Israel Korea Common Understanding in accordance with Production, Sustainment and Follow-on Development MOU

11 2014 Key Accomplishments Development / Test Production
Developmental Flight test Completed 1354 flights (~1286 planned) Completed 9477 test points (~9958 planned) Began Block 3 flight testing Completed Block 2 Air-to-Surface weapons testing Completed first F-35C ship trial aboard USS NIMITZ 33 flights / 124 catapult launches / 124 arrestments US Reprogramming Lab (USRL) delivered Mission Data File to flight test Production Completed Production Lot 4 aircraft deliveries Delivered last Air Force F-35A to Eglin AFB Completed LRIP 8 Negotiations Fielding / Sustainment Began F-35B modifications to support USMC IOC Activated F-35 squadron at Luke / delivered 1st a/c Completed first F-35A and F-35B modifications to address life-limiting parts F-35 Mx training facility update 422nd TES Squadron received SAPF Certification & Accreditation Fielding / Sustainment (cont.) ALIS SOU Kit delivered to 57th Wing Weapons Instructor Course aircraft Formed Reliability and Maintainability Program Assigned Regional Airframe and Engine Mx for Europe and Asia-Pacific Region Overcame engine failure mishap Ended year with a 65% Mission Capable Rate & 55% Aircraft Availability Rate Partners S. Korea signed Letter of Acceptance (40 F-35As) Dutch pilots trained to support OT at Edwards AFB Australia's 1st F-35A delivered to Luke AFB Israel purchasing additional 14 F-35s Designated Italian FACO Heavy Airframe Depot (Europe) Designate Turkey, Netherlands, Norway as Heavy Engine Depots (Europe) Designated Australia & Japan as Heavy Airframe Depots (Asia-Pacific) Designated Australia & Japan as Heavy Engine Depots (Asia-Pacific) Hill AFB

12 2015 Key Milestones Development / Test Production
F-35B Operational Test-1 (OT-1) aboard the USS WASP The first operational fleet weapons drop F-35C second shipboard trial (DT-2) aboard USS EISENHOWER Complete Block 3i Testing: MS capabilities, Gen III Helmet Begin/Continue Block 3F Testing FS Wpn Seps, Wpn Env, Ext store flight env MS capability development and verification Production Completing contract negotiations for production lots 9 (61 a/c) & 10 (98 a/c) Deliver 45 aircraft to field Fielding / Sustainment Block 2B software release for training Start AF and Partner pilot training at Luke AFB USMC IOC Deliver the first F-35A to Hill AFB to support the 34th FS First aircraft arrival to 422nd TES Squadron to support USAF Weapons School First two FMSs being installed in the F-35 SIM facility Mx training capability delivered; Electronic Media Lab (EML) & Outer Mold Line (OML) fully equipped Make DoD recommendation for OCONUS component repair Partners Italian Final Assembly and Check Out (FACO) facility’s 1st F-35A rollout Norwegian and Italian pilots integrated into the 62nd FS standup Certify Italian & Australian tankers Dutch jets delivered to Edwards for OT Hill AFB

13 F-35 Program Priorities Events Program Phases Programmatics Culture
USMC IOC (1 July 2015) USAF IOC (1 August 2016) Operational Test Partner/FMS Deliveries Program Phases Development Sustainment/Fielding Production Follow-on Development Programmatics Safety/Security Affordability "Normalization" of Program Global Fielding/Sustainment Culture Integrity Transparency Accountability Discipline

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16 Back Up Slides

17 Bottom Line F-35 Program baseline holding steady
Continued progress on all fronts Not the same program it was in the past

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