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SMAW Agriculture Science 1.

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1 SMAW Agriculture Science 1

2 SMAW Shielded Metal Arc Welding Stick welding Arc Welding
A welding process where similar materials are joined with a heating process caused by an electric arc.  In the most common use, this process includes the use of a filler metal.

3 Why arc weld? Who has arc welded before? Careers in Arc welding

4 Careers Inspector/Expeditor Rail Road-Bridge Crew, Welder
Welding Engineer Welder Weld Engineer Associate Steel Inspector Underwater Welding Sales Manager

5 Versatility Weld almost any metal Strength Cost effective
Durability of weld Most common type of welding Repair work Employment Ability to weld in difficult places

6 Safety Safety Glasses Welding Helmet Gauntlet style gloves
100% Cotton Clothes-LONG SLEEVES! No cuffs in pants or frays Leather Boots No Watches Flammable Liquids on Clothes


8 One glove missing Improper gloves Apron tied in front Wearing a watch Tie not tucked in No safety glasses Wearing a ring Pants are cuffed

9 Welding Terms Electrode Electrode Holder Ground Root Pass Filler Pass
Cover Pass Slag Spatter Undercutting Tack Arc Amperage Flux

10 Electrode Classification
E - Electrode 60 – Products minimum tensile strength: 60 = 60,000 psi 1 - Welding position: 1 = ALL, except vertical down 3 – Indicates coating type (RUTILE), welding current and polarity

11 Techniques Stringer (drag) (whip) Weave circles crescent zig zag
box weave stitch

12 Weld Bead A weld resulting from a pass Stringer Bead Weave Bead

13 Passes Weld Pass - A single progression of welding along a joint. The result of a pass is a weld bead or layer

14 Fill Pass Cover Pass Root Pass Hot Pass
Hot pass - one or two beads. But keep it open

15 Progression (vertical)
Up deeper penetration Higher deposit rate (lb/hr) Use near 90 degree travel angle or slightly up Down faster (point to point) less penetration for thin metal Use steep drag angle


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