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Trust Me, Im A Welder! CLF2301, CLF2303, CLF2349 And I did all the welding on this PowerPoint… Morgan Perry - AgEd 410, Spring 2013.

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1 Trust Me, Im A Welder! CLF2301, CLF2303, CLF2349 And I did all the welding on this PowerPoint… Morgan Perry - AgEd 410, Spring 2013

2 To The Teacher: This PowerPoint covers the basics in the Core Curriculum standards for CLF2301, CLF2303, CLF2349 Upon completion of this Welding Safety and Electrode Classification lesson, the student will be able to: (G-1) Pass a shop safety test (G-10) Demonstrate the proper use of arc welding equipment (G-3) Be familiar with the American Welding Society (AWS) classification for electrodes Evaluation of knowledge: A passing score on a safety test, unit exam or quiz by the instructor Correct identification of electrodes

3 Activities: Used to enhance and solidify the knowledge and skills learned during this lesson. Welding Safety Activities CLF2301, CLF2349: Practice changing lenses and head gear in arc welding helmets. Practice identifying and handling arc welding equipment, making sure that all safety procedures are followed and that suitable clothing is being worn. Welding Electrodes Activities CLF2303, CLF2349: Select six different arc electrodes and outline in writing each of their characteristics. Weld a bead with each of the six arc electrodes and describe in writing how each electrode reacts during the welding process. Weld various beads using DC straight, DC reverse, and AC type currents.

4 Todays Objectives: What is Arc Welding Five Types of Arc Welding Welding Equipment Personal Protective Equipment Eye and Face Protection Important Safety Rules How to Properly Classify Electrodes

5 Arc Welding Arc welding is when two metals are joined together through the use of an electric arc, or current, between a coated metal electrode and a base metal.

6 The Five Types of Arc Welding 1.SMAW-Shielded Metal Arc Welding 2.GTAW/TIG-Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3.GMAW-Gas Metal Arc Welding 4.FCAW-Flux Core Arc Welding 5.SAW-Submerged Arc Welding Click here if video does not work!

7 Welding Equipment Power Supply Ground Clamp Electrode Holder/ Stinger Slag Hammer Wire Brush Cables Electrode Tongs

8 The Well Dressed Welder Leather welding gloves Face and head protection Leather, cotton or wool clothes No pockets or cuffs Close-toed, rubber soled boots Long pants and sleeves Personal Protective Equipment

9 Eye and Face Protection Helmet-Shade 10 Cover/Safety glasses-ANSI Z87.1 compliant Face Shield

10 Safety Rules Secure work Avoid electrical shock Protect others Never weld in a damp area Never wear synthetic fiber clothing Protect welding cables

11 Safety Rules Wear gloves and eye and proper face protection Dispose of electrode stubs properly Prevent burns Do not let the electrode stick Use both hands Handle hot metal with pliers or tongs

12 Safety Rules Weld in a well-ventilated area Do not carry matches or lighters, and do not allow bystanders to smoke

13 Knowledge Check! What is the best material to use for protective clothing, footwear, and gloves? The darkest and most protective lens available for welding purposes is… Where is the best place to dispose of electrodes? Leather! Shade 14! In A Container!

14 Classification of Electrodes The American Welding Society (AWS) has developed the following electrode classification system: The E means that the electrode is used for electric arc welding The first two digits indicate the tensile strength The third digit tells you in what position the electrode can be used in The fourth digit indicates any special characteristics of the electrode

15 Electrode Selection Guide:

16 Choosing the Correct Electrode Electrode Diameter Joint Design Welding Position Type of Welding Current The electrode should produce a weld metal approximately the same metallurgical properties as the parent metal. Choose one that will provide good arc stability, fast deposition, maximum weld strength, minimum splatter, easy slag removal, and a smooth weld bead

17 E What does the E stand for? What do the next two numbers represent? What does the third digit mean? What does the fourth number tell you? E means that the electrode is for electric arc welding The tensile strength in thousands of psi Electrode position Electrodes special characteristics

18 FFA and SAE Welding Project Ideas: Work in a welding shop that specializes in agricultural welding Fabricate and weld a project for a fair Table or bench Forklift fork Art installation Create a poster explaining the difference between different welding electrodes Create a video demonstrating the importance of shop safety for your local Chapter to use

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