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Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association 10/04/06 Football Meeting.

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1 Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association 10/04/06 Football Meeting

2 Attendance

3 Announcements / Games Help needed this Saturday at 10 a.m. in Mishicot for one game (6 th grade). Need two guys. Varsity crew needed 10/24 – Two Rivers at Mishicot (they’ve added a game as allowed since they didn’t make the playoffs). This is the round one playoff night. Problems with visiting coaches at Chiefs games? Is action needed?

4 What We Have Is A Failure to Communicate

5 Discussion Mechanics to avoid that Do you flag each other for cussing?

6 When to Flag Profanity Volume: If the obscenity is shouted loudly enough for spectators or other non-participants to hear, flag it. You might not wish to convey you are so tolerant you will ignore obvious violations. Conversely, if the profanity is uttered so quietly you are the only one to hear it, a warning may be a sufficient reaction. Context: Sometimes it’s not what someone says, but how he or she says it. Obviously, you should penalize the player who swears as part of a personal verbal assault, e.g. “You are f------ brutal!” Some officials would let a comment such as, “I just think that’s a horses-- rule,” pass with only a suggestion the player use different language to convey his complaint. Likewise, an under-the-breath reaction to a misplay would be best ignored. Background: Keep in mind the phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Players from “rougher” areas should not be given carte blanche, but a little latitude is often called for in such situations. Level of play: The younger the player, the shorter the leash. Swearing is habitual. It is naïve to think a peewee league player who is penalized today won’t utter an onfield curse at the next level, but it sends a message that officials at all levels of play will have little tolerance for swearing. Teammate: It is not unheard of to penalize a player who dresses down a teammate, but those situations are better handled with a quiet word to the angry player. Something as simple as, “Remember, he’s on your side,” can work wonders. When it comes to a coach berating one of his players, Referee recommends leaving the situation in the hands of the coach’s superiors. If a coach repeatedly curses his players so loudly that parents and spectators can hear him, complaints will likely be directed to the athletic director, principal, superintendent or other school official. If you try to intervene, you’ll likely find yourself on the receiving end of the next barrage. Trash talk: Players whose comments are intended to ridicule or demean opponents must be penalized. It is crucial for officials to keep their eyes and ears open during dead-ball periods. Gestures. The meanings behind the upraised middle finger, choke sign and clutched crotch are universal and should result in a penalty.

7 Philosophy Discussion Runner goes around left end. He's nearing the goal line when he fumbles. The pylon is knocked over, but neither the Linesman, Referee or Back Judge knows whether the ball hit the pylon or if the player hit the pylon after he fumbled. The ball ends up out of bounds, but nobody is sure if it went out in the field of play or in the end zone. What’s your call and why?

8 Play

9 What is Legal Position On the Line of Scrimmage –(2-31-9) Facing opponent’s goal line with shoulders approximately parallel to the goal line. –Head or foot breaking plane through the waist of the snapper when the ball is snapped. In the Back Field –(2-31-3) Does not penetrate the plane through the waistline of his nearest teammate who is on the line. (except QB with hands between snappers legs, but he doesn’t have to receive the snap) In No-Man’s Land –(7-2-3) If not on the line and not in the backfield, it is an illegal formation at the snap. –So if player isn’t breaking plane through waist of the snapper – but is breaking the plane of the waist of nearest teammate on the line – it is illegal formation. Who Can Get a Handoff? –A back –Player who was on the end of the line at the snap and was not the snapper nor adjacent to the snapper. –Lineman who has clearly turned to face his own goal line (turned with both feet180 degrees) and is at least one yard behind the LOS.

10 Let’s See That Again

11 Another Play

12 What is Hurdling? (2-20) Hurdling is an attempt by a player to jump with one or both feet or knees foremost over an opponent who is contacting the ground with no part of his body except one or both feet –Foul (9-4-3d) No player shall hurdle an opponent. –Penalty (9-4-Penalty) Personal Foul – 15 yards What other personal fouls do not involve contact? –Kicking at and punching at –Throw a helmet to trip an opponent

13 Let’s See That Again

14 It Helps to See What a Foul Looks Like

15 Recruitment We need more good officials!!!!! –Recruit basketball and softball officials –How do we recruit players and past players –Family, neighbors, friends, enemies

16 Odd Plays / Questions

17 Next Meeting Next Season!!!!! Just a few weeks left – stay focused on your goal – like this guy

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