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6 Man Football Certification Kevin Willis D2 R Crew Chief.

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1 6 Man Football Certification Kevin Willis D2 R Crew Chief

2 Rules exceptions Field Dimensions - 80 yards X 40 yards -40 Yard Line is Midfield -Hash Marks are 40 feet from the sideline or 2 feet outside upright posts ( IF THERE ARE NO HASH MARKS, HASH MARK LINE BECOMES THE UPRIGHT POST used for spotting ball on kicks and ready for play) -The Numbers marks are 13 feet from sideline ( If no number marks use good judgment for inside the numbers prior to play) -If 11 man field used ensure proper line markings and at least 1 goal lined up for extra points

3 Rules Exceptions Scoring -Touchdowns 6 pts -Field goals 4 pts -Place or drop kick PAT 2 pts ( Ball is dead once determined good or no good on try) -Run or pass extra point 1 pt -45 pt rule -If one team is ahead by 45 or more pts at end of 1 st half game is over at halftime -if at any point during the 2 nd half one team goes ahead by 45 or more pts the game is ended immediately

4 Game Timing -Length of quarters is 10 minutes -Between quarters is 2 minutes -Halftime 15 minutes -Play clock is the same, 25 secs, usually controlled by Umpire/Back judge or “The Bumpire” (Usually no 25 sec clock) -Good mechanic for this is the raised hand at 10 seconds to alert the QB ( R make sure to talk about this in your pre-game) -Some fields have timer/clock operator on the sideline---ENSURE you and he have unobstructed eye contact and timer can see the entire field during the game---(i.e. Our Lady of the Hills) -If timer obstructed make sure you move to ensure sight lines

5 Kicking Game Kickoff -Unless relocated by penalty the Kicking team restraining line is the 30 yard line -Receiving team restraining line is 15 yards from that line (35) -Free Kick after a safety is still the 20 yard line -There is no requirement for set number of players on each side of the ball -The ball must travel 15 yards before the kicking team may attempt to recover an onside kick, unless the ball is first touched by the receiving team -Kick out of bounds—5 yards from previous spot re kick, receiving team may put ball in play 20 yards from kicking team restraining line, or receiving teams ball 5 yards from spot where ball went out of bounds

6 Advancing the ball Legal Exchange -Unless kicked or forward passed the ball may not be advanced unless you have a legal exchange between snap receiver and another player. -An EXCHANGE is completed when Possession is gained by the receiver of the snap given up voluntarily or involuntarily by the receiver of the snap and possession is regained by another team A player. -EXCEPTION-any player of team A may advance the ball after it has been touched by team B player.

7 Advancing the ball Legal advance -if the SNAP IS MUFFED and a team A player catches or recovers the ball beyond the neutral zone he may not advance the ball. -PEANLTY-Loss of down and 5 yards from previous spot for illegal procedure. -If the ball is recovered behind the neutral zone it may be advanced after a legal exchange -The ball may be handed in any direction to any player during a scrimmage down behind the neutral zone -A lineman may receive a forward handoff at any time and is not required to be 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage EXCEPTION-the ball may not be handed thru the snappers legs (5 yards loss of down)

8 Passing Game Legal pass -Any player on team A is eligible to receive a forward pass -If the snapper is the intended receiver the all must travel 1 yard in flight -The ball is dead if the passer catches his own forward pass untouched by team B, ball is ruled incomplete pass

9 Officials Mechanics 4 man crew -4 man mechanics with umpire moving more downfield into hybrid umpire back judge slot 15 yards then work further as needed dependent on game tempo and passing game -R stay 7-10 yards behind and offset to your QB’s arm side -Kickoffs—start out normal 4 man mechanic for kickoffs, as game progresses you may need to move into box formation with R in middle of field deep and 2 officials on team B restraining line for onside coverage. -Work with bean bag in hand to mark first touch spot

10 Officials Mechanics 4 man crew - Sideline control-fields and sidelines are small ensure spectators and extra personnel are off the field area -Ball boys-after PAT have your ball boy have another ball ready for kickoff at bottom of goal post to keep game progressing, many of the fields are near brushy areas and ball goes of into fields or pastures -Uniform-this is a Varsity level game uniform is full dress-knickers socks and all-R will wear white hat Signals -All referee signals are the same as NCAA/UIL signals -THERE IS NO SIGNAL GIVEN TO DENOTE LEGAL EXCHANGE


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