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Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association October 2014.

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1 Manitowoc County Sports Officials Association October 2014

2 Announcements / Games Any Announcements?

3 Situations Second and goal at B’s 14 yard line. A1 is roughed as he completes pass to A2. A2 fumbles at B’s 4 yard line. The ball rolls over the end line. What is the end result after enforcement? 9-4-4 First and goal for A @ B’s 7 yard line.

4 Situations Fourth and goal at B’s four yard line. A1 fumbles at B’s two yard line and the ball rolls into the end zone, where A2 recovers it while grounded. What is the end result? 7-4-2 Touchdown for A.

5 Situations First and 10 at A’s 10 yard line. B1 intercepts a forward pass at his own 32 yard line and runs to A’s 20 yard line. As B1 is tackled, A2 grabs and twists B1’s facemask, causing him to fumble. While the ball is loose, B3 clips A3 at A’s 25 yard line. A4 recovers the fumble while grounded at A’s 16 yard line. What is the end result of the play and penalties/enforcements (if any)? 10-2-2a The fouls offset, neither team has an option. The down is replayed from the previous spot.

6 Situations Third and 12 at team A’s 45 yard line. At the snap, A has 10 players on the field. Five on the line are numbered 50-79, number 80 is on the end of the line and there are 4 players in the backfield. A1 completes a forward pass to #80 who is tackled at B’s 40 yard line. Is there a penalty? If so, what? If there is a penalty, what is the enforcement? 7-2-5 A. Illegal Formation 5 yard penalty.

7 Situations A1’s punch at B2 misses. What do you do? Do we have anything 2-11, 9-4-1 A1 is penalized 15 yards and ejected.

8 Situations Team K punts from R’s 40 yard line. The kick is untouched beyond the neutral zone when K1 reaches across R’s goal line and bats the ball back into the field of play. R2 recovers at R’s 1 yard line and advances to R’s 3 yard line, where K3 tackles him grasping and twisting the facemask. What are R’s options? Ball is dead in NFHS when it breaks the plane of the goal line. R’s ball at the 20 yard line 1 st and 10. 4-2-2d1

9 Situations Fourth and 10 on K’s 20 yard line. K1’s punt is blocked. The ball rolls to K’s 30 yard line and is untouched until K2 downs it there. K is flagged for illegal formation. What is the ruling? R will likely decline penalty and take the ball at the spot of K2’s first touching. If accepted, the enforcement is from the previous spot and be 4 th and 15 from the 15 yard line. 6-2-5, 10-4-2b

10 Situations A is attempting a 2 pt. try. A is flagged for illegal motion. A3’s pass is intercepted by B4, who returns it across A’s goal line. During the play, B5 holds at B’s 25 yard line. What is the ruling? Ball is dead when B gains possession. B will decline the illegal motion penalty and the try is over. 4-2-1i, 7-2-7, 8-3-2b, 8-3-4

11 Situations A1 runs for a touchdown on the final timed down of the first half. During the touchdown run, B2 is flagged for a personal foul. What do you have? 8-2-2 A may have the penalty enforced on the 2 nd half kickoff or on the following try.

12 Situations When the ball is snapped, A’s line has 5 players numbered 50-79 and split end on one side of the line and a tight end on the other side covered by a split end. The split ends and tight end are wearing eligible numbers. Can the tight end catch a pass behind the line? Yes. Tight end can catch legally backward pass, but not a forward pass either behind the line or beyond the line. 7-2-5a, 7-4-2, 7-5-6

13 Situations 4 th and 10 on K’s 30 yard line. K1’s punt is short and high. R2 attempts to catch it at K’s 40 yard line, but muffs it. The loose ball is recovered by K3 at K’s a) 35 yard line, or b) 28 yard line. What is the ruling in both situations? Ball is dead when K gains possession. 1 st and 10 at the 35 for K. K may advance ball. 4-2-2f, 6-2-3, 6-2-4

14 Situations Team K’s ball, fourth and two at its own 20 yard line. K1’s punt hits the ground at team K’s 30 yard line, where it is muffed by R2. The ball rolls to team K’s 18 yard line, where K3 recovers and then throws a forward pass to eligible K4. The pass is incomplete. How is the play handled? 1st and 10 for K at the 20 yard line. See 5-1-3f. The team in possession of the ball at the end of a down where a scrimmage kick has crossed the neutral zone and been first touched by R entitles that team in possession to a new series of downs. Furthermore, 6-2-3 says any K player may catch or recover a scrimmage kick behind the neutral zone and advance it. How they try to advance it is irrelevant but 5-1- 3f still applies. Don't guess....READ THE BOOK

15 Blocking What are the most vocal things you hear during a game? “That’s Holding” “You missed the block in the back” “He is undressing him!” Biggest changes in recent years deals with Chop blocking. Blocking has cleaned up Not an issue with Chop blocking (One high, One low) What are your biggest issue with blocking? Are there any? Do you feel comfortable with all blocks or do some make you think you missed a call? Here is some great film review and education Video

16 Season Evaluation How did your season go to this point? The Good? The Bad? What would you like to work on the rest of the season? What are your goals for next season?

17 Good Luck in the Playoffs!

18 Next Meeting 2015 Season! 7pm Jackson Elementary School

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