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Confined Space SKA-Pak Plus Mobile Air Cart Con-Space Link.

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1 Confined Space SKA-Pak Plus Mobile Air Cart Con-Space Link

2 Confined Space Systems All airline components are compatible with current SCBAs Hansen quick connect on all units Regulator and Facepiece same as SCBAs 10-15 minute escape cylinders Enhanced Communications

3 Ska Pak Plus NIOSH approved Pressure demand respirator Escape only SCBA

4 Cylinder and Valve Hose from reducer to regulator Airline Connection Shoulder Strap Pressure Reducer Regulator Purge Waist Belt

5 Operational Inspection Visual Inspection of harness assembly and facepiece (damage, debris, missing parts) Visual Inspection of cylinder (dents, gouges, thermal damage, hydrostatic test) Ensure cylinder valve is fully closed and full Vent any trapped air with purge valve and close Don Facepiece and check seal Open cylinder (no air should flow at this time) Inhale to start air flow (no air should flow when inhalation ceases) Depress the air saver switch and doff the facepiece

6 Operational Inspection With the cylinder valve open and the air save switch depressed, seal the open end of the fitting on the airline connection with your thumb. If air pressure builds up, DO NOT USE. Send the unit in for maintenance.

7 Facepiece AV 2000 AV 3000 Use your own facepiece

8 Donning Position the ska pak with the air cylinder next to the left foot Grasp with right hand and pass the shoulder strap over the left shoulder and head. Draw waist belt, buckle and tighten Adjust shoulder strap Connect air supply hose to the airline connection Don facepiece Check seal Mount regulator

9 Mobile Air Cart Uses 60 minute cylinders Can supply up to 4 rescuers

10 Alarm Respirator outlets Tool supply Cylinder and supply lines Pressure Regulator Inlet Pressure Outlet Pressure

11 Mobile Air Cart Operation Inspect cylinders Install full cylinders Close bleed valves Set pressure regulator to the full counterclockwise position

12 Mobile Air Cart Operation Open 1 cylinder valve Ensure alarm activates and deactivated (500-1000psi) Turn regulator clockwise until the gauge reads between 60-115 psi Connect airline hose and respirator Open 2 nd cylinder when 1 st activated the low air alarm Close and replace 1 st cylinder

13 Termination of use Verify users are out of the hazard area Vent and disconnect hoses. Fully close cylinders Vent lines with valves Vent air in unit (all gauges should read zero) Remove to a safe area to clean and conduct and operational inspection. Refer to SCBA maintenance if damage is noted.

14 Airline Hose 100 sections Hansen quick connect Compatible with all LAFD SCBAs

15 Con Space Link System Hardwired system Intrinsically safe Clear communications Attached to AV 2000 and AV 3000 communications adapter Requires an attendant to communicate with rescuers Use your own mask

16 Con Space Throat Microphone Can be used in The Con Space Throat Microphone can also be used in Place of the Con Space Link

17 Rescue Kit 5 Components

18 Con Space Link Control Module Hardline connections Volume controls

19 Communications Cable 100 ft sections (like airline hose) Align orange markers Turn slightly clockwise Dont force

20 Umbilical cover Will encase airline hose and communications cable Provides protection Less Spaghetti

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