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Final Stotesbury Cup Regatta Orientation 9 May 2012 1.

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1 Final Stotesbury Cup Regatta Orientation 9 May 2012 1

2 Away Regatta Planning Events 2 May (Wed): First Away Regatta Orientation Meeting –7:30 pm, Woodbridge Sr High School (WSHS) Lower Cafeteria 9 May (Wed): Stotesbury Away Regatta Meeting –7:30 pm, WSHS Lower Cafeteria 14 May (Mon): Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) Nationals Away Regatta Meeting #1 –7:30 pm, WSHS Lower Cafeteria 18-19 May: Stotesbury Regatta, Philadelphia, PA 21 May (Mon): Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) Nationals Away Regatta Meeting #2 –7:30 pm, WSHS Lower Cafeteria 25-26 May: SRAA National Regatta, Cooper River, NJ 2

3 86 th Annual Stotesbury Cup Regatta (18-19 May 12) Oldest and Largest High School Regatta in US One of the most memorable events of the rowers high school years – by parents and rowers Expect most Woodbridge HS rowers to compete Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, PA 3 Highlights 17 May: Bus athletes to regatta site Wyndham Hotel, Mt Laurel NJ WSHS Regatta Site Food, rest, observe 18 May: Time Trials / Pasta Dinner 19 May: Head-to-head races Depart after regatta 20 May: Recovery Operations

4 Who is going? Boats: –Girls: Freshman 8, Jr 4, Lt Wt Double, Jr 8, Lt Wt 4, Sr Quad –Boys: Freshman 8, Jr 4, Lt Wt Double, Jr 8, Sr Quad Athletes: 40 girls + 27 boys = 67 Coaches: 9 4

5 GPS Address: 1 Boathouse Row, Philadelphia 19130 5 Stotesbury Cup Woodbridge Regatta Site Woodbridge Boat Trailer

6 Stotesbury Cup Logistics Lodging: Wyndham Hotel, Mt. Laurel, NJ –30 rooms reserved for Rowers & Coaches –Limited number of rooms reserved for parents 856-234-7000 Woodbridge Crew Group Room rate $103.00 per night (includes tax) Check-in: Thursday, 17 May Check-out: Saturday, 19 May before going to regatta site Seats on buses available to parents for $100 per seat 6

7 Stotesbury Cup Logistics Parents signed up to go on the buses: 7 Julie Hyzy (return only) Michelle Meek Ed Scully Karen Scully Seats still available Cost = $100 / seat

8 Cost per rower: $290.00 Checks or Credit Cards Accepted Charge includes: –Transportation (2 x 56-passenger buses) –Breakfasts and lunches during regatta –Sandwich dinner (Thursday)  Thanks Bonnie Gomez –Pasta dinner (Friday) –Hotel accommodation (two nights) –Regatta registration fees –Trailer transportation costs –Tent rental Stotesbury Costs 8

9 Away Regattas What to Pack? Previous Stotesbury regattas… –Friday: 80 degrees and sunny –Saturday: 45 degrees with a cold, driving rain We are outside for 10-12 hours per day Pack for both extremes Bring extra socks/sun screen/rain gear Put athlete’s name on everything they bring Difficult to leave and return by car 9

10 What does everyone need to do? Keep eye on weather; pack accordingly, use sun screen, stay hydrated (athletes & parents) Watch bus, trailer and car traffic on Kelly Drive (very busy and congested) Be careful during set-up/tear-down, and moving on/off buses & vehicles (avoid injury) If you feel ill or get injured (athletes or parent), tell someone immediately 10 Be Safe

11 Standards of Behavior for Away Regattas Be courteous, no drugs/alcohol, no cursing, good manners Respect adult chaperones (comply with directions, promptly / courteously) Travel in groups when away from Woodbridge’s regatta site Need escort outside area between the boat trailer & regatta site No "staking out" floor space in tent area. When you leave, gather up personal items and set them to the side of the tent area At the hotel, be respectful of other hotel guests. Control volume of conversations in common areas, elevators, hallways Wear appropriate clothing at all times No switching rooms No one needs to go into the stairwells at the hotel No “Purple” (ask your coach to explain) 11 More in “Away Regatta Rules”

12 Can only be accomplished with everyone’s help Volunteers needed for… Non-Travelers Traveler –Shoppers - Kitchen Operations/Cooks –Trailer Loaders - Advance Party –Bag Checkers - Chaperones (bus & hotel) –Propane tanks –Recovery Ops (Sun) Volunteers are Essential 12 Benefits to parents to join us in Philadelphia - Watch all the races with the team under tentage - On site breakfasts & lunches - Great camaraderie

13 Volunteers Still Needed! Good to go: –Sandwich purchase –Shoppers –Bus chaperones –Bag Checkers –Advance Party Additional volunteers needed for: –Propane Tanks (6 of 10) –Room Chaperones (boys, 2 of 5; girls 5 of 5) –Recovery Operations (4 of 10) –Kitchen operations – okay, but the more the merrier –Truck Upload (3 of 6)

14 Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers Shoppers –Who: Three (3) Volunteers needed –What: Purchase food & supplies –Where / When: See Cindy Thomas 14 Thomas, Cindy Pohlmeier, Nancy Anne Ehlers Kim Hicks

15 Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers Loaders –Who: Four (4) Volunteers needed –What: Fill coolers with ice at school then load trailer with tents, food, water and supplies –Where: WSHS Loading Dock, then to 3232 Manitoba Drive (the Thomas’ house) –When: 16 May, Wednesday, 2:00 – 5:30 PM –POC: Gary Tallman 15 Gary Tallman Mark Pohlmeier Cindy Thomas

16 Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers Bag Checkers –Who: Six (6) Volunteers Needed –What: Check rower bags for medications, glass bottles, dangerous items, etc. –Where: Woodbridge High School –When: 17 May (Thur), 7:30 – 9:30 AM –POC: Amy Wassenberg 16 Amy Wassenberg Dani Radoye Tricia Hathaway Anne Ehlers Don Squyres Jo Flood

17 Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers Bus Chaperones –Who: Two Volunteers –What: Ride with rowers to/from events, answer questions, help kids as needed –POC: Julie Hyzy 17 Paula Pena Pol Trinity Hanson

18 Room Chaperones –Who: Ten (10) Volunteers 5 Male & 5 Female –What / Where: Issue/collect keys, patrol corridors, head counts, help rowers as needed Inspect rooms –When: Thursday 7:00 – 10:00 PM Friday 8:00 – 10:00 PM –POC: Julie Hyzy Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers 18 Dave Kemp Dave Balote (Fri) Hyzy, Julie Lisa LaChance Melodie Feathers Paula Pena Trinity Hanson

19 Advance Party –Who: Four (4) Volunteers –What: Set up at Regatta Site Thur - Unload trailer and set up Regatta Site Fri & Sat 5:30 AM - Set up Kitchen Ops –When: Depart Woodbridge at 5:00 AM, 17 May (Thur) to secure a good Regatta Site –POC: Gary Tallman Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers 19 Gary Tallman Mark Pohlmeier Greg Wassenberg Doug Radoye Andreas Kestermann* * Hauling Trailer

20 Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers Kitchen Operations –Who: 6-8 Volunteers / Shift –What: Food preparation Servers – buffet line Dish washers/”KP” team Site clean-up –When: 18-19 May 5:30 AM to 2:00 PM each day –POC: Gary Tallman 20 Gary Tallman Mark Pohlmeier Nancy Pohlmeier Steve Hylander Kim Hylander Pam Belote Kathy Wilks Paul Hund Stephanie Hund Dora Morrisey Ric Thomas Cindy Thomas

21 Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers Propane Tanks –Who: 10 Volunteers –What: Drop them off full to the Thomas’ house: 3232 Manitoba Drive We will return them empty Put your name on them –When: Before 2:00 PM, 16 May –POC: Gary Tallman 21 Gary Tallman Jeff Resko Rob Conrad Dave Belote Paul Hund Mark Pohlmeier Adriano Passos Woodbridge Crew #1 Woodbridge Crew #2

22 Stotesbury Away Regattas Volunteers Recovery Operations –Who: 8-10+ Volunteers –What: Unload and Reconstitute equipment –When: Sunday, 20 May; Time: 10:00 AM –POC: Mark Pohlmeier 22 Mark Pohlmeier Dani Radoye Doug Radoye Don Squyres

23 What do Parents need to do? Pay Regatta Fee: $290 / athlete Parents sign up for the bus for $100 / seat Fill out Permission slips and rules statement Volunteer! Ensure athletes are prepared (pack appropriately, extra money, medications, sun screen, etc) Carpooling? 23

24 Away Regatta Logistics Contact Information 24 WhoWhatPhoneE-mail Mark PohlmeierCoordinator703-730-2514 210-319-8652(c) Cindy ThomasShopper / Gary TallmanLoader / Advanced Party / Kitchen Ops 703-794-9502 703-819-5783(c) Amy WassenbergBag Julie HyzyLead Chaperone (Bus & Hotel) Mark PohlmeierRecovery

25 SRAA Nationals (25-26 May 12) 78 th Annual Scholastic Rowing Association of America (SRAA) National Regatta Cooper River, Camden NJ –Stay at the same hotel as Stotesbury Expect ~12-40 WSHS rowers to compete 14 May – First planning meeting 21 May – Final planning meeting 25

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