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New York! Start Spreading the News!.  October 17 th - Departure – 6:05 AM, American Airlines 1100  Kids need to be at the airport at 4:30 AM (I know.

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1 New York! Start Spreading the News!

2  October 17 th - Departure – 6:05 AM, American Airlines 1100  Kids need to be at the airport at 4:30 AM (I know you all love me).  We will arrive into NYC @ 10:25 AM Flight to NYC

3  For the Departing & Returning Flights, please make sure you are wearing BNHS Debate gear & jeans.  If you get knocked out of the tourney, you may wear BNHS Debate gear & jeans.  When touring around NYC, you are free to wear what you want as long as it meets NISD Dress Codes.  Weather will be unpredictable. Last year there was a blizzard a week after the tournament which had 75 degree weather. What to Wear

4  We will be taking two shuttles from LaGuardia to Yonkers.  Shuttle company is called Carmel Shuttle Service  This expense will be completely taken care of by the Debate Team.  Our pick up from LaGuardia is at 11:00 AM on Oct 17 th  Our pick up from the hotel on Oct 21 st is at 2:30 PM. Arriving in NYC

5  I will be doing my best to navigate.  Will need each of you to take a few kids, maybe like this:  Clark – Stevie & Johnny  Gackenbach – Gacky & Copo  Moore – James & Christian  Constant head counts  Cell phone numbers:  Simpson – (817) 205-9311  Susan Moore – (817) 239-6426  Jennifer Gackenbach – (817) 312-4269  Terri Clark – (301) 751-5094  PLUG THESE NUMBERS IN NOW Chaperones

6  Hampton Inn & Suites – Yonkers NY –  160 Corporate Drive, Yonkers, NY 10701  (914) 377-1144  Hotel Rooms:  Room #1 – Simpson  Room #2 – Moore & Clark  Room #3 – Gackenbach, Gackenbach, Pool  Room #4 – Clark, Conrad, James, and Giuffrida Hotel Information

7  At night, all rooms will be taped by Moore.  In the morning, Simpson will remove tape and do all wake up calls.  First Shift Hallway Monitor – Terri Clark 9:00 PM-2:00 AM  Second Shift Hallway Monitor – Jennifer Gackenbach 2:00 AM- 7:00 AM Hotel Monitors

8  Going to be tricky  Still working out logistics from getting from Yonkers to Manhattan  Train looks to cost $15 each way  Cabs are also expensive.  Each student will receive $25 for public transportation, so your student will need more money to cover extra travel costs. Public Transportation

9  Food is extremely expensive in Manhattan, please be prepared for this.  Your student will receive $100/each for food, plus free breakfast at our hotel.  At some point, we will do a nice sit down restaurant, so make sure you kids have $30 to cover this.  Food at the tournament shouldn’t be too expensive – they are getting food trucks to come and sell food. Food Expenses

10  American Airlines charges $25/bag.  Don’t forget to have this money available when we depart and when we return. Baggage Expense

11  We should arrive at our hotel around 12:00 PM  Hotel Rooms will not be ready, we will drop bags and go.  Make sure to have:  Comfortable shoes – TONS of walking in NYC  Your charger for your cell phone  Light jacket (will get cold on the boat out to the Statue of Liberty) Thursday

12  Go directly to the Statue of Liberty Ferry  However, if the Government shutdown is still happening, this could be impacted.  Then go to Ground Zero  Then go to Rockefeller Center and the Top of the Rock.  Have dinner in Times Square  Questions:  Broadway?  NBC Studio Tours? Thursday Activities

13  Bronx Science Bus will come to our hotel on all three days to pick us up.  On Friday, we will have 2 practice rounds in the morning before we go.  Saturday & Sunday will be VERY early.  Terri & Jennifer, if you want to come with us, you are more than welcome. However, if you would prefer to sleep in and then go site seeing, that is totally fine too.  Moore & Simpson will travel with the team to and from the tourney.  Simpson is judging, so make sure you have Moore’s number if you need anything during the rounds. Friday-Sunday Bronx Science Tourney

14  Remember, we are going to NYC in order to compete, not for a vacation.  We want to do well here so the District will see value in us going to out of state trips and continue to let us go in the future.  If we get eliminated, I am still obligated to judge one round after our last team gets knocked out.  If I am at Bronx Science, then all of the students and Mrs. Moore will be there too.  This means that no matter how you do on Friday/Saturday, we will be going to Bronx HS on Sunday.  At no point will we allow the group to be broken up. We will all remain together for all events. Not a Vacation

15  On Monday  Get up extremely early and go on the Today Show at Rockefeller Center.  Also, go for the UN Tour after the Today Show. Other Activities

16  October 21 st - Return – American Airlines 1185, leaves at 5:55 pm, arrives in DFW @ 8:55 PM  Please make sure that you park and come into baggage claim to pick up. Will be chaotic and will need to see the parent before I release them. Returning from NYC

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