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Sophomore Trip to Washington, D.C.. Welcome Introductions Faculty and Staff Attending Documents –Itinerary –Packing List –Room Option.

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1 Sophomore Trip to Washington, D.C.

2 Welcome Introductions Faculty and Staff Attending Documents –Itinerary –Packing List –Room Option

3 Student Expectations Appropriate behavior should be used while inside buildings and during tours. Gum, candy and food are not allowed in museums. We will proceed through security checks at every museum. Pay attention to directions and don’t congregate in security areas once you pass through. Cellphones-should not be visible during activities and museum visits (Still an instructional day)  will be confiscated Do not talk while chaperones or tour guides are speaking.

4 Student Expectations Please pick up after yourself. Throw away trash on the bus. Keep your rooms clean. Be respectful of roommates, hotel staff, and other customers of the hotel. “Please” and “Thank you” go a long way. Lights should be out and rooms should be silent by 11:00 P.M. on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Do not leave your room. If you need something, contact an adult using the room phone. Get up the first time you are asked. We have a schedule to follow. Breakfast will be served by the hotel. ALWAYS HAVE A PARTNER AND STAY WITH YOUR GROUP.

5 Student Expectations Educational Assignments –Captain’s Log –Bring writing utensils. –Captain’s Log will be completed for a project grade.

6 Logistics Wednesday, March 7 Arrive at CEC no later than 3:30 AM Departing CEC’s campus by 3:45 AM Bring breakfast and lunch Any items you need for Wednesday

7 Logistics Friday, March 9 Tentative return to CEC is 10:00 PM Students will call when we depart D.C. and pass through Kinston

8 Meals Wednesday- Bring breakfast and lunch Dinner is included Wednesday and Thursday Breakfast is included Thursday and Friday Snacks provided Thursday and Friday

9 Where we’re going… National Museum of Natural History Newseum National Monuments and Memorials U.S. Capitol Library of Congress National Archives US Holocaust Memorial Museum Smithsonian Museums

10 What we’re doing… Forensic Anthropology Lab Media Ethics Course Night Tour of D.C. Tour the Capitol View the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution Attend the Capitals hockey game

11 Preparing for the Trip Money –Gift shops –snacks Medications –Placed in a Ziploc bag –Labeled –Handed to Ms. Miller/Ms. Wiltshire

12 Packing for the Trip Clothing for 2 days Modest pajamas (Must be appropriate) Sneakers or comfortable shoes (We will be doing a lot of walking) Light/Rain jacket and/or an Umbrella Sunglasses Glasses or extra contact lenses Watch or another item to keep track of time Small purses and/or small drawstring bags (Avoid large handbags and backpacks for the sake of security checks) Toiletries Camera Snacks Items to keep you occupied (For the bus ride and/or down time) Small blanket or pillow (For the bus ride)

13 Items to Leave at Home School laptop Expensive electronics *If you decide to bring cameras, iPods, headphones, or etc., the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

14 Before You Leave… Complete the Room Option Slip Drop them in the baskets Sign up for a museum

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