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By Mariam Al kuwari Guidance for pregnant women.

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2 By Mariam Al kuwari

3 Guidance for pregnant women

4 Embryo As we know the pregnant women need a lot of attention in months of pregnancy. Also the Fetus needs a lot of attention.

5 Fetal growth stages …



8 How to organize her life during pregnancy?

9 1-Rest:- It is necessary to understand that pregnant women need eight hours of continuous sleep. Also do not forget to sleep and relaxation and rest in the afternoon is the same importance sleep at night. All pregnant women should avoid pressure on the abdomen because it leads to pain in the back.

10 2-Sports:- The pregnant woman should make walking exercise and do not mind doing the housework while avoiding push heavy objects.

11 3-Food: A pregnant woman should eat balanced meals each meal containing to all necessary food elements like Egg-cheese-meat-bird-fish-and vegetables and fresh fruit.

12 4- Skin care:- Pregnant women must maintain the health of skin by taking vitamins and use some spicily kind of cream.

13 5- Dental care:- The pregnant woman should clean her teeth by using brushes and putty after every meal or in the morning and before sleep at least and she should ask the dentist if she has any problem.

14 تحريك الرأس ناحية الوجنة التي يتم لمسها Finally:- we should safe the pregnant woman because the safety of the mother of the safety of the fetus..

15 Now we wait a new baby..

16 By Bashair

17  Definition of Teenage :  The characteristic of Teenager:  The physical changes on Teenage:  The effects of Teenager on the surrounded people:  The effect of The world on Teenager :

18 Teenagers starts their ages between 11 _17 years



21  Teenager on the surrounded people:  The world on Teenager :

22 By Bashair Shaman

23  Definition of Adult:  Properties of Adult:  The differences between Adult and Teenage (Exception):  The things that Adult do their freetime:  Conclusion: Outline

24 The youth age begins at 20 until 30. This age is the perfect time for marriage.

25 IIndependent environment SSpecial life SSpecial personality

26 The different between them :  in behavior..  Exception..

27 Joining clubs.. Complete their studying.. Having jobs...

28 My opinion My advice

29 By Aldaya Al Rashdi

30 § The definition of being old § What is special of being old § The physical properties of old people § How are old people effect by other people and their effect on the surrounded people § Special ways to overcome being old




34 By other people: On the surrounded people



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