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F OUR M ONTHS T O T HE F INISH L INE How to Make It a Strong & Early Finish Marg Faryna, DTM ALC March 8, 2015.

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1 F OUR M ONTHS T O T HE F INISH L INE How to Make It a Strong & Early Finish Marg Faryna, DTM ALC March 8, 2015

2 Club Officer Training – 2 nd Round  Carefully, check the data for errors  Report to Ken Tanner

3 GOAL – all Clubs Distinguished  20+ members in every club  Help the club plan to succeed  Be ready to provide guidance  Be ready to provide assistance

4 Review Your Area Reports  spx?id=42 spx?id=42  Bookmark the page – visit frequently  Track Membership payments received  Contact clubs directly  Encourage dues paid by April 1  Contestants ineligible if their dues not paid

5 Review Your Area Reports

6 Membership Payments  Alert clubs  Track  Follow up – If your club contact does not engage, phone someone else. Quite often the contact does not understand “how” or “why” regarding dues payments  You are responsible – do what you need to do – for the benefit of the club

7 Dashboard Daily reports April Dues Renewal Status April Membership Dues

8 April Membership Dues  Qualifies for DCP if submitted prior to April 10  Qualifies for draw for Lethbridge Convention registration  Watch clubs that  Were late in October  Did not train club officers 2 nd round

9 Helping Weak Clubs  Identify the weak clubs  Immediate need for action  Meet with the executive  Determine the problems/obstacles  Report to Division Governor, LGM & LGET & DG  Ask a strong club to work with a low membership club  Promote the speaking opportunities  Contact former members, invite them to help  Request a club coach  One enthusiastic person can bring in many members

10 Schedule & Promote Judges Travelling trophies? Contest certificates Paperwork Areas send results & forms to Div Governor Divisions send results & forms to Shannon Vinter, District Contest Chair Speech & Evaluation Contests

11  Club: Last Day – March 14, 2015  Area: Last Day – March 28, 2015  Division: Last Day – April 11, 2015 Contests must be held by:

12 Similarities or differences from 1 st visit Unresolved issues Which suggestions have been implemented DCP Progress Acknowledge accomplishments Second Official Club Visit

13 Club Visit Scenarios  1. Low Attendance  2. Neglected Guests

14 Submit AG Club Visit Report Review Report – Discuss with the Division Governor Contact club President to: Share Observations Congratulate club on their success Identify how the District can support the club After the Second Visit

15 Every D42 Toastmasters club that successfully completes one of the following goals will have their club name entered into a draw for one (1) complimentary registration ticket to the D42 Spring Convention, “Top Gavel”, Lethbridge, AB, April 24 to 26, 2015. “Win a Ticket” to Top Gavel

16 CLUB CONTESTS  Club Buddy Program  Membership Building Contest (add 4 members in 2 months - February & March)  April Dues Renewal (“verified complete” by April 10)  Distinguished by April 10 (minimum 5 DCP goals & membership qualified) “Win a Ticket” to Top Gavel

17 “Top Notch” Area Governors Each area visit report submitted on-line prior to April 1 will earn one chance in the draw for a complimentary registration for the area governor. Submit all your reports prior to April 1 for multiple chances in the draw. Win a Ticket” to Top Gavel

18 Register yourself – book a room Promote to your clubs Club must be represented at the Council meeting to be eligible for President of the Year “Top Gavel” in Lethbridge

19 Club Officer Elections Club Officer Training  Prepare to start training June 1  Secure location and set date  Promote to clubs  Hold elections in May  Update on-line thru Club Central (counts toward ½ DCP point)

20 O-T-Y Awards (Of-the-Year)  Ensure clubs are aware of the various awards  Coach on how to submit, testimonials  D42 website, Room 301A – forms, descriptions  Deadline dates extended  Clubs submit by June 30 (to Area Gov)  Areas submit by July 7 (to Div Gov)  Divisions submit by July 14 (for District Gov)  Plan to attend Fall Area/Division contests to present the OTY Awards

21  Start now to compile a list of discussion items for transition  Winners of contests  Location of traveling trophies  Specifics about clubs  Introduce new Area Governor to clubs  Club officer installation Transition Planning

22 Nominations for Area Governor Need the names prior to May Send names to Carol Blair and/or enter in your area report Successors

23 * Plan to celebrate in June * Transition to new executive in June * Train new executive in June Aim to Finish by May 31

24 8:00 PM in all of District 42  April 12  May 10  June 14 Upcoming All-Leader Calls

25 Questions?

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