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Video. Publically traded on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange, conforming to the highest and most strict regulations in the market. (LN:STAR).

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2 Publically traded on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange, conforming to the highest and most strict regulations in the market. (LN:STAR). Stable and reliable company, with more than 15 years of experience and expertise. Global spread-out of more than 110 distributors in 53 countries. Five existing products: I.The Helios – For vehicle tracking and management. II. The Watchlock – High security padlock utilizing Starcom’s monitoring technology with built in GPS. JV with Assa Abloy III.The Kylos - For tracking of merchandise and personal goods IV.The Triton – For freight container monitoring V.The Rainbow – Personal monitoring/communication device particularly for the elderly or young 2 Starcom Introduction

3 3 Starcom Current Business Starcom designs and develops tracking and security products monitored across Starcom’s proprietary web application Starcom Online Our core investment is in R&D, always keeping in the technological forefront Starcom Systems' products include certifications from all the leading standards in the world, including E 24 certification, Safety certification, EMC test certification, TUV certification and more. Our aim is to create solutions that will achieve the perfect balance between quality, cost- effectiveness and maximum performance. ‘Open’ system which can be integrated with other vehicle solutions Technology uses GPS, GSM or CDMA, GPRS and comparable technologies All the products are ISO-9002 certified and meet the most demanding standards of the industry.

4 Car Locator Assets Protection & Management Container Locator Personal Tracker HELIOS WATCHLOCK Be the first to know TRITONRAINBOW 4 KYLOS The Wireless Tracking Device

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6 TT – Track & Trace AVL. (Automatic Vehicle Location) The most cost-effective unit for Vehicles and Motorbikes includes: Real-Time Theft and Accident alert with basic Fleet Management functions, Tow Detection (using cellular antennas) and extremely low power consumption. Waterproof (IP67) with a silicon case available (Optional). 6 Helios Family For fleet management and vehicles monitoring. A real-time vehicle tracking system for fleet management and security applications. The Helios system enables the definition of a wide variety of events that the fleet manager is interested in receiving and also the manner of communication the alerts are transmitted and to where. The Helios system enables the user to reduce the monthly costs by 15% and increase operational efficiency by 30%. The system protects the vehicle from theft, and protects the driver and passengers by alerting in case of an accident. Customizable system to respond to specific events and triggers using the Company’s web application, Starcom Online

7 Advanced - AVL and Fleet Management. Benefits: Advanced unit supporting fleets with real time track and trace and complete fleet management telematics. Hybrid: A vehicle location unit with full fleet management, combines Cellular connectivity and Satellite modem (Iridium module where connection may be used when out of cellular coverage) and allows constant communication around the globe. Option to set the type of events for immediate transmission and/or to log data until cellular coverage is accessible. (Allows for communication cost reduction). 7 Helios Family

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9 9 Designed for the tracking and monitoring of freight containers Enables the monitoring of location, untoward impact, container tampering, lighting, temperature and other events Tailored email or text message alerts based on events using Starcom Online The Triton optimizes the distribution of the containers, protects the container and merchandise, and prevents distribution of damaged merchandise. The Triton is equipped with cellular engine, GPS, accelerometer, strong processor, light detector's Installed easily on the container's door hinge. Detects and alerts large number of events, such as door opening, breaking in through the side wall bypassing the door, blow or damage to the container, etc. Easy installation Triton Family

10 10 Triton for Reefer Containers: Detects in Real-Time a deviation from temperature range and a predefined route, damage from an accident, an attempt to break-in and an unauthorized container door opening. Additionally: Built-in temperature and humidity sensors (Accuracy: ±0.2°c ) Connection via RF to external temperature and humidity sensors Built-in Light sensor: 120 degrees USB connector: For initial setup and to collect data which have been logged Long battery life: Over 3 months! Easy installation and activation Triton Family

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12 12 Watchlock High security padlock integrating Starcom’ monitoring system with built in GPS locating and GSM-based communication technologies. The Watchlock is ideal for both mobile, static applications and assets such as warehouses, pipelines, perimeter fences and shop fronts where you would want an alert or to log when they had been entered/secured and mobile assets such as trailers, vending machines or caravans. Winner of Physical Security Innovation Product of the Year at the IFSEC Security Industry Awards in Birmingham in May 2012 Real time control WatchLock combines High Security padlock and an electronic alarm system from Starcom Systems. This is an intelligent integration of security with real-time alert and tracking from anywhere to anywhere.IFSEC Security WatchLock provides you with a unique combination of advantages Security – A high quality high security mechanical lock from Mul-T-Lock® – Reliable, robust, and featuring advanced key duplication control. Personal Control – Reports about the lock exiting a predefined area are received at the predefined intervals. Knowledge = Control. Quick response – You can react immediately upon receiving an alert of any deviation from the routine. Monitoring – Consistent reports transmitted by WatchLock provide you with complete information about opening and closing hours, enabling you to verify employees and vendor reports.

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14 Personal tracker aimed at the elderly, children and population at high risk. A Automatic operation No intervention by the user. Allows the long distance supervision of an individual to automatically generate predefined alerts not requiring his / her intervention. Alerts may be generated for predefined events such as: Not carrying the device, leaving a certain zone (geo-fence), Individual fall etc’. Incorporates advanced GPS / GPRS technology along with advanced and high quality voice / listen supporting mobile phone capabilities. Communication line can open automatically in case of emergency or predefined event. Easy to use, predefined minimal buttons, easy to read LCD for maximum ambient clarity. Dedicated S/W application. 14 Rainbow Personel Tracking

15 15 KYLOS Assets Management BrochureBrochure SiteSite

16 The most sophisticated unit for tracking merchandise, people and pets in real time for management and protection Examples of Kylos’ unique alerts: Built in GPS enables to pinpoint the exact position of the merchandise or personal item at any moment. Built in GPS alerts in case the merchandise enters or leaves a predefined area. Built in GPS alerts in case your child or pet wanders into or leaves a specific zone area that has been pre-set as safe or unsafe. Light sensor alerts in case the warehouse is being breached before the intruder reaches the merchandise. Light sensor alerts in case the goods are left in the container or the truck. Temperature sensor alerts in case of fire, before it reaches the goods. A built-in accelerometer alerts in case the goods fall or are damaged due to incorrect handling. A built-in accelerometer alerts in case your elderly parent falls. A built in Panic Button will activate an emergency call to a pre-set number, for instance in a situation where a child is in distress and is unable to dial, pressing the panic button would prompt a call to the parent 16 Kylos

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18 18 Starcom Online & Control Centre The web and mobile application for the management/monitoring of all of Starcom’s devices Starcom’s unique event generator allows our partners to provide a one of a kindly tailor made solutions to the end client Access real time data, incorporating a range of maps, for up to the minute information on vehicles/freight/goods and merchandise Fully customisible to suit the users needs Generates reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis including specified data The Control Centre application allows users to pre-set a chain of notifications in the event of an emergency for example calling the customer, police or insurance company White Label solution for distributors available in 32 different languages

19 19 Online interface Light design

20 20 Online interface Rich design

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22 22 Starcom Mobile Application- Olympia Tracking “Olympia Tracking” The Mobile Application from Starcom Systems for both iOS and Android-based devices, enables you to receive information that matters, sent straight to your mobile device. "Olympia Tracking" has been created to complete the Starcom Online Web Application and to accompany its goal to allow customers to see what's going on with their vehicles and assets, whether for business or personal purposes 24/7, via any device The Application provides a fast and user-friendly way to keep track of Starcom’s products; Helios, WatchLock, Triton, Kylos Compact and Rainbow, whenever your computer is unavailable - anywhere and at any time. Download Olympia Tracking now from:

23 23 Starcom Mobile Application- Olympia Tracking Your Benefits More control than ever before : Gain quick access to your business or personal assets whenever you want and as many times as you like, giving you more control of all possible events Peace of mind: Receive Instant Notifications - be alerted to situations that warrant your response, for example changes in predefined settings, irregular events or breaches will trigger alerts and send notifications by text message or email to your mobile device. Save money : Have Vital Information at your Fingertips - The real time information available allows you to make effective decisions about your business or personal matters instantaneously allowing you to prevent any possible loss of assets/merchandise and ultimately loss of money. Easy work : Simple to use and convenient - all you have to do is download on your mobile Key Features Receive real-time alerts View the location of your devices View your list of notifications View each notification's details and location

24 24 Documents Hardware Helios Watchlock Kylos Triton Rainbow Simulation Kit Accessories Software Starcom Online Control Center Toolbox Routing


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