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WELCOME TO Starcom Systems 2009.

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1 WELCOME TO Starcom Systems 2009

2 Starcom Systems - The Company
Designs, engineers and supplies innovative h/w and s/w solutions aimed at Telematics and Fleet Management / Security applications. Constantly investing in R&D keeping the company and its solutions up-to-date at the highest technology forefront. Highly skilled and creative personnel conceiving unique solutions derived from the company’s proven AVL core technology. e.g., Distributes and sells through 60 OEM operators and technology partners in more than 44 countries. Founded in 1995, privately owned, based in Israel with affiliated offices in South America and Africa. - Containers Locator - Personal Locator

3 Business Models & offered Solutions
Starcom Systems offers OEM h/w and s/w solutions based on the following business models: OEM h/w and s/w from Starcom Systems branded with the operator’s logo and name. One time fee for h/w + monthly fee for online WEB service. OEM h/w from Starcom Systems + Routing utility interfacing Operator’s application with Starcom’s h/w units. One time fee for h/w. Offered Solutions: AVL ( Automatic Vehicle Location ) Basic Track & Trace, Full Fleet Management for Vehicles / Motorcycles. Control Center for Anti Theft / Security / Road services. Track and Manage Dry and Refrigerated Containers inland / sea. Merchandise & Assets Control. Personal Location.

4 Hardware Vs Solutions AVL / Track & Trace: Basic
AVL / Fleet Management: Basic, Advanced AVL Offline Fleet Management: Logger Control Centre: Anti Theft / Security/ Road Service: Basic, Advanced Dry Containers Locator: Refrigerated Containers Locator: Customised Personal Locator: / Guardian Merchandise / Assets Control - Kylos

5 Starcom’s System Overview

6 Helios– Highlights All predefined events and required operations, as defined at the application server, will be determined and activated by Helios independent of the application and / or server operation. This unique technical design of Helios provides the user with great advantages: - Required actions by the fleet will take place uninterruptedly regardless of cellular coverage and connection with the application server. - Eliminates unnecessary costly frequent transmissions by the unit with the application server. The ability to upgrade the built-in firmware and parameters (new events) over the air. (OTA) One platform supporting wide voltage range of 8v-28v. Small and compact enclosure size incorporating built-in GPS/GPRS .

7 Helios– Highlights, Cont’
CANBus connectivity to trace and support essential inputs of a wide range of vehicles including the support of FMS / J1939 protocol.   Variety of optional features supporting Accelerometer and ZIGBEE RF connectivity. Optional unit configurations to accommodate different Fleet Management / Telematics requirements and fleets budget. Complies with world’s major leading and important standards - 7 certifications.

8 AVL - Simulation Kit Professional tool to examine the entire AVL system on the local network before actual installation. Provides maximum flexibility allowing to learn the system at any convenient time and location. Serves as an efficient tool in training employees an din evaluating their performance. Serves as an effective professional sales tool to demonstrate system’s advantages to customers.

9 AVL Simulation Kit - Content
X 1 Simulation Box X3 Advanced Helios USB Communication keypad Dallas Buttons X 3 in vehicle Installation Cables (2m)

10 AVL Optional Accessories
Keypad Remote Control Dallas ID-Buttons Mobile Data Terminal Hands Free Kit Transponder Temperature Sensor

11 Cargo Security -The Problem
Do you know where your Containers are? According to the International Cargo Security Council, U.S. businesses lose $ 10 billion per year in merchandise theft, and the average value of a cargo theft is $ 500,000, a number that has grown fivefold in the past 25 years. Other estimates range even higher, placing losses to cargo theft as high as “ 35 billion annually! These risks are moving fleets to purchase better locking and cargo security systems

12 Triton - Highlights World’s only dedicated tracking device to monitor and manage dry containers inland and aboard a ship. Incorporates advanced GPS / GPRS technology along with sophisticated electronic sensing to monitor burglary and unauthorized activities related to the travel of containers during their entire trip. Easy to install and uninstall yet very difficult to vandalize or tamper with. Dedicated back end s/w application to monitor and proceed all alerts as reported form the field.

13 Triton – Sensors Schematic

14 Triton – Container’s Installation

15 Do you know where your dear ones are?

16 - Highlights Personal tracker destined for the elderly, children and population at high risk. Allows the long distance supervision of an individual to automatically generate predefined alerts not requiring his / her intervention. Alerts may be generated for predefined events such as: Not carrying the device, leaving a certain zone (geofence), Individual fall etc’. Incorporates advanced GPS / GPRS technology along with advanced and high quality voice / listen supporting mobile phone capabilities. Communication line can open automatically in case of emergency or predefined event. Interfacing with 3rd party wireless body sensors reporting on the heartbeat rate, blood oxygen level etc’. Easy to use, predefined minimal buttons, easy to read LCD for maximum ambient clarity. Dedicated S/W application.

17 Starcom’s Online WEB Applications
S/W applications by Starcom Systems: Starcom online – Web based S/W for Fleet Management, Containers Management, Personal Care / Security Management. Control Center – 24/7 Vehicle / Driver Safety and Security. Routing S/W Utility – Dedicated utility server to control and monitor the mobile and LAN networks.

18 Online WEB Applications - Advantages
Sophisticated events generator enabling the operator / user to define unlimited number of event types and alert methods at any given time. i.e. This capability may serve as an income increase method for the operator. Flexible events definition. Flexible alerts receiving. Automatic reports generation. Information management from various data bases. User Friendly and easy to operate available in more than 25 languages.

19 Fleet Application – Main Features
Starcom’s fleet system philosophy is to analyze the data for the fleet manager (by reports to his ) and to send in real time the deviations to his mobile… Real time Tracking On-Line up to one minute interval A built in vehicle’s Work Plan Real Time transmissions to the Mobile Phone A Full Geo–Fencing tool Mileage reading by the GPS: up to 97% accurate! Real time Over speed alert Activity Reports, like vehicle Work Hours report Option to Store vehicle location and statuses for weeks All Inputs and Outputs detection includes analog inputs Option to Immobilized the vehicle engine in specific time Easy integration to variety of external of-line software connecting to external Data Terminal (MDT) for send and received text messages. Unit at Michigan Av. Chicago, IL Reason: Speed Speed: 74 Mph Engine: On Door: Closed

20 Security Options… Real Time Break-ins: In the event of an attempted theft, the unit will immobilize the car and alert the local operation control center or/and the owner and prevent the theft of the vehicle. The system monitors the vehicle and notifies the owner by SMS of an programmed event. At the same time, the system can stop the car gradually in a case that the vehicle start to move. Towing detection on board, alert the local operator control center. The identification done by using the GPS system with special algorithm. Stolen Key’s detection, using le key, the system’s required secret code, using remote control unit includes numbers or key pad.

21 Driver’s Protection & Assistance
SOS’ Alert – a panic button used for “Life Threatening” situations and is supported by an option to open a Voice Channel between the control center and the client. Accident Detector This option will report vehicle collisions and provide pinpoint location, vehicle status, and speed of impact and point of impact. Medical Alert – a panic button connected to the unit or, in the near future, interface with medical sensors will generate alerts for an emergency medical assistance. Roadside Assistance - This option button is used for mechanical failures and is supported by roadside assistance personnel.


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