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Intro. Live Tracking FleetTrack Live FleetTrack brings powerful live tracking, multiple map views, two-way communications and reporting to a variety of.

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1 Intro

2 Live Tracking FleetTrack Live FleetTrack brings powerful live tracking, multiple map views, two-way communications and reporting to a variety of computer platforms and mobile devices. Add customizable alerts and pop-up events, sensor and input monitoring, and geo-fencing. Improve customer service with accurate arrival times, faster pickups and deliveries, timely service calls, and dependable scheduling. Reduce customer response times by locating and sending the closest vehicle with the proper inventory. FleetTrack improves your bottom line with increased efficiencies and will pay for itself in a short period of time!

3 Two-Way Communications Communicate more effectively and cheaply with your mobile work force. FleetTrack replaces costly cell phone and radio communications with fast, efficient text messaging. A single keystroke lets you instantly communicate with a single vehicle, or send the same message to every vehicle in the fleet. Drivers can then respond with one of a number of pre-programmed text messages, or use the keyboard to compose freehand responses if desired. Use fleet management reports to keep track of tasks assigned, messages sent by the vehicle to the base station, and messages sent by the base station to the vehicle. Allows you to print a list of your communication for your records, or output to other to other applications.

4 Reports Reporting Tool Fleet Management Reports partner with our live tracking capabilities to give you 24/7 access to important data about your vehicles' driving activities. Customizable reporting parameters allow you to decide what events and information are important to you and your business, and how you want to be notified when those events occur. We provide you with the business intelligence that helps you improve productivity and customer service, while decreasing expensive and unsafe driving behaviors. Available reports include: Start/Stop Time Report Excessive Speeding Report Engine Idle Time Report Alert Zone Entry/Exit Report IFTA Fuel Tax Report Message Log Report Vehicle Maintenance Report Reports data is available instantly accessible at all times, and can be viewed onscreen, printed, or exported for use in other applications or available for you to make your own customized reports. Your reports data is kept on our server and is thus available for your use for at least 180 days.

5 Dispatch & Navigation Dispatch, Navigation & Traffic Sometimes the best-laid plans go awry: Deliveries get delayed. Jobs end up requiring more workers than originally planned. Drivers get lost. Vehicles break down. Tools or equipment requirements can change in an instant. FleetTrack can help you and your vehicles smoothly navigate through these challenges. QuickRoute Garmin integration makes dispatching a snap, allowing you to quickly and easily send job assignments, that include turn-by-turn directions and voice prompts to your companys vehicles. Job details and other information your driver may need can be included as part of the message. See which vehicles are nearby so you can decide which vehicle is the best to dispatch to a location. Help drivers find the fastest route to their next stop. Use Google's search functions to find nearby business services such as gas stations, repair facilities or restaurants. Check the traffic along the way.

6 Sensors & Controls Sensors & Remote Controls Monitor vehicle fluid levels, engine temperature, hard breaking and fault codes Prevent theft and hot wiring of vehicles – Lock ignition if proper driver ID code not entered. – Ignition inhibit or remote shut-down capabilities Protect employees with "Remote Panic Buttons" Monitor entry/exit of unauthorized drivers or passengers Monitor temperature of sensitive cargo Monitor opening/closing of valves for sensitive cargo Activate or deactivate car alarms Lock or unlock windows and doors

7 Mobile Data Terminal (MDT-Pro) A rugged, easy-to-use data terminal with an LCD display for two-way text communications. Messaging and diagnostic interface for the SPM. Cut down on time consuming and expensive cellular and radio traffic. Dispatchers can send job assignments or messages to multiple drivers at once. Driver receiving messages can select and send pre-programmed responses or free form replies. MDT âPro operating functions and displays are fully customizable to customers needs.

8 Mobile Tracking Units Powerful processor, one million position onboard storage capability. Instantly notifies fleet managers of stops, entries or exits from geo-fenced boundaries, speeding or emergencies. Accommodates up to eight inputs for ignition on/off, door and temperature sensors, PTO switches, etc. Expansion ports for connecting Bar Code Scanners, Credit Card Readers, PDAs, etc. Messaging and ticket-handling features are standard. Built-in digital communications modem works on GSM, CDMA, iDEN or Satellite networks. As communication networks change, modular design allows upgrade of communications hardware, without replacement of other components. No additional equipment needed. Silent Position Monitor (SPM) series Mobile Tracking Units: 4000 Silent Position Monitor (SPM) series Mobile Tracking Units: 1000

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