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Intelligent RFID Solutions Active-RFID Platform For Security And Monitoring Solutions.

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1 Intelligent RFID Solutions Active-RFID Platform For Security And Monitoring Solutions

2 Laptop Protection Visitor Tracking Guard Managing Vehicle ID Armory Management Art Protection Enables High-Security Application Cold-Chain Monitoring Retail Loss Prevention Wander Prevention

3 Join Our Partners And Customers Around The World

4 Gourd Tour & Visitor Monitoring Visitor Monitoring Restrict visitor to predefined location profile Manage exceptions to intercept wandering visitors

5 Real-Time Monitoring Of People And Assets An attempt to steal an asset from the office Immediate Alert And Automatic Door Closing Immediate Alert And Automatic Door Closing

6 Mobile Security Monitoring Security Managers Can Monitor Their Application From Anywhere And Anytime Mobile Apps Web browsing SMS Alerts E-mail Notifications

7 Typical RFID Security Solution Eco-System RFID Infrastructure RFID Tags & RFID Router monitors people and assets Capturing location information RFID Middleware & Server Interfaced with monitoring systems Generates alerts based on business rules Monitoring Station Manages alert situations Guides security guards to exact location based on RFID information

8 RFID Router Enables Rapid Deployment Dual UHF Reception Antennae 4x Dry-Contact Interfaces Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 Interface 4x 125Khz Antenna Interfaces Serial RS-232 Interface 4x Inputs Interfaces RJ45 Ethernet Interface Utilize Existing Wireless Network And Simplifies Installation Handles Hundreds Of Tags Simultaneously Complies With Standard Networks And Connectivity Options Local Interfaces With Sensors, Alarms and Sirens A Single Router Control 4 Location Zones For Highest Value

9 Advanced Tags Enables Diversified Applications Asset Tag - Real-Time Monitoring & Asset Management Long Battery Life (3-5 years) 1-3 Status Buttons Tamper & Motion Sensors (Internal) Internal & External Temperature Sensors Supports Standard 4-20mA Sensors (External) Wristband Option For People Tracking IT Assets Protection Low-Profile Optical Tamper Sensor Optional Motion Sensor Anti-Theft And Dual-Alarm On-Board Buzzer Enables Locating Stolen Assets Dual Alarm Application - General Siren And on Asset Real-Time Protection Motion sensor Tamper sensor Location Monitoring

10 LogiTag’s Unique Offering For Security Professionals State Of The Art Technology Competitive Edge In The Security Market Diversified Security Solutions Interface To Monitoring Systems Professional Services To Ensure A Successful Implementations Respectful Case Studies To Open New Markets High Availability And Extensive Support Services

11 Intelligent RFID Solutions

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