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Cant get there from here By: Todd Strasser. Todd Strasser’s Work Famous If I Grow Up How I Created My Perfect Prom Date How I Created My Perfect Prom.

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1 Cant get there from here By: Todd Strasser

2 Todd Strasser’s Work Famous If I Grow Up How I Created My Perfect Prom Date How I Created My Perfect Prom Date How I Spent My Last Night On Earth How I Spent My Last Night On Earth Count Your Blessings Count Your Blessings For Money and Love Boot Camp Give a Boy a Gun

3 Todd strasser Born in New York,, May 5, 1950 After college he managed his own fortune cookie company. Has two children Hobbys---Surfing and Tennis "Todd Strasser." Wikipedia. Web..

4 Protagonist…woOt WoOt ::) officer Ryan maybe maggot country club 2moro pest Tears Rainbow Jewel Anthony Laura

5 Antagonist. Dun…Dun…Dun…heh. Except for not “Dun dun dun” because there are no antagonist’s in this book. Note to Pitcher: ( please don’t dock me off points for not having any. Gracias)

6 Maybe =] Maybe is my favorite character. She shows strength and love throughout the book. Her “street name” is Maybe because that’s all she says---”MAYBE”. Its sad she says this. Its sad that she is never sure about anything. She is insecure and has no surety about anything.

7 Least favorite… There all hobos on the streets… there all my favorite. =D

8 ExPoSitIon. There are kids being abandon and running away from there home. There goal: Surviving the dangerous streets of New York City. They're friends because they have one thing in common…there home life sucks and they have been abused in one way or another They consider each other family. They protect and fight for each other always Watching each others backs. Living on the streets is there life--- surviving is there struggle. Doing anything they can for money. $$$$$ making signs, selling dope, and even selling there selves for the perverts out there. They have no trust in anyone, especially adults.---It’s the adults that made there life living hell for them… why trust ANY of them? They are all the same.

9 RiSiNg AcTiOn…… woot woot. There health conditions suck. They don’t want anyone's help. There trying to make a point to anyone who doubts them. And there stubborn about it. There hood rat family is in bad conditions, there dying like tic tack toe, but what can they do? They find there friend lying in “Piss Alley” dead from alcohol poisoning. This shocks everyone, there first member gone and dead, just like that. But hey. That’s life in the streets. Its getting cold outside. They will do anything for warmth, they attend a ghetto rave and drugs and panzees are everywhere doing dirty stuff. Rainbow was found two days later dead in a river, having been drugged up and raped.

10 ClimaxClimax The Crew is struggling to survive. Dying one by one, Maybe and her closest living friend, Tears, begin to realize that life on the street is not a life. Finding out that Tears has Grandparents looking for her, they struggle to find help to get her to them.

11 Falling Action Maybe and Tears find help to there problem. They find the only adult they can even manage to talk to Anthony They tell him there problem and they come to a solution. Anthony and Maybe go on a road trip to take Tears to her new home to her Grandparents.

12 Resolution:: The street rats are non existent. They are either dead, or stopped trying to prove to the world that they don’t need society and adult help. Tears was reunited with her Grandparents at last and was able to survive her period of time on the streets. Maybe has given up trying to prove to the world that she doesn’t need any help for survival.

13 Setting:: The main setting in this book takes place on the dirty and ghetto alleys of New York City. Also there is a chapter in the book where they are in West Virginia for a short while.

14 Rating---And the social issue. I’m a picky reader, I have a sever case of A.D.H.D and a book has to be AMAZING to catch my attention---This book did just that. The reading is easy to understand. So it feels like your watching a movie in your head. Its not one of those hard core books where you have to think about each sentence you read and guess what it means. To conclude my babbling….10000000000/10. READ IT PEOPLE!!!!

15 My Social issue…(s) My main issue is poverty and kids (teens) on the streets. More and more teens are living the street life. Some choose it, and some have no choice. Drugs have a big impact on choices that teens make. They become your first priority in life and you will eventually do anything to get your hands on the dope. Drugs also lead to violence. Dealers and buyers get shot and brutally hurt. Drugs is worth your life eh?

16 {{{Continuing of last slide.}}} Another big thing that leads teens on the streets is FAMILY ISSUES. Parents get divorced, mom or dad marries a new spouse, the spouse is a dick, and physically abuses you. Whether its sexually, verbally or just abusive by hitting. Maybe the parents are drug addicts and sold you for drugs. Or maybe they just don’t care for you. Your worthless to them and they want you gone, your just a burden.


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19 Movies and stuff lvVc4 lvVc4 BWbE1EQ BWbE1EQ nL8ek&feature=related nL8ek&feature=related

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