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Theatre thru the Ages From how theatre began to theatre today.

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1 Theatre thru the Ages From how theatre began to theatre today

2 Theatre vs. Theater What is Theatre? Theatre is any interpretive performance for an audience TheatRE refers to the study of TheatER refers to the building

3 PRIMITIVE MAN Used theatre as a form of storytelling, communication, and worship Before there was formal language man needed to communicate – he used theatrical conventions to do so

4 Dance Dance evolved from ritual and is still closely related to the roots of drama

5 Greek Theatre Ancient Greece was the beginning of truly formal theatre Tragedies were performed at the Festival of Dionysus (The God of wine and fertility) Tragedies get their name from the word “Tragodia” which means “goat song” A tragedy refers to a play where the protagonist was overcome

6 Greek Theatre The Hero of is known as the protagonist Greek tragedies used a chorus to tell the story The person who opposes the hero is known as the antagonist The Chorus often sang “Dithyrambs” or choral hymns Eventually one actor stepped away from the chorus to play a part…Thespis is the first known actor (this is why actors are called Thespians today

7 Playwrights of Greek Theatre Sophocles Euripedes Aeschylus Aristophanes (known as the Father of Greek Comedy dbLiaGvU dbLiaGvU

8 In come the Romans As the Roman Empire began to conquer the world, so did their forms of theatre Very bawdy and rough The Coliseum The downfall of theatre NTbGawBvc4 NTbGawBvc4

9 The Dark Ages As the church rose to power, theatre was banned Eventually it reappeared as a method to teach the common man about the bible Tropes- short biblical scenes Pageant wagons – double decked moving stages

10 Dark ages-Medieval plays Focused on biblical stories Fell into one of three categories – Miracle Plays: portrayed lives of saints – Morality: taught right from wrong – Mystery: reenacted bible stories The most famous of the surviving morality plays is Everyman Http://

11 Japan Noh drama Combined words, dance, and music to tell classic Japanese tale Very stylized and can sometimes seem very slow 5i4 5i4

12 Renaissance The renaissance period of history brought about a re-birth of all arts. Especially in theatre This re-birth began in Taly and spread across Europe The most popular form of theatre in Italy at this time is known as Commedia Dell’ Arte

13 Renaissance Theatre- commedia This style of theatre was often improvised The plot outline for the story was called the “scenario” The actors in these plays often played stock characters (i.e. the hero, the young damsel, the evil man, the clown) RUI RUI

14 Meanwhile in England Elizabeth the First was queen, and she was a great supporter of the arts. This was the Elizabethan period (also part of the Renaissance) The best known playwright of this period is William Shakespeare Most of Shakespeare’s plays were introduced at the Globe Theatre

15 In come the Puritans And they banned the theatre. They felt it was vulgar Are you beginning to see a pattern?

16 Charles II Came to power and restored not only the Monarchy, but the arts as well This is known as the “Restoration” period This period of Theatre History introduced the witty “comedy of manners” “Raked” stages were introduced

17 The late 1800’s Henrik Ibsen introduces realistic dialogue and characters (A Doll’s House) Ibsen is called the Father of Realism Realism spreads to Russia and a director at the Moscow Art Theatre named Stanislavski He creates the Stanislavski Method or “Method” acting which is a popular method of training actors LU LU

18 The Early 20 th Century Is known as the Modern Period Many great playwrights used this new realistic style to create plays of substance Eugene O’Neill, Thornton Wilder, Tennesee Williams, Arthur Miller, Lillian Hellman

19 The later 20 th century Is known as contemporary theatre

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