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The Theatre: A Trip Through Time.

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1 The Theatre: A Trip Through Time

2 Primitive Theatre Theater first came from primitive societies through dance. The dances were thought to get rid of evil spirits that caused disease and helped the souls of the dead reach the afterlife.

3 Primitive Theatre The performers wore masks, which represented the spirits. They also wore costumes made of animal skins, rushes, and bark from trees.

4 Greek and Roman Theater
Dates from the 6th Century BC and included plays that had dealt with tragedy or comedy. Theatre first came from choral songs that dealt with death and their god Dionysus.

5 Greek and Roman Theater
Women were not allowed to perform. Early actors were slaves, but later actors were citizens. The scenery in the plays were rocks and tombs. Thesbis was given credit for introducing masks to the theater.

6 Medieval Theater In early medieval times the church stopped theater performances, but later assisted in its rebirth during the Middle Ages. The performances were done by priests and monks. Was the great period of mystery plays about biblical history.

7 Renaissance Theater In the 16th century worldly plays were performed in inns and hotels, then moved to theaters. “The Theatre," was built just outside of London in Many others soon followed, such as the very famous Globe theater.

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