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A short history of theatre

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1 A short history of theatre
Drama A short history of theatre

2 Greek Theatre

3 Greece Began as worship / festival for Dionysus
Is the foundation of all theatre today Typically had 3 actors on stage at a time Used masks to help project voice and image Mainly performed comedy and tragedy Unity of time, place and action. Time means actual time on stage = real time. (no “later”) Place means only one location used Action means only action that promotes story used The Chorus helped to narrate the story

4 Greek Masks

5 Greek Terms Orchestra: The circular, level space where the chorus would sing, dance, and interact with the actors Theatron (Theatre): Where the spectators sat. Skene (Scene): The decorated "tent" behind the stage. Prologue: Spoken introduction before the chorus appears. Gives background. Thespian: Thespis is the first to break from the chorus and become an actor (world’s 1st actor). So a Thespian is an actor – a term still used today. Tragedy: Comes from Greek word "traegos" which means goat song. Greek tragedy involves a hero with a tragic flaw. Trilogy: Three tragedies centered around one theme …And many, many more terms we still use today.

6 Other Additions Opera Musicals
Lighting and stage production improvements

7 From Stage to Film Early movies reflect many of the same ideas of theatre The “3 act play” is still reflected in many of the movies of today Many actors, directors or producers work in stage, film and television.

8 Review Know the basics of Greek theatre
Understand the Greek terms still used today Orchestra Skene Tragedy Trilogy Thespian Theatre Chorus

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