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History of Theatre Timeline

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1 History of Theatre Timeline
Drama III/IV

2 Prehistory-600 B.C. Shamanism Ritual Dance Storytelling

3 600 B.C. – 1500 A.D. Origin of Greek Theatre Golden Age of Greece
Roman Theatre (1 A.D.) Medieval Drama Theatre in China Noh Drama

4 Commedia dell’ arte Rise of English Drama Shakespeare

5 1700-1850 Theatre in America Ballad Opera Middle-Class Audience
“Laughing Comedy” Melodrama German Romantic Drama

6 1850-1900 Henrik Ibsen Bernard Shaw Anton Chekhov Special Effects
Arrival of Cinema

7 1900-1940 Constructivism Expressionism Eugene O’Neill Lillian Hellman
Epic Theatre

8 1940-1950 Samuel Beckett Arthur Miller Tennessee Williams
Broadway Musicals Thornton Wilder

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