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Grammar Bootcamp Commas.

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1 Grammar Bootcamp Commas

2 Rule Number 1 Practice #1 Use commas to set off a direct address
Soldier, drop and give me 20! No crying for your mama, Marine! Practice #1 Place the comma in the correct place. We love Bootcamp Drill Sergeant Wilder! Recruits no grammar pain, no grammar gain.

3 Rule Number 2 Practice #2 Place a comma in the correct place.
Use commas to separate items in a list or series You recruits must focus on training, practicing, and applying these rules. Bring your pencils, paper, and binders. Practice #2 Place a comma in the correct place. Recruits be prepared to write edit and revise.

4 Rule Number 3 Used to set off a non-essential appositive.
What is an appositive? RENAMES a noun or pronoun (therefore it is another noun) Drill Sergeant Wilder, a former college athlete, believes in the importance of discipline. A taskmaster, D.S. Wilder makes the recruits practice, practice, practice!

5 Practice #3 Place the commas in the correct place.
The recruit a young writer loves comma rules. The officer praised the young soldier a corn-fed boy from Iowa. A 23-year veteran Bill always got emotional when he heard “The Star Spangled Banner.”

6 Rule Number 4 Use commas to set off introductory phrases and clauses
Verbal phrases, prepositional phrases, dependent clauses After the 10-mile run, the soldiers needed water. (prep) While the drill sergeant yelled, the recruits held back tears. (dep. clause) Stunned into silence, the recruits stared. (verbal phrase)

7 Practice #4 Place the comma in the correct place.
Because grammar is so fun we want to do it every day. Running in place the recruits warmed up. In the morning your nightmare will begin.

8 Rule Number 5 Use commas with a divided quotation
The quotation is divided by referencing the speaker “Eat your spinach,” shouted the major. “You need those vitamins!” “Run up that hill,” yelled the captain, “and then back down again.” Period at the end, after the reference, when what is before is a complete sentence. “Shouted the major” interrupts the quotation; what is before the reference is a complete thought. Use a comma on both sides of the reference when it occurs in the middle of the sentence.

9 And with a direct quotation
“Bootcamp,” writes Major Brock Webster in his memoir, “was hard, but it was worth it.” General Colin Powell once wrote, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

10 Practice #5 Place a comma in the correct place.
The recruit said “Mrs. Wilder has taken this whole Bootcamp thing way too seriously.” “Many recruits” said Mrs. Wilder “would rather run in the heat of an Alabama summer than talk about grammar.” “Get over it” said Mrs. Wilder. “Grammar is here to stay!”

11 Let’s Take a Break— Name that Comma Rule!
Electric Company- Comma Rule #?? That’ right! Comma Rule # 2 Electric Company-- Comma Rule #?? That’s right! Comma Rule # 5

12 Rule Number 6 Use a comma with a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS, anyone?) to join to sentences together You recruits must focus on training, and you must get plenty of rest. Learning grammar can be difficult, but I know you can do it!

13 BUT…. DO NOT use with a compound verb
The recruits ate dinner, and went to bed. Notice that the recruits are completing both of these actions. The second part of the sentence is not a complete thought; the verbs share a subject. It is one sentence with two verbs. CORRECT! The recruits ate dinner and went to bed.

14 Practice #6 It is grammar time and we need to get started.
The soldier wrote to his parents and called home when he could. We are running late so you need to hurry.

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