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“You just can’t lose”. So, …. You are running the Youth of the Year Final !! WHAT DO YOU DO NOW????

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1 “You just can’t lose”

2 So, …. You are running the Youth of the Year Final !! WHAT DO YOU DO NOW????

3 YOTY Manual Explains Program in detail Excellent format – easy to follow Available from the YOTY website There is a manual for each level of the Program Download and read it!

4 RULE 1 You are not alone!! Help is at hand … We have a structure: – District Chairperson – State Coordinator – MD Chairperson

5 RULE 2 DON’T try and do it all yourself!! CLUB Chairpersons ZONE/REGION ENLIST HELPERS: The duties are set out in the Manual and include: Greeters at the interview MC for the Public Speaking function Assistance at the Public Speaking section: Greeters Treasurer Time Keepers “Minders” ENLIST A CLUB Get them to help with: Organising a venue, caterer etc Greeters at interview MC for Public Speaking section Assistance at Public Speaking section: Greeters Treasurer Time keepers “Minders”

6 Aims of YOTY TO FOSTER, ENCOURAGE AND DEVELOP: – Leadership – Personality – Citizenship qualities – Sportsmanship – Cultural appreciation – Public speaking

7 Your Role Receive and study Program paperwork. To ensure the conduct all aspects of the Club (or Zone or Region) judging conforms with the Program rules. To complete all paperwork and forward to the next judging level. To publicize the Program as widely as possible.

8 Program STAGES CLUB ZONE (where required) REGION (or Multi Zone) DISTRICT STATE NATIONAL

9 Who can enter? Young people over 16 and under 19 years on June 30 of the year of the National Final and who are, or have attended school at one of the following schools during that year: High School or other Secondary school or equivalent in any other educational establishment. School of Isolated and Distance Education ENTRANTS CAN ONLY ENTER ONE (1) CLUB LEVEL JUDGING IN ANY Program YEAR.

10 How to get entrants Contact Principal Contact delegated staff member Explain details of Program Ask staff to assist with selecting entrants Recommended there be a maximum of 3 entrants at Club level If an excess of entrants: share entrants with another nearby Club NEVER knock back entrants!!!

11 Judging Panel MEMBERSHIP OF PANEL – 3 members – have a reserve judge – wide background of professions and experiences – No Lions, Lionesses or Leos – No school staff from schools with entrants in your final – Judges may only participate ONCE in any Lions year

12 Briefing of Judges Outline Aims and Values of the Program Go through "Guide to Judges" sheet – Discuss each category Contestant interview 30 ‑ 40 minutes - NO MORE! Discuss the two types of speeches to be made – (Impromptu & Prepared) Prepare Questions – For Interview (4 questions) – For Impromptu speeches (2 questions) – Questions to reflect Lions Objects & Ethics » Chairperson has right to reject questions that breach this rule. Organise time for interviews

13 Judging format SCORING Point Scores for all categories cannot be altered SPEECHES (order of contestants set by draw from hat) – IMPROMPTU (2 minutes each) MC reads question Copy placed before candidate MC reads question again Time starts at END, of the 2nd reading one gong at end of 2 minutes (no warning gong permitted) – PREPARED (5 minutes) Time starts from FIRST word one gong at 4 minutes two gongs at 5 minutes PENALTIES for under / overtime (may finish current sentence) SHEET FOR TIME KEEPERS JUDGES TO KEEP ORDER OF FINISH OF ALL CONTESTANTS

14 Interviews ORGANISE VENUE – Must have suitable facilities. (can be home or office) – Waiting Room – Tea, coffee etc LION(S) TO BE PRESENT – To welcome students and parents – To help keep the process on schedule REMEMBER YOUR CLUB IS ON SHOW TO YOUR COMMUNITY

15 Timing of each stage SELECT JUDGES – at least 6 weeks before final (do some groundwork well in advance) MEET and BRIEF JUDGES – 1 week before pre ‑ judging to: » let judges get to know each other » prepare questions for the interview & impromptu ADVISE CONTESTANTS & PARENTS – as far in advance as possible

16 Your Final PLAN CAREFULLY AND IN DETAIL – Remember – YOUR Club is on show PROCEDURE (make sure it is correct) FORMAT (must be the same at all levels) – Impromptu then prepared speeches JUDGES – Seat them with Club members for the meal – Make sure they have a separate table during judging

17 After the Final THANK YOU LETTERS – Schools (Principal, staff) – Contestants – Judges NOTIFY Chairperson AT NEXT LEVEL – Winner Advisory Form – Winner’s Contestant Entry Form – Titles of your Impromptu speeches – Title of winner’s 5 minute prepared speech SUPPORT YOUR ENTRANT Through all further levels – this is very important

18 Prizes CERTIFICATES TO: – Contestants – Judges PUBLIC SPEAKING WINNER – Special Certificate PENS, PINS, COMPENDIUM – At Club's discretion – Details available from District Chairperson MONETARY PRIZES – Recommend no more than $50 voucher at Club level. – Zone/Region determined by District

19 IMPORTANT … Invite a National Australia Bank representative – to either be a judge or to attend. Recognise the National Bank’s sponsorship – without this sponsorship this project would not continue – (now over $700,000 in total)


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