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Trimble TS600 Series Total Stations

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1 Trimble TS600 Series Total Stations
August 2013

2 TS600 Mechanical Total Station
New entry-level instruments TS635 Mechanical Total Station TS662 Mechanical Total Station Field proven Trimble technology Very affordable price Easy-to-use on-board software Use standalone or with TSC3 Controller and SCS900

3 TS600 Total Station Hardware
Up to 5000 m range to single prism 300 m reflector less range Bright red Class 2 or Class 3 laser pointer Memory holds 10,000 records Endless tangent screws Absolute Angle Encoders 25 button alpha-numeric keypad IP66 Dust and Water protection Dual-Axis Compensated Only 12 inches tall kg 8.4 lbs Up to 57 hours operation (cont. meas. every 30 sec) Angle accuracy = 5" and 2” Laser Plummet with four Intensity levels Backlit display, graphic LCD (128x64 pixel)

4 TS600 On-Board Software Languages
US English German Chinese – Simplified Italian Chinese – Traditional Russian Dutch Spanish French

5 TS600 Rechargeable Power System
Can use (2) batteries for extended use 57 hrs meas every 30 sec Dual “smart” battery charger for power management Benefits Longer use More flexibility Higher productivity Less battery frustration

6 TS600 Series – Convenient to use
Lightweight Compact Water poof Long use

7 Target Customers Unadopted Contractors Adopted Customers
New to technology Need an easy-to-use, highly reliable system Looking for a high return on investment Want reliable, local dealer support for training and service Adopted Customers Leverage Trimble SCS900 software and workflow Lower cost solution that does not sacrifice precision or reliability

8 Who should purchase General Contractors Site Work Contractors
Utility Contractors Landscape Contractors

9 Product Comparison Feature TS662 TS635
Long-range reflectorless measurements up to 300m YES Precision measuring accuracy 2”/0.5 mgon 5”/1.5 mgon Rugged, IP66 rating to withstand construction conditions Alpha-numeric keyboard with dedicated keys for menus and modes Illuminated graphic display for easy operation in the field NO Intuitive on-board software Dual lithium-ion batteries for a full day of continuous use Up to 19 hrs Up to 10 hrs Local SITECH® dealer support available 24/7

10 TS600 Series Total Station Kits
Part Number Description… TS635-HH TS635 Mechanical TS with batteries and universal charger TS662-HH TS662 Mechanical TS with batteries and universal charger

11 Optional Accessories Part Number Description 148-CNTG-HH
Data cable - Serial to TS635/TS662 HQJ27000-HH Dual Charger for Li-Ion Battery (TS635 & TS662) HH Li-Ion Battery for TS635 and TS662 mechanical total stations HH AC Adapter for Dual Charger (TS635 & TS662) HWB20005-HH Tribrach for TS635 & TS662 EWHCC-MECH-TS-HW Ext Warranty - HCC TS635, TS662 Total Station HW

12 Pricing Part Number Description DOLLAR TS635-HH
TS635 Mechnial TS with batteries and universal charger $7995 USD TS662-HH TS662 Mechnial TS with batteries and universal charger $8995 USD

13 Sales and Marketing Material
Sales Presentation Product Bulletin TS600 Series Data Sheet* TS635 & TS662 Spec Sheets Studio images Web page on *Available in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese later in Q3 2013

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