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SWEEP Be the first to bring the World Independent WATER and POWER Southwest Water & Electric Energy Powers.

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2 SWEEP Be the first to bring the World Independent WATER and POWER Southwest Water & Electric Energy Powers

3 SWEEP’s Mission Be THE world leader in Research Design Production Distribution Of environmentally friendly, cost efficient, decentralized products using alternative technology for power and water allowing energy and food independence available to end users while earning a profit commensurate with that contribution

4 Semi Conductor Generator Core technology utilized for all SWEEP products Solid-state, fan the only moving part Provides decentralized water and electricity Requires no outside power source or a connection to a central grid Capacity to power an average home Uses natural gas, propane, any other gaseous, liquid or solid fuel Clean/Green = No Pollution

5 How the Generator Works Heat =

6 Semi Conductor Generator

7 Design to Prototype

8 How the Generator Works Need more than 5-kW

9 SWEEP License – Manufacture and assemble generators/chillers – Market and distribute generators/chillers – Develop, market and distribute Independence Home Systems Other products using semi-conductor technology World-wide, non- restricted license to:

10 Product Opportunities Electric Power and Water – American Families and Businesses – Rural Communities – Third World Countries Products – Independence Home System – Anything that is now using a standard motor powered by an engine can use this technology The Opportunities are Limitless…

11 Independence Home System The system uses a breakthrough technology that produces stand-alone clean, efficient and affordable electricity and water, without dependence on a public power grid and water sources. SWEEP has designed and developed the Independence Home System that provides decentralized electric power and water to families world- wide.

12 Independence Home System Chiller Component Provides water, refrigeration, freezing and cooling Operate with the waste heat produced by the generator Condenses water from the air for drinking, bathing, all general household and agricultural uses Provides secure water anywhere in the world

13 Generator is powered by heat Heat is supplied by liquid, gaseous or solid fuel Most of the heat is used by the generator Some heat can be used for heating the home or hot water Independence Home System Heating Component

14 Toilet Features – No plumbing – No digging – No sewage system – No septic tank – Uses no water – Drains nothing out – Won’t hurt your bottom line Independence Home System Incinerating Toilet Option

15 Other Design Concepts Power on the GO! Noise free leaf blower! “Transformer”! Gas War Hero!

16 SWEEP Objectives Provide secure, decentralized electricity and water to American families – Independence Home System Provide electricity and water to other countries and indigenous communities Develop innovative products that leverage technology

17 Customer Requirements Meeting Customer Needs – Affordable – Secure – Reliable Electric Power and Water Customer Satisfaction Secure Affordable Reliable Independence Home System

18 Business Concept Independence Home System Assemble and install leased systems at home sites System provides electric power and water, using liquid, gaseous or solid fuel Eliminates reliance on all centralized utility systems Similar to cable or cell phone models, all equipment is leased One-time installation fee – Sub-contract HVAC contractor for installation and maintenance Monthly service fee for upgrades and maintenance

19 Marketing and distribution strategies similar to start up service providers such as cable, satellite and cell phones. Initial target: 10,000 lease contracts. Word of mouth will sell lease agreements at a rate that SWEEP can accommodate for the first year. Marketing Summary Independence Home System A minimal service charge for ongoing service upgrades and maintenance.

20 Positioning Independence Home System Positioning of Independence Home System – This is the only system available on the market that provides clean, decentralized electricity and water using a variety of energy sources with low maintenance overheads. Consumer promise – This system will provide customers independence from a vulnerable central grid and give them control of their resources.

21 Status Summary Prototypes of system components are operational and ready for demonstration. Conceptual design is complete for Independent Home System. Preliminary business plans and staff are in place. Identifying/selecting investors to begin development of fully functional Independence Home System and demonstration site.

22 Costs and Pricing Independence Home System System Assembly: $12,500 Cost per system, includes installation Customer Lease Revenue: $20,000 installation $ 1,800 monthly lease (150 * 12 months) $21,800 first year revenues, per system Five-Year Profit Forecast $29,000 installation and monthly lease X 10,000 units $ 290M total revenue $ 125M cost $ 165M profit from initial first year leases

23 Powers Design International Ronald H. Powers President/Chairman

24 Powers Design International United States Space Shuttle Rockwell International/US Exhibit-Paris Air Show

25 Powers Design International US Space Station Freedom McDonnell Douglas/NASA Review Prototype

26 Powers Design International Kenworth T2000 First Composite Heavy Duty Truck Freightliner First Composite Cab Over Engine Truck

27 Powers Design International United States Maglev Scale Model for Congressional Approval

28 Powers Design International Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator PDI Advanced Technology Research and Development

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