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Llavero Maraca Los animales Key chain Maraca Animals.

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1 Llavero Maraca Los animales Key chain Maraca Animals

2 Objectivos Learn the animals in Spanish/Aprender los animales en Español Share interesting facts about animals/Compartir hechos interesantes sobre animales To know what animals are found in Spanish speaking countries/Saber que animales se encuentran en Paises hispanohablantes

3 Task  Transform your maraca to represent an animal  Create a short ppt. to share your work with the class (post in bb)  Present your key chain to the class  Class project=time in class allowed

4 Power Point Requirements  Slide 1/cover=name, grade, title, attention getter(expression)  Slide 2/Intro= what the audience can expect, animal selected (3 interesting facts/short simple sentences+sources)  Slide 3/Content=Finished keychain visual, 5 descriptive sentences in Spanish w/translations  Slide 4/Content=Spanish speaking country where your animal can be found, geographical location, neighboring countries. Interesting fact + sources  Slide 5/Conclusion=what you learned, 7 NEW vocabulary words with translations and type, closing stmt  Slides ALL Spanish, translations in note section

5 Word order: Placement of adjectives

6 Subject Margarita Pablo La Sra. Ortiz Verb es es es Indefinite article + noun una chica un estudiante una profesora Adjective muy artistica. inteligente. muy buena.

7 Animales Domésticos

8 En el mar  Ballena=whale Camarón=shrimp  Estrella del mar=Star fish Concha=Shell  Foca=seal Tiburon=shark  Pulpo=Octopus Delfin=Dolphin  Tortuga=Turtle Medusa=Jellyfish  Sapo=Toad Rana=frog  Squid=calamar Langosta=lobster  Caballito de mar=seahorse Cangrejo=Crab



11 ¿Necesitas Ideas?

12 Personalizing your maraca

13 What others created

14 Party Animal  It´s time to create your own keychain animal!  Follow instructions and finish your project on time  Manage your time well  Understand requirements/rubric  Complete project on time and in good standing

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