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Letter Automation Letter Management Organize Contacts Template Management Simplified Mail merge & email merge Double Productivity with.

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2 Letter Automation Letter Management Organize Contacts Template Management Simplified Mail merge & merge Double Productivity with

3  The contact addresses are scattered in card holders, desktop, folders etc.  Computers are being used like electronic type writers, in the absence of letter management solution  Hard copies of letters are stored for future reference, leading to a paper heavy office  Each time a different format for letter drafting, making quotations… etc. is followed  Many copies of the same letter.  Retrieving / finding old existing files is frustrating.  Important documents often gets deleted incidentally.  Mass mailing and labels printing is a cumbersome. Present Working Problems

4  To develop a system to organize contacts at a centralized location.  To automate letter preparation with MS Word.  To develop an intelligent system for naming and saving letter files.  To develop a system for automatic number for outgoing letters.  To develop a centralized storage system for standard formats/letters. Objectives of eSecretary

5 Automates Letter Preparation with MS Word It takes just three clicks to prepare a letter 1. Select a template 2. Select the desired contact

6 3. Click to open editable letter in MS Word No need of Naming and Saving files Automatically System generated Picked automatically from contact database

7 Multiple Options to Retrieve Historical Letters It gives you multiple options to view historical letters Now select the contact to view the letters. For example, to view letters for a particular contact, Select a contact in the list of contacts.  Contact Wise  Subject Wise  City Wise  State wise  Country Wise  Contact  Category Wise Or All letters  Or All letters

8 It shows you all the letters for the respective contact  Subject Wise  City Wise  State Wise  Contact Category Wise  Country Wise  Or All Letters Features In the same manner you can view letters

9 Capturing Standard Letters/Templates To capture any template from the existing letters:  Click on Add to Library Template will be created and added to Template Library User will not be asked for template name and where to save…… It’s unique…..  Select the letter

10  A huge library of letter templates on various subjects  Facility to customize any template  Facility to insert your present templates in eSecretary Templates Library  To add a new template is very easy Library of Letter Templates Features

11  Stores information like Name, Address and Contact Number etc.  Easier modification of above information as and when needed.  Fast retrieval of any desired information. Contact Management Auto Dialing of Phone Nos.  Select the contact.  Click on phone number.  Number is dialed automatically, if modem is connected

12 Mail Merging has never been so easy  Select the multiple contact  Select a standard letter  Click on mail merge button  Multiple letters shall be prepared instantly Multiple Label Printing   For selected contacts  Desired quantity for every contact

13 Personalized mass ing  Select the multiple contact  Select a standard letter  Click on merge button  Multiple personalized s will be prepared instantly  All s with address will be transferred to Outlook Express.

14  Website / Address Book  Telephone Directory  Message Book  Physical File Index Directory  STD/ISD Code book  Appointment Diary A Storehouse of Information

15 Report Generation  Master information sheet of any contact  List of letters / despatch  File Index  Physical Telephone Diary  E mail Address Book  Web Address Book  List of letter templates

16 Benefits of eSecretary  Provides consistency in letters  Wipe out paperwork backlogs and reduce stress  Continue using MS Word and hence easy to learn  Easier back up of historical letters  Fewer draft copies and hence saving in stationery  Helps in improving quality of the letters

17 Benefits of eSecretary  Speeds up drafting of repetitive letters  Spend less time on drafting letters, more time on high priority tasks  Saving time means saving money  Enhance productivity  No effect on working due to changeover / transfer of staff

18 Comparison to Present Working System Sr. No. Present Working Style in MS Word eSecretary 1 Every letter requires distinct and meaningful name to save. No filename required. 2Retrieval of letters depends on user's ability to memorize the location. Quick and easy retrieval on the basis of multiple criteria. 3Inefficiency increases as the number of documents grows. Efficiently handles a large amount of letters. 4Chances of accidental overwriting and deletion of letters No such chance as templates always remains undisturbe d. 5Extra efforts required for Contact wise / Subject wise despatch reports. Reports for Contact wise / Subject wise despatches. 6Difficult to get back up of all letters stored across the network. All letters are stored in a database and back up becomes much easier. 7 Address of the recipient to be typed manually every time. Address of the recipient being put at the top of the letter automatically.

19 System Requirement Hardware Pentium with 64 MB RAM or HigherSoftware Windows 98 or Higher Version & MS Office 97 or Higher Versions Networking Support Windows NT, Win 2000,Win Peer to Peer Internet Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator Client Outlook Express,Netscape Communicator

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