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Organize Your Experience.... Correspondence Automation and Management Software.

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1 Organize Your Experience...

2 Correspondence Automation and Management Software

3 For Users

4 Revolutionize the usage of Microsoft ® Office for documentation & communication needs and multiply productivity. The World’s First Solution For Automated Naming of Files

5 Identify & Relate Your Pain Points Your Pain PointSolution by eSecretary Scattered Documents in Office Network Documents are scattered over the network on user computers, my documents / folders Centralized Management Organizes & Manages all documents at centralized location. Varied & confusing naming of files Naming of file always differ from person to person Automates File Naming & Saving Ensures discipline in naming & saving files, leads in organizing Scattered Contact addresses and relevant information In Card holders, Spread Sheets, Address books & Physical Diaries etc. Manage & Organize Business & Personal contacts Central repository enables systematic use of contact information for varied purposes Bulky Storage of Hard Copies Huge storage space problem. Adds cost to the organization. Effective Organizing of documents Eliminates the need to take print of each document. Promotes Less Paper Office concept

6 Your Pain PointSolution by eSecretary Creation of documents from scratch, Time Consuming No or very scant usage of knowledge base, templates and formats etc Central Repository of knowledge base, templates and formats Promotes the practice of maximum usage of the same for fast generation of new documents Cumbersome Retrieval of Documents This happens primarily because there is no segregation of old and new files Multiple Options & fast Retrieval of Documents Retrieves Document with few clicks by way of Basic & Advanced Search Accidental overwriting of documents Overwriting of documents are common Naming & Saving documents before working on it Ensures no accidental overwriting Typical Retrieval of files in absence of creator File names are very typical to every user and differ from user to user. Continuity Management Creates a central repository of all documents. Absence of the creator doesn't affect the work Identify & Relate Your Pain Points

7 Your Pain PointSolution by Outlook Add-in Cumbersome retrieval of emails Retrieving eMails is a cumbersome task. You receive many eMails, but few are important Multiple options for easy retrieval Provides multiple options to retrieve eMails eMail creation & Replies Takes time Wastage of time for creating and replying standardized emails & Less use of templates Faster email creation from Templates Promotes creating and replying emails from Templates MS Outlook slows down All data stored in PST file, as information increases, MS Outlook performance decreases Fast Outlook, Easy Access eMails are archived & moved to eSecretary, hence Optimizing Outlook performance. MS Outlook PST File Corruption Huge Amount of data & Virus attack leads to loss of entire Outlook data Reduce the fear of Corruption Archives every email as an individual files, hence entire data is not affected Staff Turnover eMails are in PST File & handover to new entrant may not be proper, leads loss of vital information Smooth Handover Archival of eMails is done with profiling, leads to smooth handover of vital eMail information Emails are Scattered across PC's Email information lies scattered in various PC’s. Hence there is no sharing of the information Centralized Archival of EMails eMails archived are centralized stored & easily shared, resulting in faster execution of work Identify & Relate Your Email Pain Points

8 What eSecretary does ? Contact Management, Profiling & Categorization Correspondence Automation & Organization Template Management Email Productivity by power of Email Templates Email Archive for Microsoft Outlook Simplified mail / email merge with Microsoft Word Greeting Information Management Simplified Mailing Label & Envelop printing Experience the difference : Discipline by Automated Naming & Organizing Files & Folders

9 and provides additional features to enhance your productivity. Extra Features for Microsoft Office Automates Letter/Document/Email Preparation Profiling of Documents Allocates Unique Number to Each Document File Naming Automation Multiple Options for Retrieval of Documents Simplifies Mail/email Merge with Microsoft Word Template Management Document/Correspondence/Email Management Group Communication Simplifies Label Printing with Microsoft Word

10 Other Features Centralized Management Contact Management Greeting Management, Greeting Popup Simplified Mailing Label Preparation User Access Rights Single Screen Operation Quick to Adapt MIS Reports

11 Quick look at Advantages Helps to Develop " Self Correspondence" Skills Makes work more efficient & well organized Quick & Quality document Production Simplified & Incremental Back Up. Improves security of Documents Helps new entrants to learn work faster. Helps in quick handover of work.. Helps in relationship building. Helps you to have less paper office Saves time and effectively money

12 Who Needs ? Who does Not ? Every User Can Benefit from it

13 Who are Using ? *Almost each and every segment of the society

14 Multiple Options to Retrieve Specific Contacts, then you have many options like Create Letter, Label & Envelop Printing etc…

15 Correspondence Listing – Hundreds of Options to get specific Correspondence Documents or Emails like Contact Centric.

16 Your Template Repository…Give Access Rights…Create Letters & emails from here too.

17 Records of Campaign done… Mail Merge, email Merge, Tele Campaign. Select group to get list of Contact for it.


19 List of Contacts of Selected Campaign. You can do another Mail Merge, email Merge or Tele Campaign to same Campaign with Addition\Subtraction of desired Contacts

20 Create Letters, Documents, Reports from MS Word itself or Save Existing Document into eSecretary & Retrieve Existing Documents too…

21 Create Excel Documents from MS Excel itself or Save Existing Document into eSecretary & Retrieve Existing eSecretary documents too

22 Archive Important Emails, Create New Emails & Reply Email from eSecretary Email Template Repository…. Great Solution For Email Productivity…

23 We found eSecretary a well conceived office productivity solution that helped us in getting better organized & reduce the wastage of time. Before switching to eSecretary, we were maintaining around 2000 folders of our customers/distributors. This was very cumbersome to manage.Thanks to eSecretary which eliminated the need of marinating folders as it automated the naming and saving of files and folders. eSecretary moves your office towards a less paper office, as we have stopped taking second/draft copies. We recommend every Office User to take the benefit of free eSecretary-Personal Edition, which company is providing now. Mr. Sharad Mandhana, Proprietor, Shree Agencies, Mumbai. Client Testimonials

24 Hazel Infotech Limited 202/602, Unique Tower, Off S. V. Road, Goregaon (W), Mumbai - 400 062 [INDIA] Tel: +91-22-42264444 / 2876 4449, Fax: +91-22-42264440 / 2876 4494, Toll Free: 1800 200 4440, 1800 103 4440 / +91-22-42264545 / +91-22-33046500 Thank you! In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: People, Product & Profits, People come first. - Lee Iaeocca. Office Productivity Solution Division

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