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Nails contraindications and contractions

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1 Nails contraindications and contractions

2 Connect activity On the wipe board write word associated with manicures Example buffer

3 Aims and outcomes Introduce the learner to contraindication and contraction to the nail service. Outcome for learners to be able to identify contraindications and contractions Produce a poster on contraindications and contra- actions

4 Basic nail service A basic nail service includes: Consultation
Nail polish removal File Buff Hand moisturise with massage Nail polish application We have been covering basic nail art

5 Contraindications to nail service
Certain nail, hand and skin conditions prevent or restrict a therapist from performing the nail service. These are known as ‘contraindications’. If, when looking at a client’s hands before a nail service, if it appears that there is one of these conditions, then the nail service cannot go ahead. The client will need to be referred tactfully to the relevant person in the salon for confirmation that the treatment can go ahead (or not).

6 Contraindications that prevent nail services
Impetigo Warts Scabies or itch mites Tinea corporis (body ringworm) Impetigo is a viral infection. Virus that invades healthy body cells and quickly multiply Warts contagious fungal infection (bacteria that grows) which results in abnormal skin growth, usually raised and varies in size Scabies is an infestation caused by an animal parasite that burrows beneath the skin looks like grey wavy lines Ring worm contagious fungal infection, Not a worm. Small scally red patches in rings

7 Contrindications that prevents the nail services
Tinea unguium (nail ringworm) Broken bones Severe nail separation (onycholysis) Nail ringworm contagious infection of the nail plate. The nail plate looks yellowish grey. Eventually the nail plate separates. Broken bones the breakage may not be obvious to the client but we would advise to go to a gp to get checked out Onycholiysis – lifting of the nail plate from the nail bed could be caused by trauma or infection. Looks greyish white.

8 Contraindications that prevent nail services
Paronychia Cuts or abrasions of the hands Severe eczema of the nail Severe psoriasis of the nail Paronychia bacterial Inflammation of the skin Cuts self explanitory Severe eczema nails are inflamed and sore Severe psoriasis where the nails are raised and deformed

9 Nail/skin conditions that might restrict nail services
Onychorrhexis Non-severe skin eczema Non-severe skin psoriasis Onychorrhexis split flaky nails cause is poor diet, harsh detergents Non severe skin psoriasis inflammation of the skin caused by contact with skin irritant Non severe skin psoriasis cause is unlnown but becomes when a person is stressed.

10 Nail/skin conditions that might restrict nail services
Bruised nail Onychophagy (bitten nails) Pterygium Ridges in the nail plate Hangnail Leuconychi Bruised nail damage could be trapped in a door. Onychophagy bitten nails. Peterygium neglect overgrown cuticles Ridges illness damage or old age. Dry skin or cuticle cracks, biting the skin around the nail. Damage to the nail plate due to preasure.

11 Task You are going to research one contraindication or contraction and produce a table Name of the contraindication/contra action Cause Appearance Treatment

12 Task You are going to research one contraindication or contraction
Work in pairs or individual or a small group Produce a poster with 3 d images using materials provided Need the name of the contraindication or the contraction What the causes is? The appearance Treatment You can use your mobile phones to access information Books provided Level 1 or level 2 beauty depends on how in depth you would like your poster to be.

13 Extension task How do we sterilise or disinfect the following?
Orange stick? Buffer? Hand of foot bowl? Emery board? Spatula? Scissors? Workstation surface? Research the following

14 Recall and Review On the wipe board write down three key words you have learned Or three things you have learned

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