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Nail Infections, Disorders and Diseases

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1 Nail Infections, Disorders and Diseases
In Pedicure Services

2 Signs of Skin Infection
Redness Swollen Pus Sore to the touch Throbbing Painful Odor

3 Common Nail Disorders Corrugations – uneven growth in the nails, wavy ridges caused by injury or illness. Treatment – Lightly buff the nails and apply ridge filler.

4 Eggshell Nails Extremely thin curved nails that are too flexible.
The nail separates from the nail bed and is curved at the free edge. White nail plate Service may be given

5 Leukonychia White spots on the nail plate Caused by nail injury
Disappears as nail grows out Not caused by lack of calcium Service may be given

6 Melanonychia Darkening of the fingernail
Possible bands or solid black nail plate Common in African Americans Caused by excessive color pigment in nail plate (melanocytes) Service may be given

7 Onchorrhexis Brittle nails or splits
Lengthwise ridges causes rough appearance Caused by harsh cleaning products, nail polish removers and heredity Service may be given Treatment: Apply nail oil daily on plate

8 Nail Pterygium Abnormal skin over the nail stretched over the nail plate Resembles a wing, Greek for “wing-like” Caused by injury, example burns, or skin reactions Service may be given

9 Onychosis Technical term for any deformity or nail diseases
Services must be decline if possible nail disease is present Refer client to a physician

10 Nail Fungus Appears yellow, then yellow-green, green, brown, darkening to black Caused by parasites Prefers to grow in moist, dark and warm areas, such as feet inside of shoes Highly contagious and easily spread in the salon by unclean implements and tools Must decline service, refer to physician

11 Onychocryptosis Ingrown nails Nail grows deep within the nail grooves
If infected, swollen, pus, redness, sore to the touch, service must be decline Refer client to a physican

12 Onychogryposis Also called “ram’s horn nail”
Thick, increased curvature of the nail plate Cause: Injury to the nail matrix or hereditary If infected, must decline service

13 Paronychia Inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail
Bacterial infection or yeast infection Nail thickens and turns brown in color Healthcare and restaurant workers are prone to this type of infection Must decline service

14 Pyogenic Granuloma Severe inflammation of the nail plate
Infection comes up from the nail bed to the nail plate Service must be declined

15 Tinea (Ringworm) Highly contagious skin diseased
Caused by parasite or fungus Round, painful lesions Must decline service and refer client to physician

16 Tinea Pedis Medical term for athete’s foot Deep, dry, itchy blisters
Blisters rupture, causes pain and redness of the skin Encourage clients to wash foot and dry well daily. Also, to change cotton socks and shoes each day. Shoes that up to 24 hours to completely dry out

17 Tinea Unguium Ringworm of the nail
Can be scraped off from the nail plate Spreads to the nail root Highly contagious and service must be declined Refer client to physician

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