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Mapping political regions Where do you draw the line? What natural and human factors must be considered? nPQKGTU_I/AAAAAAAAAQQ/JR_cRcyNYX0/S1600-R/hand%2Bdrawn%2Bmaps.jpg.

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Presentation on theme: "Mapping political regions Where do you draw the line? What natural and human factors must be considered? nPQKGTU_I/AAAAAAAAAQQ/JR_cRcyNYX0/S1600-R/hand%2Bdrawn%2Bmaps.jpg."— Presentation transcript:

1 Mapping political regions Where do you draw the line? What natural and human factors must be considered? nPQKGTU_I/AAAAAAAAAQQ/JR_cRcyNYX0/S1600-R/hand%2Bdrawn%2Bmaps.jpg

2 Sometimes only a frontier exists, an undefined boundary g7530 ct001529 30.ct001529 30.ct001529 1979

3 physical boundaries content/uploads/2009/08/080116-cerrotronador-01.jpg Mountains – Argentina and Chile The Sahara Desert was an effective boundary between Libya and Chad until possible uranium deposits were discovered. Libya invaded in 1973 and the border was finally resolved in 1994.

4 water boundaries geometric boundaries

5 Human Boundaries ethnic/tribal boundaries language boundaries religious boundaries

6 Sometimes boundaries are created physically on the land. This doesn’t always mean it will last! Berlinermauer.jpg The Berlin Wall The U.S./Mexican border

7 Also consider… The Dutch mine a coal seam that runs under the boundary with Germany. An underground oil field extends between Iraq and Kuwait. Polluted air travels from one political space into another. Above ground boundaries also were important in 1983. A S. Korean plane was shot down and 269 lives lost because it strayed into Soviet airspace.

8 Peter Haggett, Geography: a Modern Synthesis, 3 rd ed., 1983, p.477, Harper & Row

9 Your turn… 1.You and your partner will receive 1 set of maps from those listed: a. climate/vegetation and annual precipitation b. population density and major religions c. major languages and ethnic core areas d. rivers and landforms 2. Your job is to divide your hypothetical land into political units, based on the information you have. 3. When you are satisfied with your results you will collaborate with another group that had different maps. 4.Again, create political boundaries that you can agree on. 5.Now you will join another group to reach consensus on a final map. Now you will have considered all known factors. 6.Select a representative to present your map to the class with your justification for the boundaries. 7.Using old transparencies or to create your maps.










19 Congratulations! You have completed a very difficult task by dividing a mythical country into political units. Except that… it is a real country, Nigeria


21 Nigeria has 36 states and 1 capital Federal Territory (Abuja) Nigeria has a population of 170,123,740 (July 2012 est.) Nigeria is composed of more than 250 ethnic groups; the following are the most populous and politically influential ethnic groups: Hausa and Fulani 29%, Yoruba 21%, Igbo (Ibo) 18%, Ijaw 10%, Kanuri 4%, Ibibio 3.5%, Tiv 2.5% Muslim 50%, Christian 40%, Traditional African Religion 10% (many Muslims and Christians may also follow Traditional African Religion along side their main faith)along side their main faith. 12/06/nigeria-states.jpg?w=540

22 A lot of states for a country of this size! Map overlay created at www.overlapm www.overlapm


24 Religious map of Nigeria

25 Population_density_map_of_Nigerian_states_-_English.png Population density of Nigeria

26 An Introduction to Human Geography by James M. Rubenstein, p.250

27 So how were the borders within Africa created, and for Nigeria in particular? 1725 Note: Library of Congress maps are scalable. Click on the link on each slide for more detail.

28 The Conference of Berlin 1884-85 to divide Africa

29 Africa, 1885 John Clark Ridpath LL. D., Cyclopedia of Universal History (Cincinnati, Ohio: Jones Brothers Publishing Co., 1885) Downloaded from Maps ETC, on the web at [map #07820] 1885

30 1909 – Africa by treaty the “Scramble for Africa”

31 national-independence-october-1-1960.jpg Nigerian-Independence-Day-1960.jpg http://www.stamps-for- 86-fine-mint-20680-p.jpg

32 1962 – Nigeria administrative divisions

33 01e.ct001273/seq-1 1972 – The Times map of the tribes, peoples, & nations of modern Africa This map is particularly useful as it shows tribal groupings and current national boundaries. The complexity of Africa includes over 3000 tribes and 700 languages. Note: There is no agreed upon criteria for tribe, as a particular “tribe” may be ethnologically, linguistically, & culturally in different tribal groups.

34 Border Lesson extensions using Library of Congress resources India, Pakistan, and Kashmir photo Kashmir map 2003 Israel and Palestine over 1400 results Saudi Arabia and its bordering countries 1986 with Oman, Yemen, UAE 1979 with Oman, Yemen, UAE with Kuwait with Iraq and Kuwait 1991

35 09sudan-map.html Sudan africa-12115013 Includes multiple maps – excellent resource

36 Library of Congress maps used in this lesson ethno linguistic Africa1996 relief2005 political2003 1976 bound./1952 affiliation1952/76 colonies and independents1908 1952 affiliations/67 boundaries1952/67 admin divisions1966 population density1979 administrative divisions1950 administrative divisions1957 administrative divisions1965 language map1883 administrative divisions1960 administrative divisions1959 admin with date of indep1962 administrative1725 map of Africa by treaty1909 Times map people, etc.1972 Nigeria1993 Nigeria - ethnic groups1961 Nigeria -linguistic1967 Nigeria - administrative1965 Nigeria1932 Nigeria administrative1962

37 other maps and references used in this lesson cultural regions cts/MUN-BC/maps/culture-2000.jpg scroll down to maps cts/MUN-BC/maps/mapindex.htm many pre & post colonial php Afr map 1885 188 5 story of Berlin Congress 1885 incl Biafra map map Biafra and story

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