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Maryborough, Fraser Coast, QLD 1-14 th January 2013.

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1 Maryborough, Fraser Coast, QLD 1-14 th January 2013


3 Candy Troop Leader Rahn - Activities Darren Health & Welfare Casper


5 The Troop will be made up of 6 Patrols of 6 Scouts 2 girls and 4 boys per patrol PL and APL selected by the Patrol Approved by Leaders Patrols will be put together at Shakedown Camp

6 Patrol Leader rewards – reception, badge, extra gear


8 Practice hand washing before AND after meals at home so that it is automatic at Jamboree Troop D02 is a Gastroenteritis Free Zone. No Gastroenteritis is allowed in!

9 Medications and vitamins can be managed through dosettes.

10  No, we aren’t going by boat or plane!  A large number of buses, possibly 80, will leave Victoria on January 1 st J013 to return on January 14 th.

11 Slow Food = low energy, low mood, low resilience Low nutritional value Jamboree is an endurance activity!

12 This is the only true energy drink!


14  Natural Disasters  Security in and out of the site  First Aid  Nasty Critters  Biggest Risk – Gastro WASH YOUR HANDS!

15  On the bus  At the Jamboree  Denominations  Limits  Troop Slush Fund  Troop Badge  Remaining Jamboree payments

16 Hand washing Ambulance Cover Communications


18  The Scouts will be very busy and are unlikely to contact parents while they are away.  Scouts LOVE getting letters and emails from family and friends.  D02 website to be updated.  Payphones are each campground.  HQ are the only Leaders who will contact parents.

19 Prerequisites Camping: 10 nights under canvas 4 consecutive nights under canvas Approval of Scout Leader and Group Leader Scouts can be sent home from Jamboree at a cost of Approximately $1500 to the family of the Scout.

20  Market Day  Visitors Days – 5 th, 6 th and 7 th January  Follow the D02 My Scout Site  Check out for updates  Watch the Live Cam  See us on TV Candy and Rahn following the muddy Commando course at AJ2010…

21  Washing clothing  Hygiene  Care of personal gear  Use a knife!!!  Wash and dry dishes

22 Shakedown Camp On the Bus to Jamboree In the Jamboree Bag

23  Groups are expected to provide tents and cooking and cleaning equipment  Scouts need:  Sleeping Bag  Sleeping Mat – self inflating type  Old Clothes  Bathers and rashie tops

24  Jamboree Scarf  2 t-shirts  Hat  Water bottles  Bag  Back pack  Bum bag  Contingent Badges  Personal Hand sanitiser  Luggage tags

25 Valuable items Camp stretchers Mobile Phones Ipods/pads/electronic devices


27 Dream It, Live it, Do it… Love it… Big Day out – Beach and Australia Zoo  Climb it Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Flying Fox  Tag it Laser Tag, Nerf Zone  Soak it Giant Slide, horizontal Bungy, slippery pole, beach volleyball  Smash it Car smashing, spray painting, blower vac soccer  Clown it Trapeze, circus school, unicycles, trampolines  Make it Plumbing, concreting, electrical, carpentry, welding  Splash it rafts, water park, snorkelling, sand sculptures, games  Explore it Maryborough Great Race  Endure it Endurance activity




31  S  Scouts with Casper and Rahn  Parents with Candy and Darren

32  Girls and parents with Rahn and Candy  Boys and Parents with Casper and Darren


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