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Offal VRQ2 Theory Unit 709 UPK 709.

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1 Offal VRQ2 Theory Unit 709 UPK 709

2 What is offal ? The name given to the edible parts, taken from the inside of the carcase (Animal or Poultry) High in Protein, Vitamins, and Iron Perishable Aquired taste

3 Common Examples Liver Kidney Heart Sweetbreads Tripe Brains Oxtail
Tongue Head Ears Feet

4 Storage Fresh offal is required to be refrigerated at a temp of 1 degrees Celsius. Shelf life is approx 6-7 days

5 Kidneys Ox Kidney Lamb Kidney Veal Kidney Pig Kidney

6 Preparation of Kidneys
Kidneys need to be halved and the core removed Veal and ox kidneys are usually cut off from the core and not halved, due to their size If the kidneys are strong, soak in milk before use Pan fried, grilled, roasted and braised are all good ways to cook kidneys

7 Liver Pigs Strong full flavour, mainly used for pate
Calf's Considered the best in terms of tenderness and flavour. Also the most expensive. Lambs Mild in flavour, light in colour, Tender. OX or beef The cheapest, coarse in texture, strong in flavour, good for braising Pigs Strong full flavour, mainly used for pate

8 Examples Calf’s Liver Beef Liver Pork Liver Lambs Liver

9 Poultry Livers

10 Preparation methods Peel off fine membrane from the surface using your fingers Slice into large escalopes, cut out any veins and remove blood clots Soak in milk if very strong in odour or very bloody Pass through seasoned flour

11 Cookery Methods Liver can be pan fried or grilled, to give a nice caramelised surface and pink centre Usually served with bacon and a sharp / piquant tasting sauce to off set its richness Stronger tasting liver can be slowly braised to give a firmer and more pronounced taste.

12 Tripe Stomach of the Ox and Sheep Ox; 3 Types – 1. Honeycomb 2. Smooth
3. Feather Sheep; Darker in colour, may be boiled or braised

13 Honeycomb Tripe Feather Tripe Blanket/Smooth Tripe

14 Oxtail (La Queue De Boeuf)
Should be 1½ - 1¾ Kg in weight Rich in gelatin Lean & with no sign of stickiness Usually braised Need to be cut into sections at the joints


16 Ox Tongue (Lambs Tongue)
Usually brined at the larder stage Braised slowly in stock or water Once cooked remove the outer cardboard skin then placed back into cooking liquor to prevent tongue from drying out.


18 Sweetbreads Pancreas Gland - stomach (Heart shape bread)
Thymus Gland (Neck)

19 Pancreas (Heart shape Bread)
Round, plump and good quality Calf's considered the best, approx weight up to 600g Lambs up to 100g 2nd Quality, long and uneven in shape Also classed as Sweetbreads are the Thymus Glands in the neck (2nd Quality)

20 Veal and Lamb Sweetbreads

21 Good for braising, sauté, grilling
Preparation Wash well, blanch and trim Soak in salted water for 2-3 hours to remove any traces of blood. Good for braising, sauté, grilling

22 Brains Mainly fat Very delicate Must smell fresh
Appearance shiny and bloody Called “sets” High in Chloesterol

23 Veal Brains Best Type to use
Need to soak in acidic or salty water to draw off blood Blanche to remove membrane Poach, Cool and Slice Pane and Fry Poach and serve with Beurre Noir

24 Hearts Lambs Small and light normally served whole
Pig Dark and solid can be dry and tough unless carefully cooked Ox or Beef Dark coloured, solid, tend to be dry and tough Calf’s Lighter in colour and more tender

25 Ox Heart Pigs Heart Veal Heart Lambs Heart

26 Food value Excellent source of Protein and Iron. Vitamins A and D.
Low in fat.

27 Cooking methods Mostly braised to tenderise Can be sauté once braised
Remove tubes and excess fat Most hearts can be stuffed Season and colour quickly on all sides in hot fat Cook in a cocotte with a mirepoix of vegetables and stock Can be thinly sliced and flash fried

28 White Kidneys (Rognons Blanc), Prairie Oysters etc
Lambs Testicles Raw Cooked

29 Feet Animal; Veal, Pig Poultry; Chicken, Duck

30 Classical Offal Dishes
Haggis (using the lambs pluck) Kidneys Turbigo Braised liver and Bacon Liver Pates (Ardennes, Brussels) Parfait (chicken and duck and goose)

31 Questions ????

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