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Veal VRQ2 Theory Unit 709 UPK 709.

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1 Veal VRQ2 Theory Unit 709 UPK 709


3 Veal Carcass Facts Veal Obtained from calves slaughtered around 8, 12, 24 or 35 weeks. Average weight around 100kg (200lb) . An expensive meat. Some veal is reared in Britain and Holland (mainly in France and Italy) fed on powdered milk. Produces a pale pink, finely grained meat, with a little very firm creamy white fat. In the USA animals are mainly fed with grass, producing greyish pink meat. No interior marbling of fat. Most cuts are extremely tender, almost all cuts can be roasted, cut into steaks and chops for frying, with care grilling.

4 Farming of Veal Veal Crates

5 Ethically Raised Veal Barn Raised Veal

6 Types of Veal Rose Veal Dutch Veal

7 Quality points Veal available all year round
Flesh should be pale pink in colour Firm flesh in structure, not flabby or soft Bones should be pinkish white, pourous with a degree of blood in their structure Fat should be pinkish white Firm kidney and well covered with fat

8 Side of veal 6 7 4 3 2 5 8 1

9 Joints uses and weights
Kg lb 1. Knuckle Osso buco, stock 2 4 2. Leg Roasting, braising, escalopes, sauté 5 10 3. Loin Roasting, frying, grilling 7 4. Best end 3 6 5. Shoulder Braising, stewing 6. Neck end Stewing, sauté 7. Scrag Stewing, stock 8. Breast Stewing, roasting Kidneys Liver Frying Sweetbreads Braising, frying Head Boiling, soup 8 Brains Boiling, frying Bones Used for stock



12 Joints of the leg Cross section view Knuckle
Corresponding joints in beef. Cushion Under cushion Cushion – topside Under cushion – silverside Thick flank – thick flank Thick flank Thick flank cushion Under cushion Cross section view

13 Veal leg cont. Average weight 18kg. Cuts (English) Weight (Kg)
Proportion % Uses Cushion or nut 2.75 15% Escalopes, roasting, braising, sauté Under cushion Or under nut 3 17% Thick flank 2.5 14% Knuckle (whole) Osso buco, sauté Bones (thigh & aitch) Stock, jus-lie, sauces Trimmings 2 11% Pies, stewing Skin & fat

14 Veal Dishes

15 Veal Escalope Dishes

16 Stews of Veal Blanquette/Fricassee of Veal

17 Common dishes Osso buco – Italian region dish, braised knuckle with tomato and white wine. Blanquette de veau – white veal stew finished with a liaison to enrich, garnish with chopped parsley. Ragout de veau – Brown veal stew, glazed vegetable can be added as a garnish. Fricassee de veau – White veal stew, garnished with heart shaped croutons, chopped parsley. Turned button mushrooms. Escalope de veau cordon bleu – slice of veal crumbed and fried with ham and cheese, nut brown butter & jus-lie Escalope de veau Viennoise – Garnished with chopped yolk, white of egg, chopped parsley & slice peeled lemon, anchovy fillet and stoned olive, beurre noisette. Escalope de veau Holstein – Fried egg and criss cross of anchovy fillet, Beurre Noisette.

18 Questions ????

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